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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of

real media products?

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USEConventions of comedy

films• They are usually

incorporated into hybrid genre films for example, comedy horror, romantic comedy, comedy thriller and comedy musicals.

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Conventions of comedies cont...• Timing is key!- amusing scenes (gags) are carefully timed to ensure that they create the maximum

impact. Pleasure is taken from the anticipation of the humiliation of the comical character or our fear for the hero.


In our trailer: from 0.55 minutes till about 1.12 minutes our trailer shows a group of friends discussing how they aim to win the dance competition; in this particular scene the groups confusion of what a swing dance actually is, is used as a comical feature in the trailer. Following this at about 1.16 minutes into the trailer, the “geeks” are interrupted by a fellow gang member. The impact of this is enhanced through the use of music; the music cuts from playing swing dance music to the sound of a ripping record then back to the main hip hop soundtrack for the film to return to the theme of conflict in the narrative.

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Cont...• Most comedy dramas involve narratives

whereby a weaker group succeeds over a more powerful one. In our film trailer the opposing groups were the geeks versus gangs.


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Cont...• Producers often try to appeal across all

audience groups. For instance, the film “Shrek” is a comedy film aimed at both children and adults.

This can also be seen in teen film comedies as they generally include, all different types of stereotypical teen personality types, e.g. The superficial, the geeks, rebels and promiscuous teens.

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USE...ConventionsMusic: We chose to create a parody film using a hybrid of the genres dance drama

and comedy. This influenced our choice of music for the main soundtrack for our trailer; our music choices were based on generic urban music featured in existing dance drama films.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igom4qqaCc8

Music is also useful for setting the tone and mood of a trailer. Therefore we decided to use an up-beat melody to illustrate that the film has a light-hearted family friendly storyline.

Typically many different types of music or soundtracks are used throughout a trailer to indicate the plot and hint at the genre of the film. As well as using a generic hip hop beat as our main soundtrack to hint at the dance drama genre, we

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Use of stereotypes

• In general, mainstream films depend on stereotypes to using sartorial codes e.g. glasses and braces to connote a “geeky”/ socially inept character.

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Pace of trailer...

• Pace of trailer: we included various lengths of clips, this was useful when building suspense and making our trailer sequence more enticing to the audience.

• Typically trailers use various paces in order to slowly reveal the plot or narrative of the film. It is also used to establish different conflicts or scenarios throughout the film.

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Challenges...• We used a socially inept character to play the anti-hero; during our product

research we noticed that in dance dramas geeks were never used as the competitors. Therefore, we challenged the typical stereotypes as a way of creating a slightly more original plot, in turn making it more intriguing to watch.

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Conventions-layout of poster• Shots of dancers in mid-dance creates a sense of

movement creating a dynamic and energetic effect.

• Crowds behind dancers indicates that the dancers are competing. This is extremely common in mainstream dance films.

• The use of gold and oranges can be seen as being symbolic of the Californian/American setting and summer time.

Sex appeal:• Females wearing clothes that reveal the small of

their waist and their cleavage; indicating a sexually attractive way of dressing.

• In many of the posters lighting is used to draw attention to the curve of the female character’s waist highlighting their hourglass figure.

• In each pose the dominant character stands with an air of confidence almost as though they have achieved something or overcome a struggle.

• Each promotional poster captures the movement of the heroine’s hair flicked slightly flicked to the side obscuring their eyes. All this again creating a sense of oozing sex appeal.

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Developing our ideas for our poster

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Our poster

Used a typical layout e.g. credits, release dates, critic reviews, and soundtrack information featured at the bottom of the poster.

Conventional images: dance movements, shadowed crowd, brick wall and graffiti to indicate an urban setting.Gradient including an orange colour towards the bottom connoting a summertime feel good film.

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Conventions of film magazine covers

Cover lines




SloganMain image

Model credit/ main cover-line

Use of superlative words such as “Exclusive” and “Best”.

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Developing ideas for magazine cover

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Magazine CoverSkyline: draws in customer’s attention.

Masthead: at the top of the magazine so that it can be more easily seen amongst other magazines. If the title was at the bottom, the title would be hidden from view once it was put on a shop shelf.

Model credit/ main cover line: introduces main topic included in the magazine

Slogan: gives the magazine a recognizable and catchy phrase

Barcode: displaying the price of the magazine above it.

Images of upcoming films: used to promote other films.

“Spielburg”-the mention of world famous directors; interviews with directors are common content in a film magazine.

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Borrowed some ideas from existing film magazines

3D effect

Cut out effect in title of magazine