Mobile Merchants We Welcome them We train them We support them.

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  • Mobile Merchants We Welcome them We train them We support them
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  • Wireless POS Growth Mobile POS could account for close to 50% of all POS terminals sold by 2011 Over the past three years wireless units deployments have grown at a rate of 20% annually Forward thinking ISOs have begun to make the shift to balance their merchant portfolio to take advantage of the new business opportunity Source: Yankee Group, Nilson Report
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  • Market Segments Contractors & Service Providers Plumbers, HVAC, Electrical, Maid Services Transportation Taxis, Limousines & Shuttles Trucking, Towing and Recovery Trucking Companies and Tow Truck Operators Holiday/Winter Christmas Tree, Line-busting, Snow Plow, Heating Oil Hobbyists Flea Markets, Craft Fairs, Antique Dealers, Gun Shows Seasonal & Special Events Fireworks, Sporting, Concert Home and Office Delivery Food, Supplies Home Based Businesses/Individual Franchises Cosmetics, Cooking, Healthcare, Cleaning
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  • How do find Mobile Merchants Not as hard as you would think: Yellow pages Online In print Local associations and unions Simply look up unions online Go to a national website like Mary Kay type in your zip code Stop and find local cleaning services
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  • Traditional Mobile Processing - What's wrong with this transaction? Remote Terminal/Virtual Terminal Card number written down and entered later Card number called in to home office Card number written down wrong? Over their limit? Extremely high Interchange rates- CNP 100% Merchant liability Friendly/Criminal Fraud Overcome consumer reluctance Checks bounce... Use PIN Debit
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  • Way Value/Objection Handling Telling isnt selling Must be a conversation NOT bright, shiny, new (GPRS/CDMA) Avoid yes/no questions Ask negative questions Im sure you never experience x? Let them talk
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  • Way Value/Objection Handling Do not accept cards today Used to take cards Too expensive (card present with Way) Chargebacks/Declines (card present) Too complicated (simple, cell phone form factor) Never accepted cards Cant Im mobile... Cash/Check only (lost opportunities, collection issues)
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  • Way Value/Objection Handling Accept cards today Virtual Terminal/Remote terminal Card not present fees/downgrades Chargebacks (fraud/friendly fraud) Declines (over limit, written down wrong) Knuckle-buster Declines? Funding time? (7 to 10 days)
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  • MTT Value Proposition Mobile Solution Designed for Mobile Merchants Most Affordable Wireless Solution Lower Interchange Rate Card present rates not CNP penalties Guaranteed Payment Increase Sales Higher Average Ticket Increased Customer Satisfaction
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  • Way5000- Whats New Sleek New Design! No Backpack Large back-lit screen Joystick navigation Powerful New Hardware! Expanded Memory Longer Battery Life (replaceable) Enhanced Connectivity (Jasper) PIN Debit on the front
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  • Way5000- Whats New New Operating System No login process Instant on/off Multi-App Enabled Check Q2 2009 Gift Q2 2009 Custom applications available SDK Available Update Way Control Center Full OTA Updatable (OS and Apps)
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  • Get to know the MP100 Printer Easy Loading Drop-in Paper Design Power Indicator Infrared MTT Interface Paper Advance Thermal Printing
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  • Top Merchants to sell now in green Top Merchants to seed now in orange CategoryMarAprMayJune Household Contractors291326322287 Retail Stores199148216379 Automobile Service82789199 Transportation95978883 Personal Services117688251 Business Services75747559 Jewelry & Antiques54444157 Arts & Crafts46333840 Food and Drink38125644 Leisure & Entertainment29283640 Health / Medical789910 Clothing Stores231125 Government / Organizations18141311 Education11 143 Automobile and Vehicles7982 Legal Services119812 Miscellaneous3125 Utilities1223
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  • TOP 30 CodeSIC Name 1711Heating, Plumbing, & Air Conditioning Contracting 5999Miscellaneous & Specialty Stores; Fireworks, 4121Taxi Cabs & Limo 7230Beauty & Barber Shops 1520General Contractor 3545Tools 7549Towing / Window Tinting Service 5812Eating Places & Restaurants 7542Car Wash 780Landscaping & Horticultural Services 5971Art Dealers & Galleries 1799Special Trade Contractors not elsewhere classified 5947Gift, Card, Novelty, Souvenir Stores & toys 5944Jewelry, Watch, Clock, & Silverware Store 5094Precious Stones & Metals, Watches, & Jewelry 7999 Recreation Services / Casino / Amusement / Aquariums, Seaquariums, & Dolphinariums Recreation Services (not elsewhere classified) 7349Cleaning, Maintenance, Window Cleaning Services, Building Cleaning & Janitorial Services 7699Miscellaneous Repair Shops & Related Services 7221Photographic Studios 5941Sporting Goods /Bicycle Shops/Sales & Service 7217Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 1731Electrical Contractor 5713Floor Covering Services 8999Professional services (not elsewhere classified) 4789Transportation Services not elsewhere classified 5699Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores 1761Roofing, Siding, & Sheet Metal Work Contractors 5970Artist Supplies & Craft Stores 1750Carpentry Contractors / Garage door 8748Management, Consulting & Public Relations
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