LESSON 5 Classroom Activities

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LESSON 5 Classroom Activities. Created by: I Kadek Adita Pramayana. Chose one and learn about it. A. listening. C. Reading. D. Writing. E. Evaluation. B. speaking. Exit. A. Listening. back. The teacher will pronounce the text and students will listen the teacher Hello - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The teacher will pronounce the text and students will listen the teacherHello Good(morning, afternoon, evening, night) How are youI am very wellI have a classThank youYou are welcomeA. Listening backI Made Adi is a very good English teacher. He can teach English very well. All of students like him, because he is funny and friendly teacher. 1. What is the title of the passage?Our activityOur libraryOur schoolClassroom activity2.Who is your teacher?. I made Gunawan NextBackThe teacher asks the student to make a short story about classroom activities this study related to the previous lesson in reading. see the story and make the story.Good luckD. Writing backThe teacher will ask the student to make conversation after give an exampleTom : good morning EleaElea : good morning TomTom : do you have class today ?Elea : yes, I haveTom : what class is it?Elea : English classTom : thank you for your informationElea : you are welcome B. Speaking backI Made AdiI Made DanuI Ketut Rai3. What does he teach? He teaches.Balinese EnglishJapaneseIndonesian4. Where is I Made from, he is from..Denpasar GianyarTabanan NextBack