Michigan Facts A Fun Way To Learn About Michigan.

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  • Michigan FactsA Fun Way To Learn About Michigan

  • A is for Average

    The average annual temperature in Michigan is ________.A

  • B is for Business

    ____________ is one of the largest industries in Michigan.B

  • C is for Capital

    The capital of Michigan is ____________.C

  • D is for Dining

    __________ is a type of food for which our state is known for.D

  • E is for Energy

    Out state gets most of its energy from _________.E

  • F is for Festival

    __________ is a festival held in our state.F

  • G is for Geographic

    _________ is a geographic feature for which our state is known for.G

  • H is for Historical

    ___________ is a famous historical site in Michigan.H

  • I is for Interstate

    An interstate that runs through our state is __________.I

  • J is for Justice

    Our state court is located in __________.J

  • K is for Kindness

    _________ is a program that helps the less fortunate in Michigan. K

  • L is for Lake

    ___________ is a lake in our state.L

  • M is for Music

    ____________ is a musical group from Michigan.M

  • N is for Natural Resources

    __________ is an important natural resource in our state.

  • O is for Official

    Our official state bird is __________.O

  • P is for Park

    __________ is a park located in our state.P

  • Q is for Quality

    Our state is known for having the best _________.Q

  • R is for River

    _________ is a river that runs through our state.R

  • S is for School

    __________ is a college found Michigan.S

  • T is for Travel

    _________ miles from east to west is our state.T

  • U is for Urban

    ______ is the largest urban area in our state.

    Warren is the _______largest.U

  • V is for Vegetation

    ___________ is a plant that grows naturally in our state.V

  • W is for West

    ___________ is located to the west of Michigan.W

  • X is for X-ray

    __________ is a large hospital found in Michigan.X

  • Y is for Yearly

    The average yearly rainfall in Michigan is ________ inches.Y

  • Z is for Zoo

    There is a zoo in ________ in our state.Z

  • What did you learn about Michigan??