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Label on the map: England France Spain Germany Italy Greece Turkey Mediterranean Sea Black Sea Baltic Sea Atlantic Ocean Scandinavia. Agenda. Europe After Rome The Church Holy Roman Empire Feudalism. Objectives. Students will be able to… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Label on the map:EnglandFranceSpainGermanyItalyGreece

TurkeyMediterranean SeaBlack SeaBaltic SeaAtlantic OceanScandinaviaAgendaEurope After RomeThe ChurchHoly Roman EmpireFeudalismObjectivesStudents will be able to59. Explain how the fall of Rome and the authority of the Church shaped the early Middle Ages.60. Describe the creation of the Holy Roman Empire.61. Analyze the feudal system.

Europe After Rome

Objective #59The Fall of RomeRome united Europe for the first (and only) timeFall of Rome caused many changesDecline of central authorityDecline of citiesDecline of learningBut not in Eastern Europe. Why not?Decline of Central AuthorityWhy?Empire destroyedLots of invasionsGermanic tribes were loyal to individual leadersDecline of Central AuthoritySo what?Benefits of empire are lostEducationSecurityEconomyTradeDecline of CitiesWhy?No jobsNo food tradeCenters of people and wealth are not safeDecline of CitiesSo what?Population shifted to rural areasPeople become dispersed Progress stallsDecline of LearningWhy?Germanic tribes have no written languagePeople focus on farmingPeople are disconnectedDecline of LearningSo what?Knowledge of Greek lostLatin changesProgress stalls

The Dark AgesThe Church in the Middle Ages:The exception that proves the ruleChurch Power GrowsPeople turn away from the secularLocal priests much closer than distant kingsMissionaries convert the GermansTeach them writing

Smart MonksMonasteries (places where monks live) preserve learningNo one else could readNo one else had timeMostly translation, few new advancesAlso translated Arabic worksEventually create Europes universitiesThe ManorEconomic arrangement between lords and peasantsPeasants provide labor and a portion of produceLord provides land, protection, and resources (like a mill)Self-sufficient systemRigid class structureThe Holy Roman EmpireObjective #60A Frankish DynastyFranks were one of the Germanic tribesClovis converted to ChristianityCharles Martel (Charles the Hammer)Unites the FranksWins an important battleBattle of Tours

CharlemagneCharles the Hammers grandsonExpands the Frankish EmpireLargest empire in Europe since RomeReunited Western Europe

CoronationCharlemagne saves the pope from a mob in RomePope crowns him as Holy Roman EmperorPowerful political force (both him, and the church!)

CharlemagneEnforces the law (good at running his empire)Spreads ChristianityRevived learningBuilds roads, schools, churches, etc.

Charlemagnes LegacySon: Louis the Piousan ineffective rulerThree grandsonsFight amongst themselvesDivide into three kingdomsCentral authority declines again of Verdun, 843

A ContradictionThe Holy Roman Empire is notHolyRomanAn EmpireInvaders

InvadersMuslimsMagyarsCome from central AsiaSettle in HungaryVikingsFrom ScandinaviaSettle in Russia and England (Angles and Saxons)Effects of InvadersStrengthen feudalismReally need those knightsManor walls are helpfulDisrupts tradeFeudalismObjective #61Political OrganizationNo strong central government, so no strong armyBut many invaders, so they need oneInvent a new type of government: feudalismA social/governmental structure based on loyalty and landFeudalism TermsLordSerfFiefVassalManorFeudalismThe King needs an army

Here is the kings landThe Kings Land33FeudalismThe King, in need of an army, offers land in exchange for military serviceThe King owns the land, but the knight can use it as he sees fit as long as he maintains his oath to the kingCharles Martel needed an army, so he gave land to people willing to fight the Muslims with him. Could he just pay them? Use of money declined with the shrinking of towns and cities no where to buy things, so what good was the money?Couldnt he just draft them? Government not strong enough anymore (Germanic concept of personal loyalty)

34VassalVassalVassalVassalVassalVassalVassalVassalThe Kings LandFeudalismThe King now has several vassals who control some of his land, but also has an army of knights to defend the entire territory


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