MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)

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  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)

    Prepared by: Benedict S. Marzan

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)



    Material’s Recovery Facility

    • (RA !!") # a $acility desi%ned to receive& sort& proces store co'postable and recyclable 'aterials eciently in an environ'entally sond 'anner.

    • (*+,+P-D+A) # a specialized plant tat receives& separ

    and prepares recyclable 'aterials $or 'ar/etin% to en ser 'an$actrers.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    *aste Mana%e'ent Statistics

     0e Pilippines %enerates abot 1!&!!! 'illion tons o$ solid 2aste year and only 12 percent o$ te 2aste is recycled and re#sed.

     0e baran%ay is responsible $or te se%re%ation o$ 2aste at sorce collection o$ biode%radable and recyclable co'ponents and settin% 'aterials recovery $acility (MRF). 0ere are abot 34 MRFs nation

    51&"6 baran%ays& 17!6 'nicipalities& 114 cities and 31 province


    MRF is considered as te heart and soul o$ ecolo%ical 2aste 'ana%e'ent. 0e MRF is a place 2ere 2astes are eiter 'ade in co'post and8or recycled. +n essence& it is i'portant place becase 2ere 'ar/etable prodcts ot o$ 2aste are stored. ($ro' RA !!"

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    A sccess$l MRF as fve /ey ele'ents -S*M 2ic are9

    1) -n%ineerin%#appropriate processin% eip'ent sand desi%n and tecnically viable and environ'entally sond recyclin% and rese

    6) -dcation#e;ective pro'otion& in$or'ation and edcation ca'p se%re%ation& collection and co'pliance to ordinances9

    ") -n$orce'ent#

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    MRF in te Pilippines


  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    Materials recovery $acilities (MRFs) 2ere establised in di;erent baran%ays (co''

    or villa%e) o$ te Pilippines to recoverrecyclable 'aterials $ro' 'nicipal solid

    Reired nder te -colo%ical Solid *ast Mana%e'ent Act o$ 6!!1& tese $acilities

    constrcted ot o$ local $nds& %rants& an bt ave attained only a LIMITED DEGR SUCCESS.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    So 2at is lac/in% in te i'ple'entation o$ tis


     0is condition is attribted to te lac/ o$& or inco'plete&nderstandin% o$ te basic aspects o$ MRFs in ter's o$ desi constrction& and operations& as 2ell as te para'eters $or sccess$l and sstained operation.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    •  0is tool /it provides a si'ple and practical doc'ent tat serves as a basic re$erence $or local %overn'ent nits and te private

    sector in establisin% and operatin%an MRF.

    • +t also serves as an aid $or fnancin% instittions in evalatin% loan or %rant applications $or te said solid 2aste 'ana%e'ent $acility.

    • Prepared sin% 'ostly Pilippine data& te doc'ent can be applicable to developin% contries 2it si'ilar socioecono'ic and 2aste 'ana%e'ent conditions.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    Repblics e2by +sland MRF

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    Republic Services officially opened its new materials recovery facility in August 2012.

    It is located in the 342-acre Newby Island Resource Recovery (NIRRP), which is in San Jose,California, US.

    It is claimed to be the world's largest multi-stream recycling fIt is spread over five floors and was built with an investment $55m.

     The plant is capable of handling the waste generated by ther until 2027. It will process waste produced by nearly 8,000

     businesses in the city of San Jose. It will also processrecycla

     including organics from 85,000 homes in the region.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    Eonstrction o$ San ose MRF

    • Repblic Services operated an G!&!!! sare $eet rec plant at te +RRP ntil anary 6!16.

    • Bl/ Iandlin% Syste's 2as contracted to desi%n& 'an$actre and install te i%ly ato'ated syste' te renovated plant. By 6!17& solar and 2ind tilities be installed at te plant to redce its environ'ental i'pact.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    >arba%e and Recyclable

    EollectionAll o$ San osJs %arba%e and recyclables are collected by ato'ated trc/s 2ic li$t eavy carts and bins 2it 'ecanical ar's or li$ters. *en te trc/s are $ll&

    drivers ta/e %arba%e to a landfll& recyclables to a 'aterials recovery $acility $or sortin%& and yard tri''in%s to a co'postin% $acility.

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  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    MRF 'ecanis'

    •  0e Materials Recovery Facility ses sin%le strea' tecnolo%y to ato'atically sort te paper& plastic& ca and %lass collected at crbside in San osJ.

    • *aste %enerated by te San osJ re%ion is separated $or distinct strea's incldin% or%anics& co''ercial d 2aste& co''ercial sin%le#strea' and residential sin% strea'. 0raditionally discarded 2aste also needs to b recovered in order to acieve an G!K recovery rate.

    • A syste' o$ belts& screens& electro'a%nets& and blast air separate paper& plastics& %lass& al'in'& and ot 'aterials.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)


    Benefts o$ MRF

    •  0e city o$ San ose a2arded a 17#year 2aste 'ana%e'ent cont

    Repblic Services as part o$ its >reen Lision initiative. •  0e initiative& 2ic 2as annonced in 6!!3& $ocses on address

    2aste %enerated by te city and redcin% te vol'e o$ landfll b

    •  0e syste' also processes recyclables $ro' G7&!!! oseolds a te capacity to process 56!&!!! tons o$ 'aterial annally.

    •  0is develop'ent $ollo2s te annonce'ent tat te 2orlds lar

    ener%y#$ro'#2aste %asifcation $acility is set to open in 0eesside 6!17.

    • The NIRRP is considered a onestop shop !ith a rec"c#in$ capae o% sortin$ tho'sands o% tons o% (i)ed !et and dr" (ateria#s* an onsite c#ean nat'ra# $as %'e#in$ station and other s'stainae %eat'res.

  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)



  • 8/18/2019 MRF(Materials Recovery Facility)

    17/170an/ yo $or listenin%N 