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New webinar from SalesFUSION - part of the marketing masters for b2b webinar series. Advanced b2b website analytics.


  • 1.2011 B2B Marketing Masters
    Webinar Series
    Online Workshop
    October 13, 2011
    Mastering the metrics behind your b2b website

2. About SalesFUSION

  • Leading SaaS marketing automation solution

3. HQ Atlanta, GA, offices in Philadelphia 4. Focus on Marketing to Sales integration 5. Operating in 11 countries 6. MarketingUnlimited program 7. Innovative client service model 8. 200+ Clients, 40 Partners 9. 90% Product dev. customer driven 10. High growth 110 new clients in 2010SalesFUSIONs clients have an average active life span of 2.5 years
11. About the Speaker Kevin Miller

  • EVP Marketing Principal at SalesFUSION

12. 18 Years of database marketing, marketing promotions experience 13. Developed Consumer Promotion Campaigns for Sony, Toyota, Guinness, Discovery Channel, NASCAR, WWF, TNT 14. Direct Marketing practitioner 15. Built and executed over 300 Webinar Campaigns since 1999 16. Involved with B2B Marketing Automation since inception 17. Former user of many email & marketing software apps Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Emma, MailChimp, CheetahMail, Unica, NuEdge Systems, Marketbright 18. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Follow on Twitter, Follow us on FacebookProfessional Marketing Philosophy: Marketing is about resultsperiod.Without tangible metricsto prove the efficacy of a campaign through the realization of increased revenue.we are simply throwing darts at a board and hoping for the best
19. About the Marketing Masters Series

  • Focused on advanced-level b2b marketing topics

20. Education on how to best leverage emerging marketing technology 21. Series based on the industry best-practices and over 200+ companies 22. Complemented with Live, Public demonstrations of marketing automation software technology 23. Guest speakers/industry leadersMarketing automation technology combines technology and best practices from virtually all marketing disciplines and forces the end-user to become moderately fluent in all aspects of b2b marketing
24. Todays Session

  • The web analytics behind your website

25. Understanding the nature of the digitial conversation 26. Web analytics vs website visitor tracking 27. Cookies, reverse IP append and page tracking 28. Practical use of website visitor metrics 29. Lead Scoring 30. Sales Alerts 31. Nurture campaigns110% client focused
Dedicatedclient services
Unlimited training
32. Survey of tactics and trends in channels
Which of the following tactics does your marketing organization use?
Base: 249 B2B marketers at companies with 50 or more employees
(multiple responses accepted, does not include other)
33. B2B Marketing trends that are here to stay

  • Marketers must master multiple channels

34. Marketers must master multi-dimensional channels 35. B2B marketing is driven by content (web, social, webinar, email) 36. Learn new technologies 37. Integration of marketing/sales processes 38. Adopt integrated social media strategy 39. Adopt integrated nurture strategies that tie in sales to the process 40. Lead scoring is rapidly becoming a foundational technologynot a nice to have 41. Sales and marketing alignment is a broken process that must be fixed by technology and process