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Jewish Agency for Israel General Image Brochure

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  • together years celebrating Israels 60
  • In 1929, when the Jewish Agency was created by visionary leaders from around the Jewish world, Israel existed only in the context of liturgy and their dreams. It would take decades of unceasing efforts by the Jewish Agencya working government literally of and by the people, but a people without a stateto realize the centuries-old longing. The modern Jewish state was not created by a U.N. partnering with purpose proclamation, it was created by the will and determination of the Jewish people through the worlds only global Jewish partnership. On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, Chair of the Executive of the Jewish Agency, declared the State all over the world of Israel ...hours later he was inaugurated as Israels first Prime Minister. The Jewish Agency also took upon itself a new role. Forged from both its experience and expertiseand its special relationship with the new Governmentthe Jewish Agency would be responsible for the cornerstones of securing the future of a connected Jewish people with a strong Israel at its heart: The work of aliyah to populate and strengthen the Jewish state; the work to carry Israel into the lives and hearts of Jewish communities around the world; and to carry their passion into Israel to help shape her society and destiny. We have been delivering on this promise every day of every year since. So how do we explain the transcendent power of our global partnership? You. The Jewish peoples history-making global partnership is powered by you.
  • *Timeline reflects a small sampling of the Jewish Agencys history-making work throughout the decades 2008 Israel prIze for Lifetime Achievement and Special Contribution to Society and the State of Israel. History-making work possible through the success of your annual campaigns in Jewish communities around the world. partnering with purpose all over the world 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 1929 Jewish Agency is created as a working 1934-48 In defiance of British restrictions on 1960s Jewish Agency builds development 1971 Jewish Agency leads struggle for Soviet 1984 Operation Moses, the first historic rescue 1991 The Soviet Union collapses triggering a 1948-51 During the first four years of its existence 2002 Jewish Agency establishes Fund for Victims of Jewry and during this decade brings nearly government of a people without a state. immigration, some 115,000 Jews escaping Eastern towns throughout the Negev and Galilee to of Ethiopian Jewry, brings 9,000 Ethiopian Jews massive and unprecedented wave of aliyah. while struggling for survivalIsrael absorbs more Terror in response to Intifada. Emergency support 150,000 Soviet Jews home to Israel. Europe are rescued. After the war, the Jewish help absorb massive number of immigrants. to Israel. Efforts continue in 1991 with Operation Utilizing the power of our partnership, over the than 700,000 new immigrants from Northern Africa continues in 2006 during the second war in Lebanon. 1934 Jewish Agency Youth Aliyah begins as a Agency reaches out to deportation camps to Solomon, which airlifts more than 14,000 next decade, the Jewish Agency brings nearly and Eastern Europe. 1972 Jewish Agency establishes Amigour to rescue operation to save Jewish children from Nazi 1964 Israel Education Fund, a partnership of 2004-06 Jewish Agency launches MASA, Youth provide relief. Ethiopian Jews to Israel within 36 hours. Over one million Soviet Jews to Israel. provide sheltered housing for Israels most Germany. Over the next 70 years, these villages 1952 Knesset law passedlater formalized by a the Jewish Agency and UJA, is launched to Futures and At Home Togetherinnovative the next 20 years, the Jewish Agency brings vulnerable immigrants; to date, Amigour has 1994 Partnership 2000 (P2K) launches as a Jewish Agency leads international political effort to provide safe havens for more than 300,000 of covenant with the Israeli governmentrecognizing build public high schools and libraries in these programs that leverage the support of the Israeli