LET US TELL THE STORY, OF OUR PAST. America, America This country’s mine It’s doin’ fine Let us tell the story Of her past

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LET US TELL THE STORY, OF OUR PAST Slide 2 America, America This countrys mine Its doin fine Let us tell the story Of her past Slide 3 Her Native people Settled all the land They changed their cultures By what was on hand (fish, farm, hunt, gather) Slide 4 In Europe they really Wanted trade So they searched for China In voyages made [silk and spices] Slide 5 When Columbus sailed West Across the sea He opened the door for Spanish greed [gold, gold, gold, gold] Slide 6 Coronado and Cortez Wanted gold But Ponce de Leon Didnt want to grow old [wolf whistle] Slide 7 Magellan was 1 st To go all the way And later Hudson Got to name a bay [Its mine... All mine!] Slide 8 The French were looking For furs to sell They got Mississippi from Robert La Salle [Oui! Cest moi!] Slide 9 Then English settlers Had a dream Money and freedom Were here it seemed [We have a dream!] Slide 10 So Walter Raleigh Planned Roanoke But all John White found Was a carved out oak [ooooooooo] Slide 11 In Jamestown John Smith, Settled down Pocahontas saved his head From hitting the ground [whew!] Slide 12 On Plymouth rock The Pilgrims would land Squanto helped em By lending a hand [thank you!] Slide 13 In New England they made Ships, With their tools The Northern Colonists also Made Rules [cant do this, cant do that] Slide 14 In the Middle Colonies Farmings how they made it, With Quaker style, Did Penn Need Natives? [peace, love, harmony] Slide 15 Virginians Needed Space To Grow their Money, Southern tobacco was sweeter than honey [tobacco, rice, indigo] Slide 16 It was land that France and England fought for They call those battles The French/Indian War [Oh? Hi! Oh!] Slide 17 King Georges money problems Were then real hearty But Boston didnt care And they had a tea party [over board!] Slide 18 In Lexington and Concord First shots were heard Committees wrote letters To spread the word [did you hear?] Slide 19 July 4 th, Jefferson Sent a note Of life and liberty Was what he wrote [all men are created equal] Slide 20 Finally, with help Of Frances aide In Yorktown, Cornwalliss Surrender was made [I give up!] Slide 21 So we the people Formed a plan Our Constitution makes This nation grand. [yes!] Slide 22 America, America This countrys mine Its doin fine Let us tell the story Of her past