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Slide 2 Lets guess Slide 3 Slide 4 monster Slide 5 Lets guess tail Slide 6 Lets guess hairy Slide 7 Lets guess footprint claw Slide 8 Lets guess dinosaur Slide 9 Lets guess dinosaur Slide 10 Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World Slide 11 Introduction-1 Look at the pictures. Slide 12 Bigfoot Slide 13 Slide 14 Introduction-1 Match them with the descriptions. 1The Yeti is a monster that lives high up in the Himalayas. Its about two metres tall and has powerful arms and legs. It often gets angry and will attack anyone who goes close to it. Local people and people travelling in the mountains have many stories to tell about it. Slide 15 Introduction-1 Match them with the descriptions. 2The Bigfoot got its name because of its large footprints. It lives in the mountainous forests of northwest America and probably looks like a very large monkey - tall and hairy with big arms and legs. Native Americans believe it is a spirit and has no physical form. Slide 16 Introduction-1 Match them with the descriptions. 3.The Grey Man is a frightening creature that lives in Scotland. Climbers say they have seen it on the mountains. It is tall and has a grey face and long claws instead of hands. Slide 17 Introduction-1 Match them with the descriptions. 4.One of the most famous monsters in the world is the Loch Ness Monster. It lives in a deep lake (a loch) in the north of Scotland and it is very old. It has a small head and a long tail and some people believe it is a dinosaur. Slide 18 Introduction-Note-taking creature description The Yetithe Himalayas, 2m tall, powerful arms and legs, angry, attack The Bigfoot The Grey Man The Loch Ness Monster northwest American, large footprints, tall, hairy, big arms and legs Scotland, tall, grey face, long claws Lake Ness, north of Scotland, small head, long tail Slide 19 Introduction-2 Match the words with the definitions. 1.an animal, especially if you dont know what kind of animal is __________ 2.an unknown animal that is big and frightening________ 3.with a lot of hair ______________ 4.the mark left on the ground by a foot ________ creature monster hairy attack claw creature dinosaur footprint hairy monster spirit tail footprint Slide 20 5. a part that sticks out at the back of an animals body __________ 6. a large animal that lived thousands of years ago __________ 7. Something that continues to exist after death ________ 8. The sharp nails that some animals and birds have on their feet _______________ 9. To use violence against someone _________________ tail dinosaur spirit claws attack attack claw creature dinosaur footprint hairy monster spirit tail Slide 21 Homework: 1.Learn more new words. 2.Preview the reading part - read the text. Slide 22