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L anguage L earning S trategies. Using the Inquiry Method in the new Senior Syllabus LOTE Presenter: Kristine Holland B. Ed ; M. App.Ling .(2009). UTUBE !. Japanese English Lesson… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLQnbjNFgCc. ショック !. Metacognitive Strategies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Language Learning Strategies

Language Learning StrategiesUsing the Inquiry Method in the new Senior SyllabusLOTEPresenter: Kristine Holland B. Ed ; M. App.Ling.(2009)1UTUBE !Japanese English Lessonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLQnbjNFgCc

!2Metacognitive StrategiesThis involves thinking about the learning process, planning for learning, monitoring the learning task and evaluation how well one has learned.

3Metacognitive StrategiesAdvanced OrganizationOrganizational PlanningDirected ActivitiesSelective ActivitiesSelf-monitoringSelf-evaluationSelf-management4Socio-affective StrategiesThese strategies involve interacting with another person in a social manner to assist learning or using affective control to assist a learning task.

5Socio Affective StrategiesQuestioning for ClarificationCooperationSelf-talkSelf-reinforcement6Cognitive StrategiesThese strategies involve interacting with the material to be learned, manipulating the material mentally or physically, or applying a specific technique to a learning task.

7Cognitive StrategiesRepetitionRehearsalResourcingTranslationGroupingSubstitutionNote-taking8Cognitive Strategies cont.8. Summarizing9. Deduction / induction10. Imagery11. Auditory Representation12. Contextualization13. Elaboration14. Transfer15. Inferencing9QUIZ!! Which Language Learning Strategies Are Being Used?French Steve Martin learning English.. http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=52034Metacognitive strategies areSocio Affective strategies areCognitive strategies are10

She is so good at planning! She organizes meetings, makes a plan, creates time lines and sets target goals for our groupPhew, these guys are so easy to chat with and co-operate. They have many useful skills and questions for our presentation.I know I can bring good analytical knowledge and IT skills.So can the other guyhe is great at art and language.What learning strategies do these students bring to their study group ? 11Comments from Year 11 and 12 Japanese StudentsI didnt realise I was not using any socio-affective strategies, now I plan toI can use this for all my studies, this has really helped, why didnt we have this in Year 11 for all of senior?.I think I will use the Meta-cognitive planning moreTeacher Note:Enlightenment for some, who are ready.

12Inquiry ApproachUseful DocumentsSenior Syllabus Page PurpleHandouts - Lutheran Education QLD YellowLanguage Learning Strategies PinkPowerpoint Guide WhiteSample Lesson Proforma Green

13Experiences in Senior LOTEAssessment Restrictions keep the focusTime lines need to be watchedOpportunity to revise and connect previous learning comprehensible inputUse meta-language each lesson to maintain awareness of how they are learning

14Planning a Campus VisitVocabulary rules, school, hobbies etcGrammar sentence structures, simple complex making a bookletRevision particles, self introductionConnection to prior learning Term 1,2Contextual opportunities for introduction of grammar plain formAssessment Email, Conversation

15Application TimeBreak into Groups According to Needs

Language Learning Strategy ApplicationPractical Planning of a Unit in LOTEInquiry Method Clarification

16Internalizing Today Three Recalls Facts a.b.c.Two Insights Useful ideasd.e. One Question More infof.

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