LIS 204: Introduction to Library and Information Science Topic: Overview of Special Libraries Kevin Rioux, PhD

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<ul><li><p>LIS 204:Introduction to Library and Information Science</p><p>Topic: Overview of Special LibrariesKevin Rioux, PhD</p></li><li><p>What is a special library?No universally agreed upon definition. Specialized informationOften resources are quite expensiveSpecialized usersMay or may not be open to the publicOften an active part of the enterprise or organizationMay or may not be called a libraryIs often revenue neutralMust demonstrate value to the organizationAdvocacy/Professional group: Special Library Association (SLA)</p></li><li><p>Special librariansPromote librarys servicesProvide value-added services and productsMay be part of one or more functional teamsOften support decision makingAdd to the organizations competitive intelligenceAre likely to be a part of an organizations Knowledge Management effortsMay be webmastersMay or may not have specialized training or backgroundDemonstrating the ability to learn and curiosity is crucialFacility with spreadsheets is helpfulFacility with web authoring tools is helpfulCustomer service orientation is MANDATORY</p></li><li><p>Working environmentSalaries are often quite goodMay be somewhat formal, corporate environmentsEquipment is often newBudgets are often generousCreate relationships with vendorsAccount for funds spentTypically serve a homogenous constituencyEvaluation is often the same as any other corporate departmentPeriodic reporting and accounting for expendituresMust jockey for recognition with IT departmentsTurf issuesNecessary to position and defend the concept of library </p></li><li><p>Working environment, contd.Cordial, professional demeanorIn line with organizational cultureLibrarians often have significant management duties</p></li><li><p>Special library samplerTopography of Terror Foundation LibraryBrooklyn Botanic Garden: LibraryBlack Film Center LibraryAmerican Organ ArchivesArt Institute of ChicagoConnecticut Judicial Branch Law LibrariesEnvironmental Protection Agency LibrariesNational Baseball Hall of Fame - Library and Research CenterNational Geographic LibraryWisconsin Primate Research Center LibraryTexas Medical AssociationMarian Library--University of DaytonMisc. Media Libraries</p></li><li><p>Special issues for special librariesCopyright/Fair UseTax supported information support for private industry?Conversion to Virtual Library formatsCorporate downsizingPerception that KM systems and the internet can replace librariansCompetition from other information-related departmentsSpecialized collection developmentSomewhat obscure resourcesLearning curve for the special librarianConfidentiality agreements for special librarians</p></li><li><p>Aspects of special librarianshipPhysical facilitiesSerials managementCatalogingCopy cataloging and original catalogingSpecial materialsRestricted access materials/securityDocument deliveryProfilingContinuous trainingArchivingCorporate memorySpecialized reference</p></li><li><p>Aspects of special librarianshipTeamworkMembershipMeetingsCollection developmentSpecialized and generalVendor relationships</p></li></ul>