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  • Master in EU Studies OnlineEU Expertise for Professionals

    Interdisciplinary StudiesProfessional Insight into EuropeE-LearningIntensive Workshops

    Centre international de formation europenne

  • Certificate and Master in EU Studies OnlineThe Certificate and Master in EU Studies Online programmes are organised by the Centre international de formation europenne (CIFE) in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair of Political Sciences of the University of Cologne and other partners.

    CIFE offers two post graduate programmes:

    n Certificate in EU Studies Online (one year)n Master in EU Studies Online (two years).

    In accordance with the Bologna process, both programmes apply the ECTS credits system.

    EU expertise for professionalsThe study programmesn allow the participants to deepen and to complement their know ledge

    of the EU integration process within the global context by applying blended learning methods: a combination of e-learning and intensive face-to-face learning phases (mainly at weekends).

    n provide an ideal training and an additional qualifi cation for pro-fessionals, postgraduates and junior officials interested in or already working in national, European and international organisations, in public or private sector.

    n are an outstanding opportunity for professionals to continue their studies while at the same time pursuing their careers.

    Each years intake is made up of participants (max. 35) with diverse backgrounds and national origins.

  • first year*: basic courses

    n EU Law, Political Science, Economics, History of EU Integration

    n The EU in World Politics, Transition and regional development

    n Justice and Home Aff airs, Sustainable Development, Interest Representation

    n Simulation Game EU Council

    second year: specialisation courses





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    Objectivesn gain an enhanced knowledge of recent developments in the European

    integration process: Certifi cate in EU Studies Online (30 ects)n acquire academic knowledge and deepen professional skills and

    competencesn benefi t from the interdisciplinary study of all three core subjects

    Political Science, European Law and Economicsn achieve the Master in EU Studies (60 ects) by specialising in one

    of the core subjects and write a Master thesis

    n Interdisciplinary Sessionsn Project Cycle Management and

    Logical Framework Approach

  • Blended learning methodsE-learningThe study material is delivered in the form of online courses, supple-mented by workshops. The participants acquire the contents of the online courses through self-study. Study progress is controlled by online discussions, tests and assignments.

    WorkshopsThe face-to-face workshops, which complement the virtual activities, take place in different European cities like Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Istanbul, Nice and Brussels. During these the par ticipants have the opportunity to meet representatives of European institutions, national decision makers in charge of European and international affairs and experts from the public and private sectors. Thus they gain greater insights into the working environment of these organisations.

    Written exams take place during the work shops.

    Skills and competences Participants acquire a number of skills and knowledge including:

    n negotiating within an international contextn drafting position and policy papers, and summary reportsn planning, proposing and managing an international project

    (Project cycle management)n identifying and trade off of different interestsn thinking and arguing in transnational legal dimensions

    The first year features a multidisciplinary approach, and takes on an approach involving inter disciplinary methods in the second year.

  • Renowned expertsOur faculty is composed of internationally recognised experts with aca demic and practical backgrounds. Individual guidance is one of the core elements of our programme, both during online phases and workshops.

    Among others, our experts belong to the following prestigious institutions:

    n the Jean-Monnet Chair for Politcal Sciences and European Aff airs, University of Cologne

    n the Walter Hallstein Institute for European Constitutional Law Berlinn the Institute for World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciencesn the German Federal Ministry of Economicsn Sciences Po in Parisn Institut Barcelona dEstudis Internacionals

    The professional activities of graduates since 2003n International and EU organisationsn Companies and banksn National governments and administrationn Research and teachingn Consultancy and advocacy n International humanitarian sector/NGOs n Media n Freelancer

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  • Degree and recognitionParticipants who successfully complete the two-year programme receive two qualifications:

    n The Master in EU Studies. This is the diploma of CIFE, certifying the successful completion of the academic curriculum and granting 60ECTS credits at Master level.

    n The degree qualification Charg de mission en organisations euro pennes et internationales (Policy Officer in European and inter national Organisations). This qualification is recognised by the French state as a degree at master level (level 7 of the Euro-pean Qualifications Framework EQF).

    Admission requirementsAll applicants must hold a relevant university degree (minimum three years of study at university level) and give evidence of their know- ledge of the working language. Candidates should apply by using the online application form at

    The deadline for application is 5 September.

    Nationality of our participants since 2003

  • Meeting with different cultures in different European cities and universities, and at the same time studying online are the attractive points of the programme. The acade m ics are all experts and you can easily interact, discuss and share your opinions with them on the online platform. I would recommend this programme to everybody who wants to understand and develop their own opinions re garding the current political, economical, and social developments all over the world, and the place of the European Union in the global village.

    Gken ahin Master 20082010 General Manager / Managing Director of Halic Leasing, Turkey

    Both in my role as policy officer at the Dutch Embassies in Vienna and Bern, and as project manager on regional cross-border cooperation in the Dutch, German and Belgian area: The Master in EU Studies Online gave me the necessary in sights on the European Union process. With ever growing EU activities European Studies increasingly be comes a valu able discipline to explore for many professionals. As such, it offers a pleasant set of weekend workshops, distance learning, and a great European atmosphere!

    Nermin Dizdarevic Master 20092011 Cross-border cooperation, EU Public Affairs at Parkstad-Limburg city-region, The Netherlands

    Alumni testimonials

  • European integration does not run smoothly like a long, quiet river. Its course takes it through crises and dramas. But this chaotic progression, even if it takes occasionally unexpected or complicated byways, eventually always leads to further inte gration. () It serves a purpose then that an institution like CIFE is helping young people both European and non-European better understand this adven ture: how the European Union develops and functions, how it was born, how its space and shape keep changing, how it reacts to the worlds trans formations, how it is ever reinventing itself and growing stronger

    Philippe Maystadt Former Deputy Prime Minister of BelgiumFormer President of the European Investment Bank (EIB)President of CIFE

    Centre international de formation europenneCIFE is a private institution of higher education and research, founded in 1954 with its head offi ce in Nice and offi ces in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul. It receives special funding in the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union. Over 60 years, we have been unstinting advocates of European integration through our inter-national and interdisciplinary study programmes.

    Jean-Claude Juncker is Honorary President of CIFE.

    Institute for World EconomicsHungarian Academy of Sciences

    Walter Hallstein-Institut fr Europisches Verfassungsrecht

    Jean-Monnet Chair for Political Science and European Aff airs




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    With the support of theErasmus+ Programme

    This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission. This publication re ects the views only of CIFE, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

    Dr. Helgard Frhlich, Director of ProgrammesBundesallee 23 D-10717 BerlinPhone +49 30 86 00 840-10