LocalCloud: Secure Cloud Sharing & Storage

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LocalCloud: Secure Cloud Sharing & Storage. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>LocalCloud:Secure Cloud Sharing &amp; StorageLocalCloud is a completely cloud based file storage platform that provides multi-device sync, geographic redundancy and local storage. The ExchangeDefender LocalCloud system syncs across any device that has an agent loaded onto it and allows users to have access to files on every device no matter where they are, whether in the office, at home, or elsewhere. LocalCloud utilizes local caching on each machine which means users are not tied to an internet connection to access their data. With direct integration into the Microsoft Windows experience, users can access files and documents through a drive letter. This interaction mimics accessing a local hard drive or a LAN file server, making it familiar and easy for users to access their information. This allows for fast loading and utilizes the cloud to sync data across devices.Redundant Storage, Enterprise Hardware</p> <p>Business data demands the most resilient hardware available, from enterprise grade hard drives to the clustered infrastructure that keeps data in place. Backup copies are stored in Dallas and Los Angeles to prevent weather, network connectivity or large scale catastrophe that would result in data loss.</p> <p>Easy &amp; Seamless</p> <p>Pay only for the storage you need. No hardware to purchase or install. Your LocalCloud files appear as a drive letter like your hard drives and network shares. No maintenance required.</p> <p>Keep Your Business in Sync</p> <p>Files stored in LocalCloud are automatically synchronized to every PC you install LocalCloud on. You will have your own drive letter just as you are used to in your corporate file server environment and it will behave exactly the same - just drag and drop files and work on them as you please wherever you want.</p> <p>Encrypted Storage, Encrypted Transfer</p> <p>All of your data is uploaded using an encrypted SSL connection. All of your data is stored with an encrypted mechanism, making sure your data is for your eyes only.</p> <p>Audit Logs &amp; Access</p> <p>LocalCloud will give you detailed records of all file transfers and file access along with timestamps and IP addresses so you can know exactly who is accessing your files.</p> <p>Support, Support, Support</p> <p>Nobody thinks about data protection until they lose data. With LocalCloud this is something you won't have to worry because we are keeping an eye on it for you. Simply drag and drop the items that you want to store in LocalCloud and we will do the rest.</p> <p>Additional Benefits</p> <p>With LocalCloud software, the behavior of the desktop does not change - files are still available locally and can be accessed as fast as any other file on the desktop. Sync, reporting and backups are done on the backend without client interaction and without purchasing expensive backup and encryption products.</p>


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