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  1. 1. We have worked with our customers toincorporate Metabolix Biopolymers in to awide range of customer applications.
  2. 2. OUR CURRENT FOCUS:Compostable & Anaerobically Digestible BagsCompostable & Anaerobically Digestible PackagingFilm & Coated PaperSoil Compostable Films & Parts in Agriculture &HorticultureMarine and Aquatic Degradable Films & Parts
  3. 3. Legal regulations on the useof conventional plastic bags?Want to reduce plasticwaste in the environment?WHAT IS THE SOLUTION
  4. 4. They are NOT Just Bags?BagsMaterial: Mvera B5002 Nice silky touch Printable Mechanical propertiessimilar to polyolefins Bags are industrialcompostable Material is partly bio-based
  5. 5. They are NOT Just Bags? BagsMaterial: Mvera B5002 Partner: Andolfi, Italy Compostable Shopping BagsPull Down Bags
  6. 6. They are NOT Just Bags?BagsMaterial: Mirel P5001Replaces traditional bags with a compostable film Dog Waste Bag Kitchen Waste Bag Mechanical properties similar to polyolefins No harm to environment Material and waste can be home composted High biocontent - Material is sugar and not petro basedPartners: Various
  7. 7. Greener Agriculture?Agriculture
  8. 8. Agricultural TapeMaterial:Mirel P5001 extruded and stretchedHigh mechanical strength EASY to handle Partner: Arlin, USABiodegradable when in contact with the soil NO LITTERING when tapes fall to the ground SAFE when tape goes with green waste to composting facilities
  9. 9. Vine Clip Fixing of errosion control nets to the ground Functionality: Binding plants to fixtures Material: Mirel P1003 High mechanical High biocontent strengthsimilar to polyolefinsWill biodegrade overtime Partner: UZET, USA www.uzetworld.comNo need to collect after useStakesfor errosion control netting Material: Mirel P1004
  10. 10. GREENWhat Does Mean?PACKAGING
  11. 11. SOILWRAPPartner:Ball, USA A Plant Container You Can Plantwww.BallHort.comNeater planting with less waste.No need to separate and dispose of plant pot before planting.PrintableLogos, technical information and barcode can be printeddirectly on the product.
  12. 12. TULIP BULB COVER Biodegradable Packaging For Tulip BulbsBiodegradable in Soil & in WaterVarious end of life options Composting Anaerobic Digestion Home compostingPartner:Imperial Ventures,
  14. 14. BEACH TOYSFantastic Anti-Plastic Beach ToysNo Harm to the Environment/Marine Life when forgotten on the beach / in the sea Partner: Zoe B Organic, USA Product sold through pottery barn kids Material: Mirel F1006
  15. 15. THERES MORE
  16. 16. BIODEGRADABLEPartner: Papermate, USA Partner: CosmeticPartners:www.papermategreen.comSpecialties, Inc., USA Bioverse USA
  17. 17. IN THE DEVELOPMENT STAGEPartners: VariousBIODEGRADABLE Thermoformed trays Food ware Cosmetic parts
  19. 19. WE HAVE SHOWN THATPHA + PVC = STEP CHANGE inProcess Modification Impact ModificationPlasticizationWhich means,We can use PHA to eliminate the use of phthalatesas plasticizers for PVC
  20. 20. We plan to continue to investigateNew & High Value Uses forPHA