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Mademoiselle Armour. e-mail: [email protected] r rowheadschools.org voice mail: (262) 369-3611 ext. 3617. Course Goals. Develop proficiency of ACTFL (American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages) Standards: Novice (French I and II) Intermediate (French III and IV) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Mademoiselle Armoure-mail: [email protected]

    voice mail: (262) 369-3611 ext. 3617

  • Course GoalsDevelop proficiency of ACTFL (American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages) Standards:Novice (French I and II)Intermediate (French III and IV)Beginning Advanced (AP French)

  • Course Goals (continued)Proficiency developed using the 4 skill areas:SpeakingListeningReading Writing

    Skills will be developed in thematic units that emphasize culture of France and the French speaking world

  • Grading (French III and IV)A 90-100%Speaking 15%B 80-89%Listening 25%Reading 15%C 70-79%Writing 15%Grammar acquisition 15%Vocabulary acquisition 15%D 60-69%Students and parents will be able to understand strength and practice weakness skill areasF 0-59%

  • Grading (French I and II)A 90-100%Speaking 15%B 80-89%Listening 20%Reading 20%C 70-79%Writing 15%Culture 10%Grammar acquisition10%Vocabulary Acquistion 10%D 60-69%Students and parents will be able to understand strength and practice weakness skill areasF 0-59%


    Grades and assignments will be updated regularly.

    Grade printouts will not be given in class.

  • Homework*Daily assignments will be posted on Google Classroom*Homework is assigned daily.*It is expected that all homework be attempted and completed.*A 20 minute after school detention will be assigned after 3 missing assignments within a 2 week period*Daily review and practice is very important!

  • Make-up WorkAll tests, quizzes and assessments are to be taken on the scheduled day unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.Any work that was due on the day of the absence is to be turned in when the student returns to school.Students have 1 day to make up missed homework assignments.French in Action quizzes will normally be given on Fridays (2nd semester levels I and III). One low episode will be dropped per quarter. If a student misses more than 1 episode per quarter, they must make it up with me after school or receive a 0 for the quiz.

  • AttendanceNew material is presented every day so it is important that students attend class regularly!

    A Saturday detention will be assigned after the fourth tardy.

  • Materials to be brought to class every dayTextbookshould be covered at all times!French IDiscovering French BleuFrench II----Discovering French BlancFrench III and French IVDiscovering French RougeAP FrenchAllons au-del

    3 ring binder with loose-leaf paperORA 70 page notebook just for FrenchDiscovering French Workbook (I, II, III, and IV)Folder1 dry erase markerPens and pencils*French I and II students need an additional composition notebook to be left in the classroom for a journal*Advanced students may want to invest in a good French dictionnary of 70,000 or more entries (I like Larousse or Websters New World)

  • Use of FrenchThe class will be conducted in French!

    Students of French III and higher (French II second semester) will be expected to use French at all times while in the classroom!

  • Getting Extra HelpIt is important to get help right away if a concept is not well understood instead of waiting for assessment time.

    Make an appointment with me in class, by e-mail or phone.

    I am available at North during 2nd hour, 8th hour at South and after school every day at South.

    Extra practice activities are available on my Quia web pages. There are links to these sites on my AHS home page!

  • Classroom ExpectationsBe appropriate, be respectful, be responsibleNO gum, food or beverage of any kindBe respectful and courteous of all others; listen when others are talkingBring materials to class every dayBe on timein your seat when the bell ringsClean up after yourselfStudents are expected to use technology repsonsibly and only when needed

  • Technology ExpectationsStudents will use laptops primarily for occasional short research assignments in the classroomStudents are expected to stay on website determined by Mademoiselle and follow all other classroom instructions for laptop useYou may use an online dictionary to look up individual words but not to translate larger chunks of language

  • Questions?The syllabus for this class is posted on my page of Arrowheads website www.arrowheadschools.org

    Questions about specific assignments can be answered by looking at Skyward

    Extra practice activities can be accessed by the links on my page of the Arrowhead website

  • French Club*French Club activities are available to any French students*Approximately 1 activity per month*Tentative date for the Chicago trip: Friday, December 4th

    Look for information in class

  • Concours oral at AHSArrowhead will be hosting the state finals for the French Pronunciation Contest

    Tentative date: Saturday, May 14th, 2016

    Save the date! Help needed!