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MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, 1981–2021 ABISH, Walter Writer Class of 1987 ABDURRAQIB, Hanif Music Critic, Essayist, and Poet Class of 2021 ABO-SHAEER, Amir Physics Teacher Class of 2010 ABRAHAM, Kyle Choreographer and Dancer Class of 2013 ABRAHAMSON, Joan Community Development Leader Class of 1985 ABUMRAD, Jad Radio Host and Producer Class of 2011 ADAMS, Paul Neurobiologist Class of 1986 ADAMS, Robert Photographer Class of 1994 ADDARIO, Lynsey Photojournalist Class of 2009 ADICHIE, Chimamanda Fiction Writer Class of 2008 AGRAWALA, Maneesh Computer Vision Technologist Class of 2009 AJAMI,* Fouad Political Scientist Class of 1982 AKUNYILI CROSBY, Njideka Painter Class of 2017 ALARCÓN, Daniel Writer and Radio Producer Class of 2021 ALCOCK, Susan Archaeologist Class of 2000 ALFARO, Luis Writer and Performance Artist Class of 1997 ALGAZE, Guillermo Anthropologist and Archaeologist Class of 2003 ALLEN, Danielle Classicist and Political Scientist Class of 2001 ALLEN, Will Urban Farmer Class of 2008 ALMADA, Natalia Documentary Filmmaker Class of 2012 ALSAN, Marcella Physician-Economist Class of 2021 ALSOP, Marin Orchestra Conductor Class of 2005 AMES, Ted Fisherman and Marine Conservation Specialist Class of 2005 AMMONS,* A. R. Poet Class of 1981 AMRITH, Sunil Historian Class of 2017 AMSTERDAM, Anthony Attorney and Legal Scholar Class of 1989 ANDERS, Allison Filmmaker Class of 1995 ANDERSON, Elizabeth Philosopher Class of 2019 ANDREWS, Isaiah Econometrician Class of 2020 ANGEL, J. Roger Astronomer Class of 1996 ANTONI, Janine Sculptor and Installation Artist Class of 1998 ANTRIM, Donald Writer Class of 2013 APPLEBROOG, Ida Painter Class of 1998 ARCHAMBEAU, Charles Geophysicist Class of 1988 ARCHIBALD, George Ornithologist Class of 1984 ARULANANTHAM, Ahilan Human Rights Lawyer Class of 2016 ASBED, Greg Human Rights Strategist Class of 2017 ASHBERY,* John Poet Class of 1985 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation September 2021 macfound.org/fellows For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased


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Text of MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

Page 1: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


Directory of Fellows, 1981–2021

ABISH, WalterWriterClass of 1987

ABDURRAQIB, HanifMusic Critic, Essayist, and PoetClass of 2021

ABO-SHAEER, AmirPhysics TeacherClass of 2010

ABRAHAM, KyleChoreographer and DancerClass of 2013

ABRAHAMSON, JoanCommunity Development LeaderClass of 1985

ABUMRAD, JadRadio Host and ProducerClass of 2011

ADAMS, PaulNeurobiologistClass of 1986

ADAMS, RobertPhotographerClass of 1994

ADDARIO, LynseyPhotojournalistClass of 2009

ADICHIE, ChimamandaFiction WriterClass of 2008

AGRAWALA, ManeeshComputer Vision TechnologistClass of 2009

AJAMI,* FouadPolitical ScientistClass of 1982

AKUNYILI CROSBY, NjidekaPainterClass of 2017

ALARCÓN, DanielWriter and Radio ProducerClass of 2021

ALCOCK, SusanArchaeologistClass of 2000

ALFARO, LuisWriter and Performance ArtistClass of 1997

ALGAZE, GuillermoAnthropologist and ArchaeologistClass of 2003

ALLEN, DanielleClassicist and Political ScientistClass of 2001

ALLEN, WillUrban FarmerClass of 2008

ALMADA, NataliaDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2012

ALSAN, MarcellaPhysician-EconomistClass of 2021

ALSOP, MarinOrchestra ConductorClass of 2005

AMES, TedFisherman and Marine Conservation SpecialistClass of 2005

AMMONS,* A. R.PoetClass of 1981

AMRITH, SunilHistorianClass of 2017

AMSTERDAM, AnthonyAttorney and Legal ScholarClass of 1989

ANDERS, AllisonFilmmakerClass of 1995

ANDERSON, ElizabethPhilosopherClass of 2019

ANDREWS, IsaiahEconometricianClass of 2020

ANGEL, J. RogerAstronomerClass of 1996

ANTONI, JanineSculptor and Installation ArtistClass of 1998

ANTRIM, DonaldWriterClass of 2013

APPLEBROOG, IdaPainterClass of 1998

ARCHAMBEAU, CharlesGeophysicistClass of 1988

ARCHIBALD, GeorgeOrnithologistClass of 1984

ARULANANTHAM, AhilanHuman Rights LawyerClass of 2016

ASBED, GregHuman Rights StrategistClass of 2017

ASHBERY,* JohnPoetClass of 1985

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation September 2021


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

Page 2: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 2

AUCOIN, MatthewComposer and ConductorClass of 2018

AULT, JulieArtist and CuratorClass of 2018

AVERY, ByllyeWomen’s Healthcare LeaderClass of 1989

AVILA,* JoaquinVoting Rights AdvocateClass of 1996

AWUAH, PatrickEducation EntrepreneurClass of 2015

AXELROD, RobertPolitical ScientistClass of 1987

BABBITT,* MiltonComposerClass of 1986

BAILAR III,* John ChristianBiostatisticianClass of 1990

BAIRD, Jessie Little DoeIndigenous Language PreservationistClass of 2010

BAKER, AnniePlaywrightClass of 2017

BALDWIN, DarylLinguist and Cultural PreservationistClass of 2016

baliga, sujathaAttorney and Restorative Justice PractitionerClass of 2019

BANFIELD, JillianGeologistClass of 1999

BARAN, PhilOrganic ChemistClass of 2013

BARBER II, William J.Social Justice AdvocateClass of 2018

BARRETT, AndreaNovelistClass of 2001

BARRETT, TimothyPapermakerClass of 2009

BARRY, EllenAttorney and Human Rights LeaderClass of 1998

BARRY, LyndaGraphic Novelist, Cartoonist, and EducatorClass of 2019

BARTH, UtaConceptual PhotographerClass of 2012

BARTON, Jacqueline K.Biophysical ChemistClass of 1991

BARZILAY, ReginaComputer ScientistClass of 2017

BASSETT, DaniellePhysicistClass of 2014

BASSLER, BonnieMolecular BiologistClass of 2002

BASTING, AnneTheater Artist and EducatorClass of 2016

BAXANDALL,* MichaelArt HistorianClass of 1988

BEARD, ChristopherPaleontologistClass of 2000

BECHDEL, AlisonCartoonist and Graphic MemoiristClass of 2014

BECKWITH, ChristopherPhilologistClass of 1986

BEDFORD, TrevorComputational VirologistClass of 2021

BEHAR, RuthCultural AnthropologistClass of 1988

BELANGER, TerryRare Book PreservationistClass of 2005

BELCHER, AngelaMaterials ScientistClass of 2004

BELZBERG, EdetDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2005

BENJAMIN, ReginaRural Family PhysicianClass of 2008

BENOIT-BIRD, KellyMarine BiologistClass of 2010

BENSHOOF,* JanetAttorney and Reproductive Rights LeaderClass of 1992

BENSON, NicholasStone CarverClass of 2010

BENSON,* RichardPhotographerClass of 1986

BENTON,* JohnMedieval HistorianClass of 1985

BERLAND, GretchenPhysician-FilmmakerClass of 2004

BERMAN, PaulJournalistClass of 1991

BERNERS-LEE, TimothyComputer ScientistClass of 1998

BERNSTEIN, ShellyPediatric HematologistClass of 1984

BERRY, DrewBiomedical AnimatorClass of 2010

Page 3: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 3


BERRY,* R. StephenPhysical ChemistClass of 1983

BERTOZZI, CarolynOrganic ChemistClass of 1999

BÉRUBÉ,* AllanAmerican HistorianClass of 1996

BETTS, Reginald DwaynePoet and LawyerClass of 2021

BEY, DawoudPhotographer and EducatorClass of 2017

BIAL, DeborahEducation StrategistClass of 2007

BIALER,* SewerynPolitical ScientistClass of 1983

BICKEL, Peter J.StatisticianClass of 1984

BIERDS, LindaPoetClass of 1998

BIGELOW, Charles A.Graphic DesignerClass of 1982

BING, XuPrintmaker and CalligrapherClass of 1999

BLACKBURN,* Robert H.PrintmakerClass of 1992

BLACKWELL,* UnitaMayor and Civil Rights LeaderClass of 1992

BLAIR, Ann M.Intellectual HistorianClass of 2002

BLAIR,* Bruce G.Foreign Policy AnalystClass of 1999

BLAKE, LucyConservationistClass of 2000

BLAKE, RanComposer and PianistClass of 1988

BLINN, James F.Computer Graphics AnimatorClass of 1991

BLOCK, BarbaraMarine BiologistClass of 1996

BLOOM,* HaroldLiterary CriticClass of 1985

BLUNDEN,* JeraldyneChoreographerClass of 1994

BOMBLIES, KirstenPlant Evolutionary GeneticistClass of 2008

BONAUTO, Mary L.Civil Rights LawyerClass of 2014

BOND, TamiEnvironmental EngineerClass of 2014

BONIFAZ, John C.Lawyer and Voting Rights ActivistClass of 1999

BOO, KatherineJournalistClass of 2002

BOURG, LornaRural Development LeaderClass of 1992

BOYCE, C. KevinPaleobotanistClass of 2013

BRADFORD, MarkMixed Media ArtistClass of 2009

BRANCH, TaylorSocial HistorianClass of 1991

BRANGWYNNE, CliffordBiophysical EngineerClass of 2018

BRAXTON, AnthonyJazz Composer and PerformerClass of 1994

BRENNER, JeffreyPrimary Care PhysicianClass of 2013

BREUER, LeePlaywright and Theater DirectorClass of 1997

BRODSKY,* JosephPoetClass of 1981

BRONSTEIN,* Alvin J.Human Rights LawyerClass of 1989

BROOTEN, Bernadette JoanHistorian of ReligionClass of 1998

BROWN, Lester R.Agricultural EconomistClass of 1986

BROWN, Peter R. L.HistorianClass of 1982

BROWN,* TrishaChoreographerClass of 1991

BRUBAKER, RogersSociologistClass of 1994

BUCHWALD, Jed Z.Historian of ScienceClass of 1995

BUHLE, Mari JoAmerican HistorianClass of 1991

BURNETT, CharlesFilmmakerClass of 1988

BUSS, Leo WilliamEvolutionary BiologistClass of 1989

Page 4: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 4

BUSTAMANTE, Carlos D.Population GeneticistClass of 2010

BUTLER,* OctaviaWriterClass of 1995

BYNUM, Caroline WalkerMedieval HistorianClass of 1986

CAIRNS,* JohnMolecular BiologistClass of 1981

CAMERER, ColinBehavioral EconomistClass of 2013

CANDÈS, EmmanuelMathematician and StatisticianClass of 2017

CANTOR, JayWriterClass of 1989

CARLSON, ShawnScience EducatorClass of 1999

CARLSTROM, John E.AstrophysicistClass of 1998

CARPENTER, JamesGlass TechnologistClass of 2004

CARROLL, David M.Naturalist, Author, and IllustratorClass of 2006

CARSON, AnnePoet and ClassicistClass of 2000

CARTER, MajoraUrban Revitalization StrategistClass of 2005

CARTER, MatthewType DesignerClass of 2010

CARTER, ReginaJazz ViolinistClass of 2006

CARTWRIGHT, Nancy D.Philosopher of ScienceClass of 1993

CASTEEL, JordanPainterClass of 2021

CATANIA, KennethNeurobiologistClass of 2006

CAVELL,* StanleyPhilosopherClass of 1992

CELMINS, VijaPainter and SculptorClass of 1997

CHALIDZE,* ValeryPhysicist and Human Rights OrganizerClass of 1985

CHANDRAN, KartikEnvironmental EngineerClass of 2015

CHARNOV, Eric L.Evolutionary BiologistClass of 1997

CHASE, ClaireArts EntrepreneurClass of 2012

CHEN, LuNeuroscientistClass of 2005

CHETTY, RajPublic EconomistClass of 2012

CHIN, MelArtistClass of 2019

CHOI, Don MeePoet and TranslatorClass of 2021

CHRISTIAN, Jr., William A.Historian of ReligionClass of 1986

CHRISTODOULOU, DemetriosMathematician and PhysicistClass of 1993

CHUDNOVSKY, Gregory V.MathematicianClass of 1981

CHUDNOVSKY, MariaMathematicianClass of 2012

CHURCHLAND, Patricia SmithPhilosopherClass of 1991

CHYBA, ChristopherAstrobiologist and Policy AnalystClass of 2001

CISNEROS, SandraWriterClass of 1995

CISSÉ, IbrahimBiological PhysicistClass of 2021

CITRON, DanielleLegal ScholarClass of 2019

CLAMPITT,* AmyPoetClass of 1992

CLARK, William C.Ecologist and Environmental Policy AnalystClass of 1983

CLARKE, MarthaTheater Director and ChoreographerClass of 1990

CLOSE, SandyJournalistClass of 1995

COATES, Ta-NehisiJournalistClass of 2015

COBELL,* Elouise C.Banker, Community/Economic DeveloperClass of 1997

COHEN, GaryEnvironmental Health AdvocateClass of 2015

Page 5: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 5


COHEN, Joel E.Population BiologistClass of 1981

COHEN, MichaelPharmacistClass of 2005

COLE, PeterTranslator/Poet/PublisherClass of 2007

COLEMAN, EricGeriatricianClass of 2012

COLEMAN,* OrnetteJazz Performer and ComposerClass of 1994

COLEMAN,* Robert F.MathematicianClass of 1987

COLEMAN, SteveJazz Composer and SaxophonistClass of 2014

COLES, RobertChild PsychiatristClass of 1981

COLLINS, James J.Biomedical EngineerClass of 2003

CONNELLY, Joan BretonArchaeologistClass of 1996

CONNOLLY, Marie-ThereseElder Rights LawyerClass of 2011

COOPER, LisaPublic Health PhysicianClass of 2007

CORTES JR., Ernesto J.Community OrganizerClass of 1984

COTTOM, Tressie McMillanSociologist, Writer, and Public ScholarClass of 2020

CRASE, DouglasPoetClass of 1987

CRAWFORD, Maria LuisaGeologist and PetrologistClass of 1993

CRITCHFIELD,* RichardEssayistClass of 1981

CROMER, DavidTheater DirectorClass of 2010

CRONON, WilliamEnvironmental HistorianClass of 1985

CROUCH,* StanleyJazz Critic and WriterClass of 1993

CUNNINGHAM,* MerceChoreographerClass of 1985

CUNY,* Frederick C.Disaster-Relief SpecialistClass of 1995

CURRAN, LisaTropical ForesterClass of 2006

CURTIN, JosephViolinmakerClass of 2005

CURTIN,* Philip D.Historian of AfricaClass of 1983

DABIRI, JohnBiophysicistClass of 2010

D’AMBOISE,* JacquesDance EducatorClass of 1990

DANIEL, Thomas L.BiologistClass of 1996

DANNER, MarkJournalistClass of 1999

DANTICAT, EdwidgeNovelistClass of 2009

DARNTON, RobertEuropean HistorianClass of 1982

DAUBECHIES, IngridMathematicianClass of 1992

DAUENHAUER, PaulChemical EngineerClass of 2020

DAUGAARD, LisaCriminal Justice ReformerClass of 2019

DAVENPORT,* GuyWriter, Critic, and TranslatorClass of 1990

DAVIS, George D.Environmental Policy AnalystClass of 1989

DAVIS, LydiaWriter and TranslatorClass of 2003

DAVIS, Michael RyanHistorianClass of 1998

DAWDY, Shannon LeeAnthropologistClass of 2010

DE LEÓN, JasonAnthropologistClass of 2017

DEER, SarahLegal Scholar and AdvocateClass of 2014

DEFRIES, RuthEnvironmental GeographerClass of 2007

DELPIT, LisaEducation Reform LeaderClass of 1990

DEMAINE, Erik D.Computer Scientist and MathematicianClass of 2003

DENK, JeremyPianist and WriterClass of 2013

Page 6: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 6

DERISI, JosephMolecular BiologistClass of 2004

DES FORGES,* Alison L.Human Rights LeaderClass of 1999

DESMOND, MatthewUrban SociologistClass of 2015

DEVRIES, Philip JamesInsect BiologistClass of 1988

DIACONIS, PersiStatisticianClass of 1982

DIAMOND, Jared M.Environmental Historian and PhysiologistClass of 1985

DÍAZ, JunotFiction WriterClass of 2012

DIAZ, NataliePoetClass of 2018

DICHTEL, WilliamChemistClass of 2015

DICKINSON, Michael H.BiophysicistClass of 2001

DILLER, ElizabethArchitectClass of 1999

DONOHO, DavidStatisticianClass of 1991

DONOVAN, TaraSculptorClass of 2008

DORETTI, MercedesForensic AnthropologistClass of 2007

DORRANCE, MichelleTap Dancer and ChoreographerClass of 2015

DORSEN, AnnieTheater ArtistClass of 2019

DOWNES, RackstrawPainterClass of 2009

DRAYTON, WilliamPublic Service InnovatorClass of 1984

DRELL,* SidneyPhysicist and Arms Policy AnalystClass of 1984

DUBUS,* AndreWriterClass of 1988

DUCKWORTH, AngelaResearch PsychologistClass of 2013

DUFKA, CorinneHuman Rights InvestigatorClass of 2003

DUFLO, EstherEconomistClass of 2009

DURHAM, William H.Biological AnthropologistClass of 1983

DUTTON, AndreaGeochemist and PaleoclimatologistClass of 2019

DWORKIN, AaronMusic EducatorClass of 2005

DYBEK, StuartShort Story WriterClass of 2007

EAKES, Martin DanielEconomic Development StrategistClass of 1996

EATON,* John C.ComposerClass of 1990

EBERHARDT, Jennifer L.Social PsychologistClass of 2014

EBERLIN, Livia S.Analytical ChemistClass of 2018

EDELMAN, Marian WrightChildren’s Rights LeaderClass of 1985

EDWARDS,* Helen T.PhysicistClass of 1988

EDWARDS, MarcWater Quality EngineerClass of 2007

EFRON, BradleyStatisticianClass of 1983

EGGAN, KevinDevelopmental BiologistClass of 2006

EHRLICH, Paul R.Population BiologistClass of 1990

EISENBERG, DeborahShort Story WriterClass of 2009

EISENMAN, NicolePainterClass of 2015

ELDE, NelsEvolutionary BiologistClass of 2020

ELOWITZ, MichaelMolecular BiologistClass of 2007

EL-SADR, WafaaInfectious Disease PhysicianClass of 2008

ELSE, Jon H.Documentary FilmmakerClass of 1988

EMERSON, Sharon B.BiologistClass of 1995

ENGLAND, Nora C.Anthropological LinguistClass of 1993

Page 7: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 7


ERICKSON,* Charlotte J.HistorianClass of 1990

ERRINGTON, ShellyCultural AnthropologistClass of 1981

ESTRIN, DeborahComputer ScientistClass of 2018

EWALD, WendyPhotographerClass of 1992

FAIR, DamienCognitive NeuroscientistClass of 2020

FARMER, Paul E.Medical Anthropologist and PhysicianClass of 1993

FARRISS, Nancy MargueriteHistorianClass of 1986

FASTHORSE, LarissaPlaywrightClass of 2020

FECTEAU, VincentSculptorClass of 2016

FEIGENBAUM,* Mitchell J.Mathematical PhysicistClass of 1984

FELD, StevenAnthropologist and EthnomusicologistClass of 1991

FELDMAN, IrvingPoetClass of 1992

FELTEN, David L.NeuroscientistClass of 1983

FENNIE, CraigMaterials ScientistClass of 2013

FERNÁNDEZ, TeresitaSculptor and Installation ArtistClass of 2005

FIELDS, Barbara J.HistorianClass of 1992

FINKEL, DavidJournalistClass of 2012

FINKELSTEIN, AmyHealth EconomistClass of 2018

FLEAGLE, John G.Primatologist and PaleontologistClass of 1988

FLEETWOOD, NicoleWriter and CuratorClass of 2021

FLEISCHER, Cornell H.HistorianClass of 1988

FLEMING, RobinMedieval HistorianClass of 2013

FLOWERS, Catherine ColemanEnvironmental Health AdvocateClass of 2020

FOE, Victoria E.Developmental BiologistClass of 1993

FOLBRE, NancyEconomistClass of 1998

FOREMAN, RichardTheater Director and PlaywrightClass of 1995

FORSBERG,* Randall WatsonPolitical Scientist and Arms Control StrategistClass of 1983

FRAZIER, LaToya RubyPhotographer and Video ArtistClass of 2015

FREEDMAN, Michael H.MathematicianClass of 1984

FRIEDAN, Daniel H.PhysicistClass of 1987

FRIEDLANDER, LeePhotographerClass of 1990

FRIEDLANDER, SaulHistorianClass of 1999

FRUCHTERMAN, JamesTechnologistClass of 2006

FRYER, RolandEconomistClass of 2011

FULTON, AlicePoetClass of 1991

GADDIS,* WilliamNovelistClass of 1982

GAINES,* Ernest J.WriterClass of 1993

GALISON, Peter L.Historian of ScienceClass of 1997

GANG, JeanneArchitectClass of 2011

GARDNER, HowardPsychologistClass of 1981

GATES, Jr., Henry LouisLiterary CriticClass of 1981

GAVENTA, John P.SociologistClass of 1981

GAWANDE, AtulSurgeon and AuthorClass of 2006

GELFAND,* Israel M.Mathematician and BiologistClass of 1994

GELLER, Margaret JoanAstrophysicistClass of 1990

Page 8: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 8

GENTRY, CraigComputer ScientistClass of 2014

GEORGE,* AlexanderPolitical ScientistClass of 1983

GHEDIN, ElodieParasitologist/VirologistClass of 2011

GHEZ, AndreaAstrophysicistClass of 2008

GHISELIN, MichaelEvolutionary BiologistClass of 1981

GIBSON, JeffreyVisual ArtistClass of 2019

GIDDENS, RhiannonSinger, Instrumentalist, and SongwriterClass of 2017

GINSBURG, Faye D.AnthropologistClass of 1994

GINSPARG, PaulPhysicistClass of 2002

GLEICK, Peter H.Water Conservation SpecialistClass of 2003

GMACHL, ClaireLaser EngineerClass of 2005

GOITEIN,* Shelomo D.Medieval HistorianClass of 1983

GOLDIE, SueWomen’s Health Physician and ResearcherClass of 2005

GOLDSTEIN, David B.Energy Conservation SpecialistClass of 2002

GOLDSTEIN, RebeccaWriterClass of 1996

GOLIJOV, OsvaldoComposerClass of 2003

GÓMEZ-PEÑA, GuillermoWriter and Interdisciplinary ArtistClass of 1991

GONSALVES, GreggEpidemiologist and Global Health AdvocateClass of 2018

GOODMAN, StevenConservation BiologistClass of 2005

GORDON, JenniferAttorney and Community OrganizerClass of 1999

GORDON-REED, AnnetteAmerican HistorianClass of 2010

GOTTLIEB, KatherineAlaskan Health Care LeaderClass of 2004

GOULD,* Stephen JayPaleontologistClass of 1981

GRAHAM,* IanArchaeologistClass of 1981

GRAHAM, JoriePoetClass of 1990

GRAY, Mary L.Anthropologist and Media ScholarClass of 2020

GREEN, DavidTechnology Transfer InnovatorClass of 2004

GREENE, Mott T.Historian of ScienceClass of 1983

GREENSTEIN, RobertPublic Policy AnalystClass of 1996

GREER, Jr., Pedro JoséPhysician and Community Health SpecialistClass of 1993

GREIF, AvnerEconomist and Historian of EconomicsClass of 1998

GREINER, MarkusCondensed Matter PhysicistClass of 2011

GRIFFITH, LindaBioengineerClass of 2006

GRIFFITH, SaulInventorClass of 2007

GROSS, Benedict H.MathematicsClass of 1986

GROSS, DavidPhysicistClass of 1987

GROSSMAN,* AllenPoet and Literary CriticClass of 1989

GROTOWSKI,* JerzyTheater Director and Drama TheoristClass of 1991

GUAN, Kun-LiangBiochemistClass of 1998

GUILLERMOPRIETO, AlmaJournalistClass of 1995

GUNN, James E.AstrophysicistClass of 1983

GUNN,* ThomPoet and Literary CriticClass of 1993

GUPTA, VijayViolinist and Social Justice AdvocateClass of 2018

GUSKIEWICZ, KevinSports Medicine ResearcherClass of 2011

Page 9: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 9


GUTIÉRREZ, Ramón ArturoHistorianClass of 1983

GUYON, OlivierOptical Physicist and AstronomerClass of 2012

HAAKANSON, SvenAlutiiq Curator/Anthropologist/PreservationistClass of 2007

HABER, CarlAudio PreservationistClass of 2013

HAGGERTY, RosanneHousing and Community Development LeaderClass of 2001

HAILE, GetatchewPhilologist and LinguistClass of 1988

HALE, VictoriaPharmaceutical EntrepreneurClass of 2006

HALL, Robert H.Public Interest JournalistClass of 1992

HALLEM, ElissaNeurobiologistClass of 2012

HALPERIN, Morton H.Political ScientistClass of 1985

HALVORSON, MaryGuitarist and ComposerClass of 2019

HAMES, Sr.,* Curtis G.Family PhysicianClass of 1984

HAMILTON, AnnInstallation ArtistClass of 1993

HAMILTON,* VirginiaWriterClass of 1995

HAMMONS, DavidSculptor and Installation ArtistClass of 1991

HAMPL, PatriciaWriterClass of 1990

HANNAH-JONES, NikoleJournalistClass of 2017

HANSON, Ann EllisHistorianClass of 1992

HARBISON, JohnComposer and ConductorClass of 1989

HARBURY, PehrBiochemistClass of 2005

HARRINGTON, MarkAIDS ResearcherClass of 1997

HARRIS, CoreyBlues MusicianClass of 2007

HARRIS, EvaMolecular BiologistClass of 1997

HARRIS, Sophia BracyChild Care LeaderClass of 1991

HARTMAN, SaidiyaLiterary Scholar and Cultural HistorianClass of 2019

HARTMANN, Heidi I.EconomistClass of 1994

HASS, RobertPoet, Critic, and TranslatorClass of 1984

HAU, Lene V.Optical PhysicistClass of 2001

HAWKINS,* DavidPhilosopherClass of 1981

HAYASHI, CherylSpider Silk BiologistClass of 2007

HAYES, Peter J.Energy Policy SpecialistClass of 2000

HAYES, Robert M.Lawyer and Human Rights LeaderClass of 1985

HAYES, TerrancePoetClass of 2014

HE, LinMolecular BiologistClass of 2009

HEATH, Shirley BriceAnthropological LinguistClass of 1984

HEFNER, W. KeithJournalist and EducatorClass of 1989

HEHIR, J. BryanReligion and Foreign Policy ScholarClass of 1984

HELLER, BeccaHuman Rights LawyerClass of 2018

HEMON, AleksandarWriterClass of 2004

HENNEBERGER, JohnHousing AdvocateClass of 2014

HERSAM, MarkMaterials ScientistClass of 2014

HERSKOWITZ,* IraMolecular GeneticistClass of 1987

HESSE, Karen S.WriterClass of 2002

HESSLER, PeterLong-Form JournalistClass of 2011

Page 10: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 10

HICKEY, DaveArt CriticClass of 2001

HILL, Gary R.Video ArtistClass of 1998

HILLIS, David M.Molecular BiologistClass of 1999

HINE,* DarylPoet and TranslatorClass of 1986

HIRSCH, EdwardPoet, Essayist, and Literary CriticClass of 1998

HOLDREN, John P.Arms Control and Energy AnalystClass of 1981

HOLLAND,* John H.Computer ScientistClass of 1992

HOLLANDER,* JohnPoet and Literary CriticClass of 1990

HOLT, Thomas ClevelandSocial and Cultural HistorianClass of 1990

HOOD, WalterLandscape and Public ArtistClass of 2019

HOPFIELD, John J.Physicist and BiologistClass of 1983

HOPKINS, DonaldPublic Health PhysicianClass of 1995

HORNER, John RobertPaleobiologistClass of 1986

HOROWITZ, SaraAttorney and Worker’s Rights LeaderClass of 1999

HOTCHKISS, Ralf DavidRehabilitation EngineerClass of 1989

HOUGH, StephenPianistClass of 2001

HOUSTON, StephenAnthropologist / EpigrapherClass of 2008

HOWARD, RichardPoet, Translator, and Literary CriticClass of 1996

HOWE,* IrvingLiterary and Social CriticClass of 1987

HOWLAND,* BetteWriter and Literary CriticClass of 1984

HUNTER, Samuel D.PlaywrightClass of 2014

HURST, HeatherArchaeological IllustratorClass of 2004

HUTCHINS, EdwinCognitive ScientistClass of 1985

HUXTABLE,* Ada LouiseArchitectural Critic and HistorianClass of 1981

HUYBERS, PeterClimate ScientistClass of 2009

HUYNH, My HangChemistClass of 2007

HYDE, LewisWriterClass of 1991

IBARRA, CristinaDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2021

IMBRIE, JohnClimatologistClass of 1981

IRWIN, BillWriter and Performance ArtistClass of 1984

IRWIN, John RiceCurator and Cultural PreservationistClass of 1989

IRWIN, Robert W.Painter and Installation ArtistClass of 1984

ISAY, David A.Radio ProducerClass of 2000

IYER, VijayJazz Pianist and ComposerClass of 2013

JAAR, AlfredoPhotographerClass of 2000

JACKSON, MaryFiber ArtistClass of 2008

JACKSON, WesAgronomistClass of 1992

JACOBS, Jr., Wesley CharlesRural PlannerClass of 1987

JACOBS-JENKINS, BrandenPlaywrightClass of 2016

JAGGER, JanineEpidemiologistClass of 2002

JALAL, AyeshaHistorianClass of 1998

JAMISON, Kay RedfieldPsychologistClass of 2001

JANZEN, Daniel H.EcologistClass of 1989

JAYADEV, RajCommunity OrganizerClass of 2018

JEANLOZ, RaymondGeophysicistClass of 1988

Page 11: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 11


JEFFERY, PeterMusicologistClass of 1987

JEMISIN, N.K.Speculative Fiction WriterClass of 2020

JESURUN, JohnPlaywright and DirectorClass of 1996

JHABVALA,* Ruth PrawerNovelist and ScreenwriterClass of 1984

JIMÉNEZ MORETA, CristinaSocial Justice OrganizerClass of 2017

JIN,* DeborahPhysicistClass of 2003

JOE,* Thomas C.Social Policy AnalystClass of 1986

JOHN,* FritzMathematicianClass of 1984

JOHNSON, AngelaWriterClass of 2003

JOHNSON, Charles R.WriterClass of 1998

JONES, Bill T.Dancer and ChoreographerClass of 1994

JONES, Edward P.WriterClass of 2004

JONES, JacquelineSocial HistorianClass of 1999

JONES, KellieArt Historian and CuratorClass of 2016

JOSEFOWICZ, LeilaViolinistClass of 2008

JOYCE, TomBlacksmithClass of 2003

JUDSON,* Horace FreelandHistorian of ScienceClass of 1987

JULESZ,* BelaPsychologistClass of 1983

JUPITER, StacyMarine ScientistClass of 2019

JURAFSKY, DanielComputer Scientist and LinguistClass of 2002

KAGAN, Sarah H.Gerontological NurseClass of 2003

KAHL,* Marvin PhilipZoologistClass of 1988

KAHN, NedArtist and Science Exhibit DesignerClass of 2003

KAMM, JohnHuman Rights StrategistClass of 2004

KAPHAR, TitusPainterClass of 2018

KARANJA, Sokoni T.Child and Family Development SpecialistClass of 1993

KATABI, DinaComputer ScientistClass of 2013

KATCHOR, BenGraphic NovelistClass of 2000

KATES, Robert W.GeographerClass of 1981

KAUFFMAN, Stuart AlanEvolutionary BiologistClass of 1987

KAZHDAN, DavidMathematicianClass of 1990

KEENE, JohnWriterClass of 2018

KEIGHTLEY,* David N.Historian and SinologistClass of 1986

KELLER, Evelyn FoxHistorian and Philosopher of ScienceClass of 1992

KENDI, Ibram X.American Historian and WriterClass of 2021

KENMORE, Peter E.Agricultural EntomologistClass of 1994

KENNEDY, WilliamNovelistClass of 1983

KENNEY, RichardPoetClass of 1987

KHAN,* Ali AkbarClassical Indian Music PerformerClass of 1991

KHEDOORI, TobaPainterClass of 2002

KHOT, SubhashTheoretical Computer ScientistClass of 2016

KIEFFER, Susan W.Geologist and Planetary ScientistClass of 1995

KIESSLING, Laura L.BiochemistClass of 1999

KIM, JimPublic Health PhysicianClass of 2003

KING, Calvin R.Land and Farm Development SpecialistClass of 1990

Page 12: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 12

KING, NicoleEvolutionary BiologistClass of 2005

KINNELL,* GalwayPoetClass of 1984

KITAEV, AlexeiPhysicist/Computer ScientistClass of 2008

KITUNDU, WalterMultimedia ArtistClass of 2008

KLAINERMAN, SergiuMathematicianClass of 1991

KLEINBERG, JonComputer ScientistClass of 2005

KOEHL, Mimi R.Marine BiologistClass of 1990

KOLAKOWSKI,* LeszekHistorian of Philosophy and ReligionClass of 1983

KOLLER, DaphneComputer ScientistClass of 2004

KOPELL, NancyMathematician and NeuroscientistClass of 1990

KRAUS,* HenryArt HistorianClass of 1984

KREITMAN, Martin E.Population GeneticistClass of 1991

KREMEN, ClaireConservation BiologistClass of 2007

KREMER, Michael RobertEconomistClass of 1997

KRISTELLER,* Paul OskarIntellectual Historian and PhilosopherClass of 1984

KRUBITZER, Leah A.NeuroscientistClass of 1998

KUN, JoshCultural HistorianClass of 2016

KURKE, Leslie V.Classicist and Literary ScholarClass of 1999

KWOH, StewartHuman Rights LeaderClass of 1998

LACY,* SteveSaxophonist and Jazz ComposerClass of 1992

LANDE, Russell S.Conservation BiologistClass of 1997

LANDER, EricGeneticist and MathematicianClass of 1987

LANE, HarlanPsychologist and LinguistClass of 1991

LANHAM, SandraPilot and ConservationistClass of 2001

LANSKY, AaronCultural PreservationistClass of 1989

LAUTERBACH, AnnPoet and Literary CriticClass of 1993

LAW, Sylvia A.Human Rights LawyerClass of 1983

LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT, SaraSociologist of EducationClass of 1984

LÊ, An-MyPhotographerClass of 2012

LEBLANC, Adrian NicoleNarrative JournalistClass of 2006

LEBSOCK, SuzanneSocial HistorianClass of 1992

LECHTMAN, Heather NanMaterials Scientist and ArchaeologistClass of 1984

LECOMPTE, ElizabethTheater DirectorClass of 1995

LEE, Raphael CarlSurgeonClass of 1981

LEE, StephenChemistClass of 1993

LEITHAUSER, BradPoet and WriterClass of 1983

LEMON, RalphArtistClass of 2020

LENSKI, Richard E.BiologistClass of 1996

LEONARD, NaomiEngineerClass of 2004

LERMAN, LizChoreographerClass of 2002

LERNER, BenWriterClass of 2015

LERNER, MichaelPublic Health LeaderClass of 1984

LETHEM, JonathanWriterClass of 2005

LEVINE, CarolAIDS Policy SpecialistClass of 1993

LEVINE,* Lawrence W.HistorianClass of 1983

Page 13: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 13


LEWIS,* Andrew W.Medieval HistorianClass of 1984

LEWIS, Charles R. E.JournalistClass of 1998

LEWIS, David LeveringBiographer and Cultural HistorianClass of 1999

LEWIS,* ElmaArts EducatorClass of 1981

LEWIS, George E.Composer, Performer, and Music TheoristClass of 2002

LI, YiyunFiction WriterClass of 2010

LIBCHABER, Albert J.PhysicistClass of 1986

LIEN, MimiSet DesignerClass of 2015

LIMERICK, Patricia NelsonHistorianClass of 1995

LIND-RAMOS, DanielSculptor and PainterClass of 2021

LINDER, William J.Community Development LeaderClass of 1991

LINDSEY, TommieHigh School Debating CoachClass of 2004

LINK, KellyFiction WriterClass of 2018

LIPPMAN, ZacharyPlant BiologistClass of 2019

LIPSON, MichalOptical PhysicistClass of 2010

LISHKO, Polina V.Cellular and Developmental BiologistClass of 2020

LIVINGSTON, JuliePublic Health Historian and AnthropologistClass of 2013

LOBELL, DavidAgricultural EcologistClass of 2013

LOCKE,* PatriciaTribal Rights Leader and EducatorClass of 1991

LONG, Pamela O.Historian of Science and TechnologyClass of 2014

LONG, Sharon R.Plant BiologistClass of 1992

LONGLEY, JamesFilmmakerClass of 2009

LOU, LizaInstallation ArtistClass of 2002

LOVELL, WhitfieldPainter/Installation ArtistClass of 2007

LOVINS, Amory B.Physicist and Energy AnalystClass of 1993

LOWE, RickPublic ArtistClass of 2014

LUBCHENCO, JaneMarine BiologistClass of 1993

LUBIC, Ruth WatsonNurse-MidwifeClass of 1993

LUISELLI, ValeriaWriterClass of 2019

LURIE, JacobMathematicianClass of 2014

LYTLE HERNÁNDEZ, KellyHistorianClass of 2019

MABUCHI, HideoPhysicistClass of 2000

MAC, TaylorTheater ArtistClass of 2017

MACAULAY, DavidIllustrator and AuthorClass of 2006

MAHADEVAN, L.Applied MathematicianClass of 2009

MALDACENA, Juan MartinPhysicistClass of 1999

MALIN, Michael C.Geologist and Planetary ScientistClass of 1987

MALOOF,* SamWoodworker and Furniture DesignerClass of 1985

MANDELL, Arnold J.Neuroscientist and PsychiatristClass of 1984

MANEA, NormanWriterClass of 1992

MANGA, MichaelGeophysicistClass of 2005

MANGLANO-OVALLE, IñigoPhotographer, Sculptor, and Installation ArtistClass of 2001

MANGO, SusanDevelopmental BiologistClass of 2008

MANHEIM,* RalphTranslatorClass of 1983

MARLETTA, Michael A.ChemistClass of 1995

Page 14: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 14

MARSHALL, Jr., Joseph E.Educator and Violence-Prevention SpecialistClass of 1994

MARSHALL, Kerry JamesPainterClass of 1997

MARSHALL,* PauleWriterClass of 1992

MARSHALL, Susan S.ChoreographerClass of 2000

MARTINEZ, Monica MuñozPublic HistorianClass of 2021

MARTINEZ, RuebénBooksellerClass of 2004

MARTÍNEZ, ToddTheoretical ChemistClass of 2005

MASSIAH, LouisDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 1996

MASSING, MichaelJournalistClass of 1992

MATHEWS, PeterArchaeologist and EpigrapherClass of 1984

MATSON, Pamela A.EcologistClass of 1995

MATSUOKA, YokyComputer Scientist and NeuroroboticistClass of 2007

MATTAWA, KhaledTranslator and PoetClass of 2014

MAVALVALA, NergisQuantum AstrophysicistClass of 2010

MAVROUDI, MariaHistorian and PhilologistClass of 2004

MAZMANIAN, SarkisMedical MicrobiologistClass of 2012

McCABE,* Robert H.EducatorClass of 1992

McCARTHY, CormacWriterClass of 1981

McCLARY, SusanMusicologistClass of 1995

McCLINTOCK,* BarbaraGeneticistClass of 1981

McCRANEY, Tarell AlvinPlaywrightClass of 2013

McDONALD, William W.Cattle Rancher and ConservationistClass of 1998

McDOUGALL, Gay J.Human Rights LawyerClass of 1999

McELHENY, JosiahSculptorClass of 2006

McGRATH, CampbellPoetClass of 1999

McGUIRE, AndrewTrauma Prevention SpecialistClass of 1985

McHUGH, HeatherPoetClass of 2009

McKECUEN, CarolynEconomic Development LeaderClass of 1994

McLOYD, Vonnie C.Developmental PsychologistClass of 1996

McPHERSON,* James A.WriterClass of 1981

MEADE, DesmondCivil Rights ActivistClass of 2021

MEADOWS,* Donella H.Environmental WriterClass of 1994

MEHRETU, JuliePainterClass of 2005

MEHTA,* VedWriterClass of 1982

MEIER, Deborah W.Education Reform LeaderClass of 1987

MEIER, DianeGeriatricianClass of 2008

MEISELAS, SusanPhotojournalistClass of 1992

MENGESTU, DinawWriterClass of 2012

MERTON,* Robert K.Historian and Sociologist of ScienceClass of 1983

MESA-BAINS, AmaliaArtist and Cultural CriticClass of 1992

MESELSON, MatthewGeneticist and Arms Control AnalystClass of 1984

MEYER, EdgarBassist and ComposerClass of 2002

MICHELSON, SarahChoreographerClass of 2019

MIELE, JoshuaAdaptive Technology DesignerClass of 2021

Page 15: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 15


MILES, JackWriter and Biblical ScholarClass of 2002

MILES, TiyaPublic HistorianClass of 2011

MILLER, Jeffrey AlanLiterary ScholarClass of 2019

MILLER, Maurice LimSocial Services InnovatorClass of 2012

MILLER, Peter N.Intellectual HistorianClass of 1998

MIRANDA, Lin-ManuelPlaywright, Composer, and PerformerClass of 2015

MITCHELL,* ArthurChoreographerClass of 1994

MITCHELL, Donald M.Cultural GeographerClass of 1998

MITCHELL, JerryInvestigative ReporterClass of 2009

MITCHELL, Thomas WilsonProperty Law ScholarClass of 2020

MITROVICA, Jerry X.Theoretical GeophysicistClass of 2019

MOCKBEE,* SamuelArchitectClass of 2000

MOLINA, NataliaAmerican HistorianClass of 2020

MOMIGLIANO,* Arnaldo DanteHistorianClass of 1987

MONJE, MichelleNeuroscientist and Neuro-OncologistClass of 2021

MONK, MeredithVocalist, Composer, and Theater DirectorClass of 1995

MONTGOMERY, DavidGeomorphologistClass of 2008

MOODY, Jennifer AliceArchaeologist and AnthropologistClass of 1989

MOORE, Dennis A.Anthropological LinguistClass of 1999

MOOTHA, VamsiClinical Molecular BiologistClass of 2004

MORALES, HugoRadio ProducerClass of 1994

MORAN, JasonJazz Pianist and ComposerClass of 2010

MORAN, Nancy A.Evolutionary Biologist and EcologistClass of 1997

MORISSEAU, DominiquePlaywrightClass of 2018

MORRIS, ErrolFilmmakerClass of 1989

MORRIS, MarkChoreographer and DancerClass of 1991

MORRIS, Jr., Walter F.Historian and Sociologist of ScienceClass of 1983

MORTON, D. HolmesCountry Doctor and Research PhysicianClass of 2006

MOSCHEN, MichaelPerformance Artist and JugglerClass of 1990

MOSES,* Robert ParrisEducator and PhilosopherClass of 1982

MOSS, CynthiaNature HistorianClass of 2001

MOSS, ThyliasPoet and WriterClass of 1996

MOTEN, FredCultural Theorist and PoetClass of 2020

MOTTAHEDEH, Roy P.HistorianClass of 1981

MUEGGLER, ErikAnthropologist and EthnographerClass of 2002

MULLAINATHAN, SendhilEconomistClass of 2002

MULLER, Richard A.Geologist and AstrophysicistClass of 1982

MULLIGAN, RichardMolecular BiologistClass of 1981

MUMFORD, DavidMathematicianClass of 1987

MUÑOZ, CeciliaCivil Rights Policy AnalystClass of 2000

MURNANE, MargaretOptical PhysicistClass of 2000

MURPHY, Kevin M.EconomistClass of 2005

MURPHY, SusanStatisticianClass of 2013

MURRAY,* ElizabethPainterClass of 1999

Page 16: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 16

NABHAN, Gary PaulEthnobotanist and Nature WriterClass of 1990

NAKASSIS, DimitriClassicistClass of 2015

NANCARROW,* ConlonComposerClass of 1982

NASHASHIBI, RamiCommunity LeaderClass of 2017

NELSON, David R.PhysicistClass of 1984

NELSON, MaggieWriterClass of 2016

NELSON, Rebecca J.Plant PathologistClass of 1998

NELSON, StanleyDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2002

NEWHALL,* BeaumontHistorian of PhotographyClass of 1984

NEWMAN, DianneMicrobiologistClass of 2016

NEWSOM, Lee AnnPaleoethnobotanistClass of 2002

NGUYEN, Viet ThanhFiction Writer and Cultural CriticClass of 2017

NIRENBERG, SheilaNeuroscientistClass of 2013

NOBLE, SafiyaDigital Media ScholarClass of 2021

NOCK, MatthewClinical PsychologistClass of 2011

NOONAN, Patrick F.ConservationistClass of 1985

NOTTAGE, LynnPlaywrightClass of 2007

NOUR, Nawal M.Obstetrician and GynecologistClass of 2003

NOVEMBRE, JohnComputational BiologistClass of 2015

NÚÑEZ, FranciscoChoral Conductor and ComposerClass of 2011

OBBINK, DirkClassicist and PapyrologistClass of 2001

OCHS, Elinor R.Linguistic AnthropologistClass of 1998

OCHSENDORF, JohnStructural Engineer/Architectural PreservationistClass of 2008

OKPOKWASILI, OkwuiChoreographer and PerformerClass of 2018

OLOPADE, OlufunmilayoOncologistClass of 2005

OLSON, KristinaPsychologistClass of 2018

ONG, HanPlaywrightClass of 1997

ONIE, RebeccaHealth Services InnovatorClass of 2009

OPHULS, MarcelDocumentary FilmmakingClass of 1991

OPPENHEIMER, JoshuaDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2014

ORFF, KateLandscape ArchitectClass of 2017

ORPHAN, VictoriaGeobiologistClass of 2016

ORTIZ,* AlfonsoCultural AnthropologistClass of 1982

ORTNER, Sherry B.AnthropologistClass of 1990

OSHEROFF, Douglas D.PhysicistClass of 1981

OSORIO, PepónInstallation ArtistClass of 1999

OSTER,* George F.Mathematical BiologistClass of 1985

OTAKE, EikoDancer and ChoreographerClass of 1996

OTAKE, KomaDancer and ChoreographerClass of 1996

OTIS, LauraLiterary Scholar and Historian of ScienceClass of 2000

OTTO, SarahEvolutionary GeneticistClass of 2011

PACE, NormanBiochemistClass of 2001

PADDEN, CarolSign Language LinguistClass of 2010

PAGE, David C.Molecular GeneticistClass of 1986

PAGELS, Elaine H.Historian of ReligionClass of 1981

Page 17: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 17


PAGLEN, TrevorArtist and GeographerClass of 2017

PALAIMA, Thomas G.ClassicistClass of 1985

PALEY,* Vivian GussinEducator and WriterClass of 1989

PALUCK, Betsy LevyPsychologistClass of 2017

PARDO, JorgeInstallation ArtistClass of 2010

PARKS, LisaMedia ScholarClass of 2018

PARKS, Suzan-LoriPlaywrightClass of 2001

PATE, BrooksPhysical ChemistClass of 2001

PATEL, ShwetakSensor Technologist and Computer ScientistClass of 2011

PAYNE, Roger S.Zoologist and ConservationistClass of 1984

PEASE, JanineEducatorClass of 1994

PENNINGROTH, Dylan C.HistorianClass of 2012

PERILLO,* Lucia M.PoetClass of 2000

PERLE,* GeorgeComposer and Music TheoristClass of 1986

PERRON, TaylorGeomorphologistClass of 2021

PESKIN, Charles S.Mathematician and PhysiologistClass of 1983

PETCHESKY, Rosalind P.Political ScientistClass of 1995

PETERSON, DerekHistorianClass of 2017

PFAFF, JudySculptorClass of 2004

PIERCE, NaomiBiologistClass of 1988

PINGREE,* DavidHistorian of ScienceClass of 1981

PIORE, Michael J.EconomistClass of 1984

PITTS, Jr., OtisCommunity Development LeaderClass of 1990

PLANK, TerryGeochemistClass of 2012

POITRAS, LauraDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2012

POO, Ai-jenLabor OrganizerClass of 2014

POWELL, JimPoet, Translator, and Literary CriticClass of 1993

POWERS, RichardNovelistClass of 1989

PRAKASH, ManuPhysical Biologist and InventorClass of 2016

PRATT, EmmanuelUrban DesignerClass of 2019

PRIETO, DafnisJazz Percussionist and ComposerClass of 2011

PROFET, MargieEvolutionary BiologistClass of 1993

PRONOVOST, PeterCritical Care PhysicianClass of 2008

PRUM, RichardOrnithologistClass of 2009

PURYEAR, MartinSculptorClass of 1989

PYNCHON, ThomasNovelistClass of 1988

PYNE, Stephen J.Environmental HistorianClass of 1988

QIANG, XiaoHuman Rights LeaderClass of 2001

QUIÑONEZ, José A.Financial Services InnovatorClass of 2016

RABALAIS, NancyMarine EcologistClass of 2012

RABIN, MatthewEconomistClass of 2000

RAINER, YvonneFilmmaker and ChoreographerClass of 1990

RAMANUJAN,* A. K.Poet, Translator, and Literary ScholarClass of 1983

RAMPERSAD, ArnoldBiographer and Literary CriticClass of 1991

RANDI,* JamesEducatorClass of 1986

Page 18: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 18

RANKINE, ClaudiaPoetClass of 2016

RAPPING, JonathanCriminal LawyerClass of 2014

RATMANSKY, AlexeiChoreographerClass of 2013

RAVEN, Peter H.Botanist and ConservationistClass of 1985

RÉ, ChristopherComputer ScientistClass of 2015

REAGON, Bernice JohnsonMusic Historian, Composer, and VocalistClass of 1989

REALE, WillieTheater Arts EducatorClass of 1994

REDNISS, LaurenArtist and WriterClass of 2016

REED, Ishmael ScottPoet and WriterClass of 1998

REID KELLEY, MaryVideo ArtistClass of 2016

REY, Ana MariaAtomic PhysicistClass of 2013

RICH,* AdriennePoet and WriterClass of 1994

RICH, DamonDesigner and Urban PlannerClass of 2017

RICH, John A.PhysicianClass of 2006

RICHARDS, Paul G.SeismologistClass of 1981

RICHARDS-KORTUM, RebeccaBioengineerClass of 2016

RICHARDSON, JaneBiochemistClass of 1985

RICHESON, JenniferSocial PsychologistClass of 2006

RIESEBERG, Loren H.BotanistClass of 2003

RIESS, AdamAstronomerClass of 2008

RIVERA, AlexFilmmaker and Media ArtistClass of 2021

RIVERA GARZA, CristinaFiction WriterClass of 2020

RIVLIN,* Alice M.Economist and Policy AnalystClass of 1983

ROACH,* MaxPercussionist and Jazz ComposerClass of 1988

ROBERTS,* Edward V.Civil Rights LeaderClass of 1984

ROBINSON,* AminahFolk ArtistClass of 2004

ROBINSON,* JuliaMathematicianClass of 1983

ROBINSON, Reginald R.Ragtime Pianist and ComposerClass of 2004

ROCHBERG, FrancescaAssyriologist and Historian of ScienceClass of 1982

ROGERS, JoelPolitical ScientistClass of 1995

ROGERS, John A.Applied PhysicistClass of 2009

ROGOWSKI, CherylFarmerClass of 2004

ROLDAN, Hipolito (Paul)Community DeveloperClass of 1988

ROLLAND, BenoîtStringed-Instrument Bow MakerClass of 2012

ROOSEVELT, Anna CurteniusArchaeologistClass of 1988

ROOT-BERNSTEIN, RobertBiologist and Historian of ScienceClass of 1981

RORTY,* RichardPhilosopherClass of 1981

ROSEN, LawrenceAttorney and AnthropologistClass of 1981

ROSENBERG, David AlanMilitary HistorianClass of 1988

ROSENBERG, TinaJournalistClass of 1987

ROSENGARTEN, TheodoreHistorianClass of 1989

ROSENZWEIG, AmyChemistClass of 2003

ROSS, AlexMusic CriticClass of 2008

ROSS, Kathleen A.EducatorClass of 1997

ROSSITER, Margaret W.Historian of ScienceClass of 1989

Page 19: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 19


ROTH, MarkBiomedical ScientistClass of 2007

ROTHEMUND, PaulNanotechnologistClass of 2007

ROTROFF, Susan IreneArchaeologistClass of 1988

ROWLAND, CameronArtistClass of 2019

RUBENSTEIN, JayMedieval HistorianClass of 2007

RUDOVSKY, DavidCivil Rights LawyerClass of 1986

RUHL, SarahPlaywrightClass of 2006

RUMELHART,* DavidCognitive Scientist and PsychologistClass of 1987

RUS, Daniela L.Computer Scientist and RoboticistClass of 2002

RUSSELL,* GeorgeComposer and Music TheoristClass of 1989

RUSSELL, KarenFiction WriterClass of 2013

RUSTOW, MarinaHistorianClass of 2015

RUTA, VanessaNeuroscientistClass of 2019

RUTH, SebastianViolist, Violinist, and Music EducatorClass of 2010

RYAN, KayPoetClass of 2011

SABEL, Charles F.Political Scientist and Legal ScholarClass of 1982

SAEZ, EmmanuelEconomistClass of 2010

SAFINA, CarlMarine ConservationistClass of 2000

SAKS, ElynMental Health LawyerClass of 2009

SALGADO, JuanCommunity LeaderClass of 2015

SALVANT, Cécile McLorinSinger and ComposerClass of 2020

SAM, Sam-AngMusician and Cultural PreservationistClass of 1994

SAMUELSON, PamelaLegal ScholarClass of 1997

SANCHEZ, PedroAgronomistClass of 2003

SANDEFUR, RebeccaSociologist and Legal ScholarClass of 2018

SANFORD, MelanieOrganometallic ChemistClass of 2011

SANTER, Benjamin DavidAtmospheric ScientistClass of 1998

SAPOLSKY, Robert MorrisNeuroendocrinologist and PrimatologistClass of 1987

SAUNDERS, GeorgeWriterClass of 2006

SAVAGE, StefanComputer ScientistClass of 2017

SAYLES, JohnFilmmaker and WriterClass of 1983

SCANLON, Thomas M.PhilosopherClass of 1993

SCHAPIRO,* MeyerArt HistorianClass of 1987

SCHLEIER-SMITH, MonikaExperimental PhysicistClass of 2020

SCHNEIDER,* Stephen H.ClimatologistClass of 1992

SCHOEN, Richard M.MathematicianClass of 1983

SCHOPEN, GregoryHistorian of ReligionClass of 1985

SCHORSKE,* Carl E.Intellectual HistorianClass of 1981

SCHRAG, Daniel P.GeochemistClass of 2000

SCHUDSON, Michael S.SociologistClass of 1990

SCHULEIT, AnnaCommemorative ArtistClass of 2006

SCHULLER,* GuntherComposer, Conductor, and Jazz HistorianClass of 1991

SCHULTE MOORE, LisaLandscape EcologistClass of 2021

SCHWARTZ, BruceFigurative Sculptor and PuppeteerClass of 1988

SCHWARTZ, JoelEpidemiologistClass of 1991

Page 20: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 20

SCHWARZ, John H.PhysicistClass of 1987

SCOFIDIO, RicardoArchitectClass of 1999

SCOTT, JoannaWriterClass of 1992

SCOTT,* John T.SculptorClass of 1992

SCOTT, Joyce J.Jewelry Maker and SculptorClass of 2016

SCOTT, Rebecca J.HistorianClass of 1990

SEAGER, SaraAstrophysicistClass of 2013

SEAMAN, JillInfectious Disease PhysicianClass of 2009

SEELEY, WilliamNeurologistClass of 2011

SEGER, JonEvolutionary EcologistClass of 1987

SEIBERG, NathanPhysicistClass of 1996

SELLARS, PeterTheater and Opera DirectorClass of 1983

SEYDOUX, GeraldineMolecular Developmental BiologistClass of 2001

SEYEDSAYAMDOST, Mohammad R.Biological ChemistClass of 2020

SHAPEY,* RalphComposer and ConductorClass of 1982

SHAPIRO, BethEvolutionary BiologistClass of 2009

SHAPIRO, JesseApplied MicroeconomistClass of 2021

SHAPLEY, RobertNeurophysiologistClass of 1986

SHARON, YuvalOpera Director / ProducerClass of 2017

SHAW, Robert S.PhysicistClass of 1988

SHAY, JonathanClinical Psychiatrist/ClassicistClass of 2007

SHEIKH, FazalPhotographerClass of 2005

SHELL, MarcLiterary ScholarClass of 1990

SHENG, BrightComposerClass of 2001

SHENKER, StephenPhysicistClass of 1987

SHERMAN, CindyPhotographerClass of 1995

SHIRLEY,* AaronHealth Care LeaderClass of 1993

SHKLAR,* Judith N.Political PhilosopherClass of 1984

SHOR, Peter W.Computer ScientistClass of 1999

SHULMAN, DavidHistorian of ReligionClass of 1987

SIEMERING, William H.Journalist and Radio ProducerClass of 1993

SIGMAN, DanielBiogeochemistClass of 2009

SIKANDER, ShahziaPainterClass of 2006

SILBERGELD, Ellen KovnerBiologist and Environmental Health ScientistClass of 1993

SILKO, Leslie MarmonWriterClass of 1981

SILVERSTEIN, EvaPhysicistClass of 1999

SILVERSTEIN,* MichaelLinguistClass of 1982

SIMIC, CharlesPoet, Translator, and EssayistClass of 1984

SIMON, DavidAuthor, Screenwriter, and ProducerClass of 2010

SIMON, LateefahWomen’s Development LeaderClass of 2003

SIMS, KarlComputer Scientist and Digital ArtistClass of 1998

SIRAISI, NancyHistorian of MedicineClass of 2008

SÍS, PeterIllustratorClass of 2003

SLY, AllanMathematicianClass of 2018

SMITH, AmyInventor and EngineerClass of 2004

Page 21: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 21


SMITH, Anna DeavereTheater Performer and PlaywrightClass of 1996

SNOWDEN,* Muriel S.Community OrganizerClass of 1987

SNYDER, JoanPainterClass of 2007

SOLJACIC, MarinOptical PhysicistClass of 2008

SOLL, JacobEuropean HistorianClass of 2011

SOLO, PamArms Control and Economic Development AnalystClass of 1989

SONG, DawnComputer Security SpecialistClass of 2010

SONTAG,* SusanWriter, Cultural Critic, and FilmmakerClass of 1990

SOREY, TyshawnComposer and MusicianClass of 2017

SPENCE, Jonathan DermotHistorianClass of 1988

SPERGEL, David N.AstrophysicistClass of 2001

SPERLING,* ElliotTibetan Studies ScholarClass of 1984

SPIELMAN, DanielComputer ScientistClass of 2012

SPIVAK, MarlaEntomologistClass of 2010

STAHL, Franklin W.GeneticistClass of 1985

STALLINGS, A. E.Poet and TranslatorClass of 2011

STALLMAN, Richard M.Computer ProgrammerClass of 1990

STEFFY,* J. RichardNautical ArchaeologistClass of 1985

STEIDEL, Charles C.AstronomerClass of 2002

STEINBERG,* LeoArt HistorianClass of 1986

STEVENS, BethNeuroscientistClass of 2015

STEVENSON, BryanHuman Rights LawyerClass of 1995

STEWART,* EllenTheater DirectorClass of 1985

STEWART, JacquelineFilm Scholar, Archivist, and CuratorClass of 2021

STEWART, Sarah T.Planetary ScientistClass of 2018

STEWART, SusanPoet and Literary CriticClass of 1997

STILLMAN, SarahLong-Form JournalistClass of 2016

STOCK, MargaretImmigration LawyerClass of 2013

STONEMAN, DorothyEducator and Youth LeaderClass of 1996

STRAND,* MarkPoet and WriterClass of 1987

STRAUSFELD, NicholasNeurobiologistClass of 1995

STREB, ElizabethDancer and ChoreographerClass of 1997

STRICKLAND, Jr., William E.Arts EducatorClass of 1996

STROUSE, JeanBiographerClass of 2001

STUART, DavidLinguist and EpigrapherClass of 1984

STUART, ForrestSociologistClass of 2020

STUDER, LorenzStem Cell BiologistClass of 2015

SU, JulieHuman Rights LawyerClass of 2001

SUBRA, Wilma AlphaEnvironmental Health ScientistClass of 1999

SULLOWAY, FrankPsychologist and Historian of ScienceClass of 1984

SWARTZ, MelodyBioengineerClass of 2012

SWENSON,* MayPoetClass of 1987

SWERDLOW,* Noel M.Historian of ScienceClass of 1988

SYGALL, Susan E.Civil Rights LeaderClass of 2000

SZE, SarahSculptorClass of 2003

Page 22: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …


For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

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TAO, TerenceMathematicianClass of 2006

TAYLOR,* CecilJazz Pianist and ComposerClass of 1991

TAYLOR, Jr., Joseph H.AstrophysicistClass of 1981

TAYLOR, Keeanga-YamahttaHistorian and WriterClass of 2021

TAYLOR,* PaulChoreographerClass of 1985

TAYMOR, JulieTheater Director and Costume DesignerClass of 1991

TEASLEY, Ellendea ProfferTranslator and PublisherClass of 1989

TEMPLE, SallyNeuroscientistClass of 2008

TENENBAUM, JoshuaCognitive ScientistClass of 2019

TERBORGH, John W.Conservation BiologistClass of 1992

THARP, TwylaDancer and ChoreographerClass of 1992

THERIOT, JulieMicrobiologistClass of 2004

THIES, BillComputer ScientistClass of 2016

THILE, ChrisMandolinist and ComposerClass of 2012

THOMAS, Dorothy QuincyHuman Rights LeaderClass of 1998

THOMPSON, EmilyHistorianClass of 2005

THÔNG,* Huynh SanhTranslator and EditorClass of 1987

TINETTI, MaryGeriatric PhysicianClass of 2009

TIPTON, JenniferStage Lighting DesignerClass of 2008

TOEWS, John E.Intellectual HistorianClass of 1984

TOMLIN, ClaireAviation EngineerClass of 2006

TOMLINSON, Gary A.MusicologistClass of 1988

TOOMRE, AlarAstronomer and MathematicianClass of 1984

TORRES, Victor J.MicrobiologistClass of 2021

TREISMAN, Philip UriMathematics EducatorClass of 1992

TRIMPINSound Sculptor and ComposerClass of 1997

TROUTT POWELL, EveHistorianClass of 2003

TRUESDELL, AlexAdaptive Designer and FabricatorClass of 2015

TSANG, WuFilmmaker and Performance ArtistClass of 2018

TSAO, DorisNeuroscientistClass of 2018

TUCKER, Brian E.Seismologist and Disaster Prevention SpecialistClass of 2002

TUDOR, GuyConservationist and IllustratorClass of 1990

TUNG, JennyEvolutionary Anthropologist and GeneticistClass of 2019

TURCO, Richard P.Atmospheric ScientistClass of 1986

TURK, ElizabethSculptorClass of 2010

TURRELL, JamesLight SculptorClass of 1984

TURRIGIANO, Gina G.NeuroscientistClass of 2000

TVERSKY,* AmosCognitive PsychologistClass of 1984

TWIST, BasilPuppetry Artist and DirectorClass of 2015

UHLENBECK, Karen K.MathematicianClass of 1983

ULRICH, Laurel ThatcherHistorianClass of 1992

UPSHAW, DawnMaster VocalistClass of 2007

URTON, GaryAnthropologistClass of 2000

UTTERBACK, CamilleDigital ArtistClass of 2009

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For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

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VAN DER KUIJP, Leonard W. J.Philologist and HistorianClass of 1993

VAN VLIET, ClaireBook Artist and PrintmakerClass of 1989

VANDERMARK, KenJazz Composer and PerformerClass of 1999

VARELA, MariaCommunity Development LeaderClass of 1990

VARNEDOE,* J. Kirk T.Art HistorianClass of 1984

VELASQUEZ, BaldemarFarm Labor LeaderClass of 1989

VERGARA, Camilo JoséPhotographerClass of 2002

VERMEIJ, Geerat J.Evolutionary Biologist and PaleontologistClass of 1992

VICTORA, GabrielImmunologistClass of 2017

VIOLA, BillVideo ArtistClass of 1989

VITALI, UbaldoConservator and SilversmithClass of 2011

VLASTOS,* GregoryClassicist and PhilosopherClass of 1990

VOIGT, Ellen BryantPoetClass of 2015

VON AHN, LuisComputer ScientistClass of 2006

VON HIPPEL, Frank N.Arms Control and Energy AnalystClass of 1993

VUONG, OceanPoet and Fiction WriterClass of 2019

WACQUANT, LoïcSociologistClass of 1997

WAGNER, Günter P.Developmental BiologistClass of 1992

WALCOTT,* DerekPoet and PlaywrightClass of 1981

WALKER,* AlanPaleontologistClass of 1988

WALKER, Kara E.Painter and Installation ArtistClass of 1997

WALLACE,* David FosterWriterClass of 1997

WALLACE, NaomiPlaywrightClass of 1999

WALLACH, BretGeographerClass of 1984

WALSH, MichaelVehicle Emissions SpecialistClass of 2005

WANG, NanfuDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 2020

WARD, JesmynFiction WriterClass of 2017

WARD Jr., KenInvestigative JournalistClass of 2018

WARF, BenjaminPediatric NeurosurgeonClass of 2012

WARREN,* Robert PennPoet, Writer, and Literary CriticClass of 1981

WEEKS, Jeffrey R.MathematicianClass of 1999

WEEMS, Carrie MaePhotographer and Video ArtistClass of 2013

WEI, ShenChoreographerClass of 2007

WEILERSTEIN, AlisaCellistClass of 2011

WEISS, Jay MichaelPsychologistClass of 1984

WENNBERG, Paul O.Atmospheric ChemistClass of 2002

WERNER, David B.Health Care LeaderClass of 1991

WESTPHAL,* James A.Engineer and Planetary ScientistClass of 1991

WHEALY, KentPlant Collector and PreservationistClass of 1990

WHITE, RichardHistorianClass of 1995

WHITEHEAD, ColsonWriterClass of 2002

WHITESIDE,* ThomasJournalistClass of 1986

WHITFIELD, Jr., RandolphOphthalmologistClass of 1982

WIDDER, EdithOceanographerClass of 2006

WIDEMAN, John EdgarWriterClass of 1993

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For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

page 24

WIGGINTON, EliotEducatorClass of 1989

WILCZEK, FrankPhysicistClass of 1982

WILES, Andrew J.MathematicianClass of 1997

WILLIAMS, Brackette F.AnthropologistClass of 1997

WILLIAMS,* EddiePolicy Analyst and Civil Rights LeaderClass of 1988

WILLIAMS, HeatherBiologist and OrnithologistClass of 1993

WILLIAMS, HeidiEconomistClass of 2015

WILLIAMS,* MarionGospel Music PerformerClass of 1993

WILLIAMS, Patricia J.Legal ScholarClass of 2000

WILLIAMS, Robert H.Physicist and Energy AnalystClass of 1993

WILLIS, DeborahHistorian of Photography and PhotographerClass of 2000

WILNER, EleanorPoetClass of 1991

WILSON,* AdrianBook Designer, Printer, and Historian of the BookClass of 1983

WILSON,* Allan C.BiochemistClass of 1986

WILSON, DavidArtist and CuratorClass of 2001

WILSON, EmilyClassicist and TranslatorClass of 2019

WILSON, FredInstallation ArtistClass of 1999

WILSON, RachelExperimental NeurobiologistClass of 2008

WILSON, William JuliusSociologistClass of 1987

WINFREE,* Arthur T.Physiologist and MathematicianClass of 1984

WINFREE, ErikComputer and Materials ScientistClass of 2000

WINROTH, AndersMedieval HistorianClass of 2003

WINTER, Irene J.Art Historian and ArchaeologistClass of 1983

WISDOM, JackPhysicistClass of 1994

WISEMAN, FrederickDocumentary FilmmakerClass of 1982

WITTEN, EdwardPhysicistClass of 1982

WOESE,* Carl R.Molecular BiologistClass of 1984

WOLF,* EricAnthropologistClass of 1990

WOLFE, JuliaComposerClass of 2016

WOLFE, Sidney M.Physician and Public Health LeaderClass of 1990

WOLFRAM, StephenComputer Scientist and PhysicistClass of 1981

WOODFORD, MichaelEconomistClass of 1981

WOODSON, JacquelineWriterClass of 2020

WOODSON, Robert L.Community Development LeaderClass of 1990

WRANGHAM, RichardPrimate EthologistClass of 1987

WRIGHT,* C. D.PoetClass of 2004

WRIGHT, Henry T.Archaeologist and AnthropologistClass of 1993

WRIGHT, JayPoet and PlaywrightClass of 1986

WRIGHT, Patricia C.Primatologist and ConservationistClass of 1989

WRIGHT, Rita P.ArchaeologistClass of 1988

WRIGHTON, Mark S.ChemistClass of 1983

WUORINEN,* CharlesComposerClass of 1986

YANG, Gene LuenGraphic NovelistClass of 2016

YANG, PeidongInorganic ChemistClass of 2015

Page 25: MACARTHUR FELLOWS PROGRAM Directory of Fellows, …

For biographies, photos, and videos of the MacArthur Fellows please visit www.macfound.org/fellows. * Deceased

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YAMASHITA, YukikoDevelopmental BiologistClass of 2011

YAU, Horng-TzerMathematicianClass of 2000

YAU, Shing-TungMathematicianClass of 1985

YOUNG,* Billie JeanCommunity Development LeaderClass of 1984

YOUNGBERG, I. GarthAgriculturistClass of 1988

YOUNGBLOOD, DaisySculptorClass of 2003

YU, Jin-QuanSynthetic ChemistClass of 2016

ZAHRA, TaraHistorian of Modern EuropeClass of 2014

ZALAQUETT,* José D.Human Rights LawyerClass of 1990

ZALDARRIAGA, MatiasCosmologistClass of 2006

ZENÓN, MiguelSaxophonistClass of 2008

ZEPEDA, OfeliaLinguist and Cultural PreservationistClass of 1999

ZESKIND, Leonard H.Human Rights Leader and JournalistClass of 1998

ZHANG, YitangMathematicianClass of 2014

ZHUANG, XiaoweiBiophysicistClass of 2003

ZIMMERMAN, Mary A.Theater Director and PlaywrightClass of 1998

ZOLI, TheodoreBridge EngineerClass of 2009

ZOLLAR, Jawole Willa JoChoreographer and Dance EntrepreneurClass of 2021

ZORN, JohnMusician and ComposerClass of 2006

ZWEIG, GeorgePhysicist and NeurobiologistClass of 1981

More information about the MacArthur Fellows Program is available at www.macfound.org/fellows.

Members of the media seeking additional information about the MacArthur Fellows Program should contact MacArthur Communications at [email protected].

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