Knowledge Centered Support Tammy Jo (TJ) Martinez Director, Customer Support Services.

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<p>Scholes Hall Managed Workstation Migration</p> <p>Knowledge Centered SupportTammy Jo (TJ) MartinezDirector, Customer Support Services</p> <p>What is KCS?Knowledge centered support or KCS is a set of practices and processes the focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the customer/technical support organization.2</p> <p>Why KCS?Solve incidents faster50 -60% improved time to resolution30-50% increase in first contact resolutionOptimize Use of Resources70% improved time to proficiency</p> <p>Enable eService strategyImproved customer success and use of web self helpUp to 50% call deflectionBuild organizational learningActionable information to product development10% issue reductions to root cause removal</p> <p>Consortium for Service InnovationCapitalize on what we already have knowledge! One Drive pilot testing exampleValue is created and managed by capturing the collective experience of the support organization in solving problems and answering questions for customers. By making the knowledge reusable and evolving it to reflect organizational-level knowledge creates huge leaverage.3</p> <p>UNM IT sees a need to scale and extend our support capabilities because we do not have endless staffing or budget resources.</p> <p>KCS major shift in thinkingIndividual to TeamActivity to Value creationCompletion to EvolutionEscalation to CollaborationContent to ContextKnowing to Learning and SharingKnowledge is not perfect, pristine, static or approved by experts. Its messy, constantly changing and validated through use.5</p> <p>4 basic conceptsIntegrate the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the problem solving processEvolve content based on usage and demandDevelop a knowledge base of collective experience to dateReward learning, collaboration, sharing and improvingKCS has evolved into a rich methodology a set of practices for creating and maintaining knowledge in a support environment. It is an integral part of day to day operations. KCS is the way people solve problems! And creates knowledge as a by product of problem solving. KCS is enabled by technology but it primarily about people. People are the source of knowledge whether its in the field experience, pilot testers or support analyst. 6</p> <p>Attributes of knowledgeHow do we get the knowledge we have? When do we stop learning? How confident are we in our knowledge? 100% confident in what we know?How do we gain in what we know?Gain knowledge through interaction and experience. Never are we absolutely certain about our knowledge because in fact we never stop learning. Gain confidence in what we know by trying it the same way we initially gained it through EXPERIENCE. We do not get a subject matter expert to review our knowledge to tell us whats good and what isnt.We could say knowledge isGained through interaction and experienceConstantly changing (we never stop learning)Never 100% complete or 100% accurateValidated through use, experience and interactionUnfortunately, peoples expectation of a knowledge base is prefect, pristine knowledge approved by experts. We have to change people expectations if we want to capitalize on the collective experience of the organization.7</p> <p>People-Process-TechnologyKCS @ UNM ITEvolving KIT process for the past three years, adopting a different approach to upgrading and/or rolling out new services to the UNM CommunitySD and WSM as part of the pilot testers, required to document, understand what might trip people up, part of the project team, marketing efforts. SD is now responsible for the KIT process hired student tech writer to assist other teams in IT. Review trends to identify knowledge improvements or creationUSE IT, FLAG IT, FIX IT, ADD IT. FastInfo is the technology we use today. Reports on high volume answers used, number of articles added/demised, number of hits8</p> <p>Lobomail!People process technology!9</p> <p>One Drive WebApps-My SitesUsing Microsofts online knowledgebase, verifying access is granted, referring to, for techies10</p> <p>Questions?KCS breaks through the limitations of current support strategies and enables support organizations to deliver greater value with more efficiency. The secret? Capitalizing on what they already have knowledge. This increased value is created and managed by capturing the collective experience of solving problems and answering questions, making it reusable, and evolving it to reflect organizational-level knowledge.KCS takes teamwork to a new level. The organization must shift to a perspective that sees knowledge as an asset owned and maintained by the team, not by an individual or a small group of dedicated content creators. The focus of the team is to capture and improve the collective knowledge not only to solve individual customer issues, but also to improve organizational learning.</p> <p>11</p>