It's US August,2015

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Official Newsletter of the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa

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    Api Akurata Mal i Nowemu

    Colour the Sky

    Instal lat ion Ceremony

    Duka Dutu Da

    IVANBest of the best andwho leads the best.

    I s s u e 2 Vo l u m e 1 2 Au g u s t , 2 0 1 5

  • The sun is out there...

    Dusk peeped into the shiny life I heldI see nothing but darkness now and thenThe life once were mine and bestNow is nothing but darkness and wreck

    Are you worried?Is something bothering you?Ever thought why is it always you who is in pain?Well, its not JUST you. We all have little storms in our lives on daily basis. We all are fighting a battle of our own. There might be a time when you feel so lonely, so miserable and so left alone. Everything might go wrong, even the wind might blow in the wrong direc-tion. You will feel that the shiny days are over, you will forget that there was sun in your life. Once you are fed up with being beaten up, youll question what is this life? or at worst, why should I live?Yes, darkness may have struck your once gleaming life. So what? Do you think that it is going to stay forever? It may, unless you challenge it. Yes, challenge the dark-ness. Try to find a light. If the wind blows in the wrong direction, let it be. You cant change the direction of the wind. Just adjust the sails to reach your destina-tion. Above all, dont lose your hope.The sun has set, its true. But until you have faith in, you wont give up challenging the darkness. Until you know that sun is not gone out once and forever, you know that there is still a hope of light. So, hold onto hope. One day itll hold you strong till the light comes. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. All you have to do is hope for the light as the sun is out there.

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    Api Akurata Mali Nowemu


    Colour the Sky

    Duka Dutu Da

    Special seminar for grade 5 students who will sit for the sholarship examina-tion 2015.

    11th installation of the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa. Birth of the new army of Leos

    Where the leos fly their colours beyond the sky. Kite Festival which organized by the club which was opened for all the people.

    Social service campaign to help the people who are in need.

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    By Kithmi Widanage Level 1 - Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Special seminar for grade 5 scholarship students

    Api Akurata Meli Nowemu Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

    -Nelson Mandela.A child without education is like a bird without wings. Primary education for students is highly effectible for the future of nation as it is the foundation for their whole life.

    The best feeling of happiness is when you are happy because youve made someone else happy. UOM Leos, we organized a special seminar for grade 5 scholarship students on 9th July at Kamburipitiya Damitha Education Institute. The resource person, Mr. Chaminda Liyanaarachchi conducted the event. We distributed presents for the students who got the highest marks for the model paper as a motivation for all other students. We were able to give a helping hand for those little children making them confident for the examination and it gave us a great pleasure at the end of the project as we were able to bring a smile for those little faces.

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  • 11th Club Installation

    The New born Leo army Burst into flame - Rise up from ashes

    On 9th August 2015, hundreds of Leos witnessed the 13th installation ceremony of the Leo club of UOM which was held in the civil auditorium. The new chapter has reviled with new office bearers who are willing to give the full strength for the welfare of the club.These official activities were took place successfully with guidance ofguest of honor the immediate past distrcit president Leo Chandima Vithanage, chief guest district president Leo Pramod Wimalatunga And other special guests.

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    Following are the new office bearersPresident - Leo Ivan Udakara

    Vice President - Leo Shehan AkmeemanaSecretary - Leo Heshani SamarasekaraAssistant Secretary - Leo Yasiru Nilan

    Treasurer - Leo Sachintha Manoj

    DirectorsDirector - Elder Care Leo Viranga Prashan

    Director - Literacy & Education Leo Jatila S. Manage Director - International Relations and Inter-Club

    relationship Leo Roshan Pinnaduwage Director - Fund Raising Leo Achala Isuru Director - IT,PR and Publicity Leo Buddhi

    Vikasitha Director - Healthcare Leo Pasindu

    Kadawatha Arachchi Director - Environment Leo Akila VidanapathiranaDirector - Leadership and Sports Leo Sachith Imalka

  • Snaps from the installation

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  • Kite Festival

    Colour the Sky Have you ever wanted to build a kite? It should be

    definitely YES

    Well, here it is about the Kite Festival which was done on 30th of August in MountLavinia beach.It was ablissful day as we felt like we are flying with kites without any limitations. They made lovely scenes ,making the sky a painting book with full of colours. We conducted the event from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm with main categories such as the most creative kite,best leo promot-ing kite and largest kite, with 150 participants.There were fun games and DJ throughout the day ,making the event more en-joyable one. We distributed awards for the winners as a motiva-tion for their skills.Kites colour the sky,spreading their brilliant colours with sim-plicity. So as they coloured the whole day of our project, adding smiles for the faces of everyone.

    You dont need to be rich or poor.You dont need to be single or married.You dont need to be top in your classYou dont even want to be in the first place.You just NEED to do whatever you want to do,be whoever you want to be,and live your life the way you want to live.Anyone who tries to tell you otherwiseTell him or her to go fly a KITE.

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  • Snaps of the month...

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  • Photo Story...


    Throw your dreams in to space like a kite..

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  • Leo Kalhari Rubasinghe Chief Editor

    Leo YasankaJayawardane

    Leo ChamathkaGajanayake

    Leo ShehaniAttanayake

    Leo DishanthaWijekoon

    Leo DinushaMadhushani

    Leo NethuminiPalihawadana

    Designer Editorial Panel

    Leaders dont create followers, they create more leadersLeo club of University of Moratuwa is a place which creates real leaders. So as the editor of the club, it is a great pleasure to present you second issue of ITS US, the official newsletter of the club.

    Installation Ceremony of the club was the biggest event held in this month. And one of the most colourful events of the year Kite Festival 2015 was also held in this month successfully.

    Its only the beginning of a new era. Join with us to get new ex-periences, serve the people and to enjoy the life. Spontaneously you will become a good leader.

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    Editors Note: