James Bond Movies James Bond - Good looking hero Good looking Bond Women International Criminals Car Chases Action Stunts

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  • James Bond MoviesJames Bond - Good looking heroGood looking Bond WomenInternational CriminalsCar ChasesAction Stunts

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  • Style Guides and Time Saving ToolsMakarand PanditTechnowrites Pvt. Ltd

  • In this presentationConcept of StyleConcept of Style MixStyles Help to sellNeed of Style GuidesAdvantages of Style GuidesProcess for preparing Style Guide

  • StylePresentation and Manipulation of elements to make them appealing Medium DependentCreator MasteredOften Copied

  • Style MixWill depend on your deliverable and media usedTake more time to conceptualizeDifficult to implementMore detailed than styles and more riskyMore flexible yet stableLong Term Success

  • Styles help to sellStyles Help you form or spoil a relationshipStyles create an identityArt Can be standardized - using style guideJames Bond - Ian Flemings Character - Flemig does not write the stories any more

  • Style Guide Maturity ModelSeeNoticeCopyEvolvePerfectRepeatShareProtectEvolveThe originator makes moneyTrial and errorYou make moneyOthers workYou make more money

  • Relation to CBTCBT has to be sold on its own Styles make the material interestingPresentation is consistent

  • Factors leading to inconsistencyTime difference in working schedulesGeographical separationTools with too many featuresExperience level of writersDesire of the writer to go out of the way or to leave his personal impression on his work

  • Advantages of Style GuidesStyle Guides help is achieving tangible results in definite timecan reduce total time takenaddress many issuesform guidelines for accepting or rejecting work

  • Process for preparing Style GuidesCollecting Samples & Identifying ElementsListing all elements and identifying scope of workPreparing Structure of Style GuideEditing the Style Guide Draft togetherFinalise Style Guide

  • Collecting Samples and Identifying ElementsCollect different types of samplesIdentify elements (Objectives, Contents, Summary, Special Effects, Comments, Quiz)Identify ConstantsIdentify Variants

  • Listing elements and identifying scope of workDiscard redundant elementsDefine Scope

  • Preparing StructureA to Z listCorrect UsageIncorrect Usage (with reasons when required)

  • Editing & FinalizingEditing Formatting Reviewing

  • Increasing UtilityConverted Style Guide to online Help FormCreated AutoText Entries

  • SummaryConcept of StyleConcept of Style MixStyles Help to sellNeed of Style GuidesAdvantages of Style GuidesProcess for preparing Style GuideAdding Value

  • Why do all this?A 5% reduction in operating costs has the same P & L impact as 30% increase in Sales- Gartner Group