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  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    LightshowWinter 2011

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    Lutron Electronics

    7200 Suter Road

    Coopersburg, PA 18036

    World Headquarters


    Technical Support Center


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  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    02The Main Story Your Shading Problems Solved

    06Whats New in Energy Cellular Shades

    10Featured Professional Dennis ListerDEL Motorized Solutions, Bensalem, PA

    12Trends Inspiration from Color Marketing Group International

    14News and Events

    15Continuing Education

    16How-to Guide Cellular Shades Selection Guide

    LightshowWinter 2011

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011



    Your ShadingProblems Solved

    The Main Story

    You have a lot of shades or blinds, so youdont bother adjusting many of them.

    Your current automated window treatments

    are noisy.

    Youd like to press one button that lowers

    shades, dims lights, and starts an audio-

    visual system.


    Our automated window treatments providetouch of a button control via keypads,

    wireless remotes, and mobile devices, so you

    can adjust several window treatments at one

    time with a single button press.

    Our automated window treatments utilize a

    quiet, low-voltage drive, so movement

    isnt disruptive.

    You can integrate our automated window

    treatments with third-party control systems for

    one button control that will lower shades,

    dim lights, and start a movie.

    Lutron Solution

    Noisy shades?

    Complex architecture?

    Limited fabric choices?Chances are, youve probably experienced

    your share of issues with window treatments.

    So weve compiled a list of problems that

    might sound familiarand how Lutron

    automated window treatments can provide

    just the right solutions.


  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011



    You have windows that are difficult to reach.

    Lutron Solution

    Having automated control also means you

    can cover windows that are hard to reach.

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    4 The Main Story

    Due to the architecture in the room, youcant run wires for automated shades.

    Our cellular shades are wire-free, so theyre

    ideal for challenging situations. Theyre also a

    great design solution for applications where

    running wire would be cumbersome, such as

    with French doors.

    Your Venetian blinds arent very versatile.

    The stackback from traditional drapery

    obstructs your view.

    You frequently need to replace the battery

    in your shade.

    Our Venetian blinds provide independent

    control of blind height and slat angle.

    Our blinds also feature independent tilt and lift

    control, and ensure that the tilt position between

    adjacent blinds remains within 1/16th of an inch.

    Our Kirb vertical drapery system lifts fabric

    up (instead of opening and closing from side to

    side) and completely out of the way, eliminating

    stack back.

    Our new cellular shades have a 3-year battery

    lifemuch longer than other battery-powered

    shades currently available.

    For more information, please



    Lutron Solution

    Lutron Solution


  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    Fabrics and Materials


    You want a lot of choices in terms of styles,

    fabrics, and materialsbut you also want

    outstanding technology, too.

    Lutron Solution

    We provide a variety of shading solutions

    combined with cutting edge technology that

    always performs reliablywhether youre

    controlling only shades, shades and lights, or

    shades, lights, and other systems.

    Roller Shade Fabrics

    Available for roller shades and tensioned shades

    Soft Fabrics

    Available for Roman

    shades, drapery, Kirb


    Available for

    Venetian blinds

    Cellular Shade Fabrics

    Available for cellular


    Woven Woods

    Available for

    Roman shades






    Cellular shades








    The Classico CollectionThe Gallery Collection

    The Avant CollectionTM

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    6 Whats New in Energy




  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    When it comes to preventing heat loss,these shades can make a huge impact.

    You already know that shades are an effortless

    way to conserve energy. Simply lowering them in

    the summer prevents the suns harsh rays from

    heating up a room (and causing air conditioning

    to work overtime), while raising them in the

    winter captures heat from those rays.

    But now there are new shades in town

    shades that provide even greater energy

    savingsso much more, in fact, that they can

    double the R value of a triple-pane window.

    The game-changer?

    Lutron cellular shades.

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    Double air pocket Allow some light to filter into the space Save energy by trapping heat between air

    pockets in cells R Value = 3.6

    Double-cell light-filtering shades

    8 Whats New in Energy

    Single-cell light-filtering shades

    Single air pocket Transform harsh daylight into a soft,

    filtered glow Provide varying levels of privacy R Value = 3.5

    Single air pocket Soften intense rays Preserve some exterior view R Value = 0.7

    Single-cell sheer shades

    Single-cell room-darkening shades

    Aluminum lined single air pocket Block light from entering into a space Create complete privacy from the outside Aluminum lining provides added

    energy efficiency R Value = 4.3



  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    These wire-free, battery powered shades have

    air pockets that trap heat, providing superior

    insulation. Cellular shades come in a variety

    of styles, and as you can see from the chart

    above, deliver varying R values depending on

    the style. (R values are a measure of thermal

    resistance; the larger the R value, the more

    effective the product.)

    Adding a room-darkening, single-cell shadeto a single-pane window, for example, can

    increase that windows R value more than

    five timesgiving it a better R value than a

    shade-less, double-pane, low-e argon window.

    And that R value is also better than a triple-

    pane, low-e window without any shades at all.

    (Obviously, you need to lower cellular shades

    in order to capitalize on their energy-saving


    0.7 0.9 3.4 3.5 3.6 4



    Lutron cellular

    shade styles














    is the capacity of an

    insulating material to

    resist heat flow. The

    higher the R value,

    the greater the

    insulating power.

    A typical dual-pane

    window has an

    R Value of 2.0.

    R Value

    Of course, when you choose Lutron cellular

    shades youre not only getting shades with

    terrific insulating properties, youre also getting

    the added benefits of motorization, toogiving

    you more flexibility with daylight control.

    For more detailed information on Lutron

    cellular shades, please visit

  • 8/3/2019 Lutron Lightshow Magazine Winter 2011


    0 Featured Professional

    Dennis ListerDEL Motorized Solutions, Bensalem, PennsylvaniaThis edition we talked to Dennis Lister, President

    of DEL Motorized Solutions. Recognized as

    one of the leaders in the motorized window

    treatment industry, DEL offers a full staff of

    in-house fabricators, project designers,

    customer service staff, support technicians,

    and system installers.

    Are your design services strictly

    residential, or do you do some

    commercial design, as well?

    Our primary focus is in servicing the high-

    end market (residential and commercial). We

    believe that a philosophy of customer first will

    allow our business to grow organically through

    referrals. Although the larger portion of ourbusiness derives from the residential market,

    building a strong partnership with our clientele is

    the crucial component to providing products for

    both residential and commercial projects.

    Are clients requesting more standalone

    motorized shades or motorized shades

    that are incorporated into a system?

    In years past a standalone system was generallywhat clients requested. However, as with

    modern day cell phones, more and more we

    require systems that are smarter to fit our

    clients contemporary, technology forwarded

    thinking. When given

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