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Israel Hi–Tech Industry. Michael Admon Director Hi-Tech Department. Hi – Tech Department. Israeli Hi – Tech Industry by Sectors: . Information & Communication Technologies. Electronics. Medical Device & HealthCare IT. Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals . Telecommunication. Software. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Israel HiTech IndustryMichael AdmonDirector Hi-Tech Department

Hi Tech DepartmentIsraeli Hi Tech Industry by Sectors: Information & Communication Technologies



New Media

ElectronicsLife Science Industry

Medical Device & HealthCare IT

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Find the most suitable business opportunities in Israel in the following areas. 2

R&D Investments as % of GDP

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics

Hi Tech Export ($M)The 2009 Global Economic Crisis had a relatively small effect on the Israeli economy!2009200820072006Field4,6734,9703,6363,286Pharmaceuticals4,0145,0714,9164,370Telecommunications5,9243,7163,7443,779Electronics (Inc. Electro-Optics)1,3971,6001,5731,450HealthCare Products4,2005,6804,5604,320Software20,20821,03718,42917,205Total

Focus on Innovation

The Developer of IP Telephony Communication. VocalTec released the first VoIP program in 1995. Intels Centrino dual processor and Pentium 4 microprocessors conceived & developed in Intels Israeli R&D center CheckPoint leads the Firewall/Security market. Invented the Disk on Key, purchased by SanDisk Given Imaging pioneered video capsules endoscope, PillCam, and related products for GI disorders. Intecpharmas Accordion Pill improves drug absorption through controlled release of the medication.


TelecommunicationFacts & Figures: No. of Exporters 590Export Total $4.1 billionMain MarketsMain Advantages: High skilled workforce Innovative start-up companiesVast accumulated experience in Telecom technologiesEarly adapting market with high penetration rateHighly competitive domestic market perfect test-bed.Flexibility to apply changes

InfrastructureNetwork Equipment & Systems: Wireless: 4G/ LTE; Wi-Max Network Optimization Converged Communications Broadband, DSL Wi-Fi / Mi-Fi Femtocell / Picocell InBuilding coverage Network components IP Infrastructure & Service Platforms Satellite Communications

Telecoms Main Segments:VASCustomer Care & Billing Customer care & Self Customer Care Billing CRM & Customer Base Analysis Churn PreventionMessaging VM: Voice Mail; Video Mail Text & Multimedia Messaging IM/ E-Mail/ ChatContent Content Delivery Platforms Content Adaptation Mobile Internet Mobile TV/ IPTVApplications Gaming Location Based Services (LBS) Music Social Networks Mobile AdvertisementHS & DEVICES Operating Systems Pre-Installed Applications Clients Devices & Components

TelecommunicationSuccess Stories: Alvarion is the leading Wi-Max & Broadband wireless systems provider to service providers. Alvarion installed base includes around 300 deployments over 150 countries.Comverse (Founded in 1982) , originally founded in Israel, is a global leading VAS vendor. Comverse was the pioneer in Voicemail, SMS and service delivery platforms, installed in more than 500 Service providers world-wide.

Jajah The leading provider of VoIP service connecting two mobile or fixed traditional lines, without downloading any software

Software SectorFacts & Figures: No. of Exporters 87030% - startups14% - growth revenue > $10 million Export Total $4.2 billionMain Markets:Main Advantages: Innovative Solutions Deep Synergy with the Israeli advanced Hi-Tech industryHigh presence of multinationals with R&D CentersHighly skilled human resource

Software SectorMain Tech. Segments: Enterprise SoftwareIT ManagementCRMManagement ToolsIT SecurityEnterprise PerimeterEnterprise AssetsEnterprise NetworksStorage & Data CenterStorage SoftwareData CenterSystem Area Networks Cloud computingIT ServicesVertical Markets: Financial Governmental Retail Utilities

Software SectorSuccess Stories: Check Point first pioneered the industry with Firewall products , developed VPN technology. Today its a wide range of software products cover all the aspects of IT security.

Amdocs founded in the 1970s in the field of Yellow Pages communication, it was a telecommunication billing pioneer and is now a global leader in integrated telecommunication customer management software.

Retalix since 1982, it has provided integrated enterprise-wide software solutions for the retail food industry worldwide, including supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.

New MediaFacts & Figures: No. of Exporters 1000Export Total $2 billionMain Markets: Europe; Asia; USA; Africa.Main Advantages: Innovation and Creativity High number of Start-upsNumerous R&D Centers of foreign multinational companiesVast knowhow experience in ICT technologies

Main Segments: Internet:Applications & ServicesE-Commerce & MarketingOnline AdvertisingEntertainment & VideoSearch Social NetworksBroadcastingDigital & Cable TV, IPTV, Satellite, OTTContent Creation, Delivery & ManagementGamingNew Media

New MediaSuccess Stories: ICQ (Mirabilis) the first internet instant messaging, launched in 1996 and acquired by AOL for $407M. ICQ has opened the way for todays social networking arena.NDS pioneered DRM & Conditional Access Systems which is used on most of News Corporation's digital satellite TV. NDS also supplies interactive TV applications, platforms, and development tools.

Orca Interactive is a leading innovative provider of IPTV middleware and applications that power next-generation interactive TV. Revolutionizing the way people experience television content is based in Raanana, Israel, and wholly-owned byFrance Telecom SA.

ElectronicsFacts & Figures: No. of Exporters 250Export Total $5.9 billionMain Markets:Main Advantages: Innovative technologyFlexibility & Capacity to manufacture small quantities of complex natureImportant presence of multinationalsHigh skilled workforce for a relative low cost

ElectronicsMain Segments: Components: Semiconductors design for: the consumer electronic industry the telecom industriesManufacturing for: the consumer electronic industry the telecom industriesEquipment for Electronics Industry:Equipment for semiconductors, PV, FPD - flat panel display, PCBEquipment for digital printing industries. EMS Electronic Manufacturing ServicesElectronic and electro-mechanical subcontracting

ElectronicsSuccess Stories: M-Systems developed the Disk on Key. Since 1989, the pioneer and patented of the personal storage solutions revolution, using USB devices with a proprietary flash memory developments.HP Indigo Digital Press The most advanced commercial and industrial digital printing presses, providing on demand customized printing solutions. Its main uses include general commercial printing, label, flexible packaging, folding carton and specialty printing.

Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. It is a world leader in PCB and Flat Panels inspection with a dominate position in the world market.

Life ScienceNo. of Exporters 750Export Total $1.37 billionMain Markets:Main Advantages: Advanced Scientific & Technology Transfer OrganizationsSpin-off of the Hi-Tech, Electronics & Defense sectorsStrong entrepreneurial spirit & High skilled workforceStrong governmental R&D supportAdvanced HealthCare systemFacts & FiguresMedical Device & HealthCare IT:

1. TTO - Technology Transfer Organizations showcase the creative fusion among the universities, hospitals, military.2. Strong institutional incentives supporting the development of new technologies.3. Growing emphasis on early diagnosis and preventive medicine lower costs of healthcare industry.4. Strong collaborative relationship between academia and business in moving cutting-edge research projects from the lab to commercialization 18

Life ScienceMain Segments: Medical Devices: Diagnostics Drug deliveryDisposable & ImplantableTreatment: non invasive / minimally invasive / invasiveDentalHealthCare IT:Management Decision support system Telemedicine Treatment. Israel is among the world leaders in the usage of Information Technology (IT) in Healthcare (Gartner)19

Life ScienceMedical Device & HealthCare IT: Success Stories: InSightec developed the breakthrough MR-guided, focused ultrasound technology for non-invasive treatment of tumors using a combination of MRI and high- intensity focused ultrasound. dbMotion provides clinicians an access to the real-time, integrated clinical information. The health integrative and intelligent solution enables Healthcare Organizations and HIEs meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets.

Deep Breeze Vibration Response Imaging developed by Deep Breeze provides physicians with a dynamic functional image of the lung. Thousands of patients have been recorded by the VRIxp worldwide during clinical investigations without any single adverse event.Health Information Exchange (HIE) is defined as the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system.20

Life ScienceNo. of Exporters 350Export Total $4.63 billionMain Markets: Main Advantages: Scientific capabilities & Technological readinessExtensive international R&D centersStrong entrepreneurial spirit High skilled workforceStrong governmental R&D supportFacts & FiguresBiotechnology & Pharmaceuticals: Asia: India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China.

1. World renown academic research institutes such as the Technion and the Weizmann Institute21

Life ScienceBiotechnology: Bioinformatics & Genomics Drug Research & DiscoveryMolecular Biology & Gene therapyTissue Engineering &