Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority. Who Are We? ● Financial aid Grants/scholarships Including the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship

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  • Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority
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  • Who Are We? Financial aid Grants/scholarships Including the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Work-study Informational services Publications Outreach counselors College planning websites Savings Program Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, or KHEAA, is the state government agency that provides students with:
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  • Outreach KHEAA provides a wide variety of programs and services to help Kentucky students and families. Funds from the College Access Challenge Grant Program help support these activities. All of Kentuckys 120 counties are included in the 13 outreach territories that are serviced by KHEAA staff. The KHEAA College Info Road Show is a mobile computer classroom that travels the state to provide college and financial aid information to students and families in their communities. During Fiscal Year 2011, the College Info Road Show logged over 16,000 miles. Each year KHEAA staff members volunteer with College Goal Sunday, a statewide effort to help prospective college-goers fill out the FAFSA. KHEAA sponsors the Kentucky College Application Week to provide high school students with hands-on assistance through the college application process.
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  • 4 Free Resource Materials Getting In The College Circuit Its Money, Baby Surviving College Adults Returning to School Affording Higher Education I Can Go to College, Too!
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  • Student and Family Engagement KHEAA partners with Kentucky Campus Compact to place recent college graduates in high schools with low college participation rates throughout Kentucky as college coaches. KHEAA provides an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to home-schooled, private school and adult students. The ILP is the same as the one the Kentucky Department of Education provides to public school students. KHEAA sponsors activities such as the Promote Your School essay contest and iPad giveaways to encourage students to be actively involved in planning for college.
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  • Online Services Students of all ages will find everything they need to plan, prepare and pay for higher education at The enhanced sites provide students, parents and others with the information they need to successfully navigate career exploration, college preparation, financial aid processes and student loan disbursement and repayment. Online accounts allows students to view and submit information for KHEAA scholarships, grants and student loans. Users may also view the College Cost and Planning Report and KHEAA ILP.
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  • College Access Mobile Application KHEAA has a free app for iPhone/iPad. The Kentucky College Access: A Guide for Students and Parents app includes a Q & A section, costs and other info on Kentucky colleges, details about the FAFSA, helpful videos, the latest KHEAA news and more.
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  • Other Services KHEAA offers numerous support services to colleges and universities. These include: Online Access. provides important information to help Kentucky students and parents learn about and apply for student financial aid. Customer Care status lines. Our knowledgeable representatives answer questions about financial aid and student loan repayment. KHEAA Marketplace. This online feature allows students and parents to find the best supplemental loan for them. Cohort default management. Skilled team members work with at-risk borrowers for on-time repayment. Financial literacy workshops. These workshops are designed to teach students about financial matters.
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  • Other Services Verification services. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) requires schools to verify a certain percentage of Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Our experienced staff and existing administrative processes allow us to lessen schools workloads. Net Price Calculator. ED requires schools to post an online calculator showing the estimated out-of-pocket costs for students. This tool gives students and families an estimate of how much financial aid a student may receive and how much the family must pay out of pocket for the students higher education. Compliance reviews. Our trained staff make sure schools are following the regulations that govern student financial aid programs.
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  • Contact Us Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! KHEAA P.O. Box 798 Frankfort, KY 40602-0798 800.928.8926


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