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This is a magazine cover analysis for a photography magazine. Despite this being a different industry to which I am working on, the elements of the magazine cover including the main image are what I can use on my own magazine cover. I have explained my reasons for choosing a photography magazine instead of a film magazine so; i can not loose marks when the examiner sees this!


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>This is a picture take by a photography company called Creative Review. I chose to use this as a magazine cover analysis because of the way that the main image has been composed and the way the characters have been placed. The simple masthead has orange as the background and white as the font colour, ensuring that the bright colour can be seen in the shops by the audience because the bright orange stands out. The conventional font ensures that the magazine is recognised quickly.This type of magazine is not the magazine I can use however, the way that the main image has been placed can be used as a bases for my main image, which will be a father sitting with his son looking worried whilst his son looks up at him looking serious and in control. The lighting is soft, emphasising the beauty of the characters skin complexion. I feel the grey floor has been used on purpose, ensuring that all attention from the audience is place on the baby and company. The way that the baby sits and gazes directly into the camera Is what really grabs attention in my view, the gaze is so intense that it is hard to look away or at the parent. This will be the bases for my main image; enforcing the power that the baby radiates, maybe suggesting more control that the parent. There are no sell lines, taglines, or any other text except for the barcode and the masthead, enforcing that the attention of the audiences should be nowhere else but, on the main image.</p>