Jan Van Eyck Famous artist from the 15 th century

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Jan Van Eyck

Jan Van Eyck Famous artist from the 15th century

Who was your chosen person? *Jan van Eyck was a Flemish painter.*He was born before 1395 and died before July 9th 1441.*The actual dates of his birth and death are not known.*He was born in maaseik bishopric of liege, located in Belgium.*His family includes, Hubert van Eyck, lambert van Eyck, and margarita van Eyck. *Eyck completed 15 paintings in 61 years.*One of his most popular paintings was (Giovanni arnolfini and his bride.)*Another one of Eycks finest paintings was (man in red turban.)*Eyck perfected the newly discovered technique of oil paintings.*He was one of the first oil painters to us one layer of tempera and then a layer of oil.*There is a misconception, which dates back to the 16th century, That Eyck invented oil painting. What achievements / contributions did he make. What achievements / contributions did he make. *Eyck was often referred to as the father of oil painting.*People say that the painting of the (man in red) Could have been Eyck himself, Because there was a slight strain in the eyes as if he was looking into a mirror.*Eyck employed work assistants, Who made exact copies of his painting.How did he change the art world? *The biggest way Eyck changed the art world was him developing oil painting.*Art experts say he pushed representation in art further the any artist had ever done before, or has since.*Eyck is credited with the invention of the oil-glazing technique.*People say that his eyes acted both as a telescope and as a microscope.Eycks famous paintings

Man in red turban.People say this could have been Eyck himself as there is a sleight strain in the eyes.

The Arnolfini Marriage

Portrait of Cardinal Niccolo Albergati

The Virgin of Chancellor RolinThe Annunciation

The Last Judgment

The Crucifixion

The Annunciation