MASS EFFECT by MassEffectFShep Based on the ... ENGINEER ADAMS You’re overthinking this. Who cares

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Text of MASS EFFECT by MassEffectFShep Based on the ... ENGINEER ADAMS You’re overthinking this. Who...


    by MassEffectFShep

    Based on the Mass Effect videogame by Bioware.

  • TITLE CARD: In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time. They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it...

    Mass Effect.

    FADE IN:


    ANGLE a SEA OF STARS in the pitch black sky.

    SHEPARD points her omnitool at the sky. The omnitool BEEPS SOFTLY and displays text. She reads the text, then gazes back at the stars. Her omnitool BEEPS LOUDLY, indicating a new message. She reads the message, then gazes back at the stars.

    TITLE OVER: "Arcturus Station, 2183"


    Shepard walks down a LONG HALL and enters an office. Inside, we see AMBASSADOR UDINA, ADMIRAL HACKETT, and ANDERSON. Shepard SALUTES them.

    ANDERSON Shepard, sorry to cut your break short. At ease.

    SHEPARD As long as it’s fun I don’t mind.

    ADMIRAL HACKETT Good to see you.

    All four sit at a table.

    ANDERSON Ever heard of the Normandy?


    ANDERSON Good. That means we’re doing something right.

    Anderson activates a HOLOGRAM OF THE NORMANDY.

  • ANDERSON (CONT’D) This is the SSV Normandy, a state- of-the-art deep scout frigate designed for stealth reconnaissance.

    Shepard ADMIRES the display.

    ANDERSON (CONT’D) Remarkable, isn’t she?

    SHEPARD Who built her?

    ANDERSON She was co-developed by the Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy with backing from the Council. We recently completed on-board training exercises. It was quite a sight to see Human and Turian engineers working together.

    SHEPARD She’s beautiful.

    (a beat) So, where do I come in?

    ANDERSON We need to take her on a shakedown run to test her stealth systems.

    Anderson activates a HOLOGRAM OF EDEN PRIME.

    ANDERSON (CONT’D) The plan is take her to Eden Prime, a colony in the Utopia System.

    ADMIRAL HACKETT A crew’s already been assembled. Anderson will serve as the Normandy’s captain. You’ll be his second-in-command.

    SHEPARD A shakedown run, right? Fly her there, do a few laps, fly her back?

    ANDERSON Correct.

    SHEPARD Why me?


  • ADMIRAL HACKETT The Normandy is a very important asset to the Alliance. We want the best on this mission in case anything happens. Just a precaution.

    AMBASSADOR UDINA Don’t worry, Shepard. You’ll enjoy a free ride on the Alliance’s most advanced warship. And if anything goes wrong, we trust you’re the best person to defend it.

    ANDERSON One more thing. Nihlus Kryik, a Turian Spectre, will be accompanying us.

    SHEPARD A Spectre?

    ANDERSON The Council wants eyes and ears they can trust on this mission.

    SHEPARD Understood.

    Anderson activates his OMNITOOL.

    ANDERSON Just sent you the briefing details. We’ll see you tonight. Dismissed.

    Shepard NODS and EXITS. Admiral Hackett, Anderson, and Ambassador Udina exchange CONCERNED glances.


    The NORMANDY CREW is gathered. Anderson stands at the front, exchanging small talk with Ambassador Udina. In another part of the room, NAVIGATOR PRESSLY and ENGINEER ADAMS talk.

    NAVIGATOR PRESSLY Think about it. If the Council wanted to keep an eye on the Normandy, they could have sent anyone: one of their advisors or engineers. Instead, they send a Spectre. Doesn’t that seem odd?


  • ENGINEER ADAMS You’re overthinking this. Who cares if they send a Spectre?

    NAVIGATOR PRESSLY Spectres are elite covert operatives. They don’t waste time with shakedown runs. And it’s not just the Spectre, it’s Captain Anderson. If all we’re doing is testing the stealth systems, having a decorated officer and a Spectre aboard seems overkill.

    NIHLUS greets Anderson. Pressly looks at Nihlus SUSPICIOUSLY.

    ENGINEER ADAMS You know you sound paranoid, right? Like, call-the-doctor paranoid.

    DOCTOR CHAKWAS joins the conversation.

    DOCTOR CHAKWAS Did someone ask for a doctor?

    (to Pressly) Pressly, I can hear you harping on from across the room.

    NAVIGATOR PRESSLY Doctor Chakwas. It will be a pleasure serving with you again.

    ENGINEER ADAMS Greg Adams. Chief engineer.

    DOCTOR CHAKWAS Pleasure.

    (a beat) There are a lot of people here.

    NAVIGATOR PRESSLY Yes, a fully-staffed crew for a shakedown run.

    (looks at Adams) Completely normal.

    ENGINEER ADAMS I’ll give you that one. They usually go with a skeleton crew for shakedowns.

    In another part of the room, JOKER lounges. KAIDAN ALENKO enters, scans the room, and walks toward Joker.


  • KAIDAN Hey, is this the Normandy briefing?

    JOKER Yup. Big group, huh? You’d think we were invading a colony.

    KAIDAN Yeah, no kidding.

    (extends his hand) Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko.

    JOKER Joker. I’m your pilot.

    KAIDAN How’s the ship?

    JOKER She’s everything they’re hoping for. Her drive core could use some work, but it’s eons ahead of any other ship in her class.

    Shepard ENTERS and approaches Anderson, Udina, and Nihlus.

    ANDERSON Shall we?

    Anderson MOTIONS for everyone to step forward and activates a HOLOGRAM OF THE NORMANDY.

    ANDERSON (CONT’D) By now you should all be familiar with the Normandy. Our mission is to take her to Eden Prime, test the stealth systems, and return to the Citadel for any necessary repairs or mods. Total mission time is estimated at two standard galactic days. You’ve all received specific assignments. Follow those assignments to a T.

    (a beat) Accompanying me on this mission will be Commander Shepard, Alliance Navy, and Nihlus Kryik, Special Tactics and Reconnaissance.

    Kaidan recognizes Shepard.

    KAIDAN I didn’t realize it was the Commander Shepard.


  • JOKER Yeah. Lots of hotshots here.

    ANDERSON We’ll be at docking bay B71 at 0600 tomorrow morning. Any questions?

    Navigator Pressly RAISES his hand. Anderson SIGHS.

    ANDERSON (CONT’D) Yes, Pressly?


    Shepard ENTERS. We see the LARGE and MAJESTIC NORMANDY. Next to the ship, Anderson speaks with some ENGINEERS.

    SHEPARD Permission to come aboard, Captain.

    ANDERSON Permission granted, Commander.

    She ENTERS the Normandy.


    Shepard sees Joker, who is busy INTERACTING with his console.

    JOKER Commander, welcome aboard.

    SHEPARD Flight Lieutenant Jeff Moreau, I presume?

    JOKER Unless you got a thing for long names, you can call me “Joker.”

    SHEPARD Joker, I hear you’re one of our best pilots.

    JOKER The best, Commander.

    SHEPARD How’s the pre-flight going?


  • JOKER She passed all checks with flying colors. Ready to go as soon as Captain gives the word.


    Shepard GREETS the crew and glances at the GALAXY MAP.


    Shepard walks to her LOCKER. Kaidan approaches her.

    KAIDAN Commander. Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko, head of the Marine detail.

    SHEPARD Pleasure, Lieutenant. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

    KAIDAN Can’t wait to see her in FTL.

    SHEPARD Should be a good time.

    Shepard STORES her belongings and CLOSES her locker.


    The crew members are BUSY at their stations. Joker’s voice ECHOES over the ship’s intercom.

    JOKER (O.S.) Arcturus Prime Relay is in range. Initiating transmission sequence.

    Shepard heads toward the flight deck.

    JOKER (O.S.) (CONT’D) We are connected. Calculating transit mass and destination.

    She NODS at Pressly as she passes him.

    JOKER (O.S.) (CONT’D) The relay is hot. Acquiring approach vector. All stations secure for transit.




    She approaches Joker. Kaidan is seated next to him.

    JOKER The board is green. Approach run underway. Hitting relay in 3...2...1.

    The Normandy passes through the MASS RELAY.


    Joker reads the data on his console.

    JOKER Stealth systems engaged. Navigation, weapons, thrust, comms, and life support are all online. Everything looks solid.

    SHEPARD Nicely done.

    JOKER Never expect any less.

    SHEPARD (to Kaidan)

    I like his confidence.

    KAIDAN Give it a few days.

    Shepard’s omnitool BEEPS.

    ANDERSON (O.S.) Shepard, meet me in the Comm Room.

    Shepard EXITS. Joker looks at Kaidan SUSPICIOUSLY.

    JOKER Something’s not right.

    KAIDAN What do you mean?

    JOKER Doesn’t add up. Why is Nihlus here?


  • KAIDAN He’s just keeping an eye on the Council’s investment.

    JOKER Alenko, when you see a Spectre, it means serious shit is about to go down. I’m telling you, something’s going on. And, as the pil