Let's Take A Look: 150 Tang Road

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  • 1. For todays tour, were going to have a look around the house of the Miller family at 150 Tang Road. This house is in the downtown, which is on the Takemizu Village template. This house was created in the unpopulated rebuilding hood for ease of future rebuilds. Most of pictures were taken before the family moved in, with one exception which I have marked. I did make a few tweaks once the family moved in, mostly adding light fixtures Id forgotten about. There was one big change, and that is marked as well.

2. The front of the house, minus the writing 3. This is the biggest change I made after the family moved in: the car and driveway 4. The other side garden with space for vegetables and relaxing (and the driveway, now) 5. The side garden for flowers and vegetables both 6. The pond for fishing 7. Orientation shot of the first floor 8. The left side of the downstairs 9. The right side of the downstairs 10. The kitchen/dining area 11. The downstairs bathroom 12. Orientation shot of the second floor 13. Helen & Celestes room 14. The upstairs bathroom 15. Frederic and Isaacs bedroom 16. Another view of Frederic and Isaacs bedroom 17. And thats all I have for you today! Please join me again at an unspecified future date for another tour. Until next time, Happy Simming!