Mrs. Roeder Algebra Welcome!. Welcome to Algebra! ï‚· We will be going over classroom procedures and policies. ï‚· If you have any questions during my presentation,

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  • Mrs. Roeder AlgebraWelcome!

  • Welcome to Algebra!We will be going over classroom procedures and policies.If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand.

  • All About MeMy backgroundI grew up in Albertville. I attended Albertville High, and graduated from Jacksonville State University. Then I received my Masters from the University of Alabama. I have a wonderful husband, Matt and a dog named Axel.My experienceIve been teaching for 3 years.

  • Supplies Neededthree ring binder3 tab dividers pencils ( NO PENS ALLOWED )loose paper ( NO SPIRALS, PLEASE )graph paperbasic function calculatorOptional Supplies for the classroom:Kleenexdry erase markers (both thin line and thick for small group)germ-xClorox hard surface spray

  • Before Class

    Go to the restroom; you will not be allowed to leave the classroom once you have enteredGet all materials out of your locker that you will needEnter the classroom quietly

  • Warm-UpsWhen you enter the room, immediately begin the warm-up.Warm-Ups are posted on the side board.It will be on material that we have previously covered or AHSGE review material.You will turn in some warm-ups for a grade.

  • Leaving the RoomI will dismiss you from the room.You must be in your seatEach row must be clean and in order before students will be dismissed.

  • Required MaterialsYou need to bring to class daily:Your Textbook: we will occasionally have book checks throughout the yearCalculator: you are required to have a calculator Notebook: your notebook will be divided into three sections: HW ; Notes; and ClassworkPencils: your classwork must be done in pencil; I will not grade work done in pen

  • NotebookYour notebook needs to be divided into three sections: hw; notes; and classworkHW will be labeled: ex: HW #1You need to date and label all work.EX: 1.2 CW

  • Grading PolicyAll work is graded on the point system.Total Points/Points Possible

    Test: you will have a test every 3 to 4 lessons; all section tests are 100 points, but Chapter Tests are 150 points (multiple choice).Pop Quizzes: pop quizzes are 20 to 50 pointsHomework: you will have homework just about every night; your homework will be graded every day. HW is worth 5 points each (effort). If we have 20 HW assignments that is like a test grade.Classwork: classwork will be worksheets; chapter reviews and group activities.

  • Classroom Rules1. Arrive on time.Be in your seat when the bell rings.Begin the warm-up2. Come prepared for class.3. Respect others property and ideas.4. Raise your hand before speaking.Discipline problems will be handled as follows:1st: a verbal warning2nd: a parent contact3rd: detention4th: discipline referral to the office

  • RulesNo food. Your trash belongs in the trash can; not the floor.Sharpen your pencils before class starts.Do not get out of your seat during the lesson.

  • Turn-In ProceduresYou will turn your work into the correct basket in the back of the classroom.All graded material will be given back to you to be kept in your notebook except for tests.

  • Class Websitehttp://ahs.arabcityschools.orgClick Teacher and Staff Directorythen Alisha RoederAll lessons and assignments will be posted at the end of each day.

  • WHAT IS ALGEBRA ANYWAYS?A Little Bit of History

  • THE FATHER OF ALGEBRAAbu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi

  • ENGLISH DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF ALGEBRAalgebra (l'j-br) n. A branch of mathematics in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent numbers or members of a specified set and are used to represent quantities and to express general relationships that hold for all members of the set.

  • ALGEBRAAlgebra began in ancient Egypt (Africa) and Babylon.The Rhind papyrus written in 1650 B.C. is where most of our knowledge from the Egyptian mathematics comes from.They used NO symbols, problems were stated verbally.The Babylonian Algebra used some symbols only positive numbers.

  • WHY LEARN ALGEBRA?Careers today demand skills like,Problem solvingReasoningDecision-makingApplying strategies

    Algebra provides a great grounding in these skills!

  • WHY LEARN ALGEBRA?Colleges and trade schools as well as some employers demand that you have taken an Algebra class.Algebra is used in many technical fields and can prepare you for a wide range of careers.

  • WHY LEARN ALGEBRA?Algebra is: A way to increase mathematical skillsA great mental workout The path to more advanced mathematicsA way to solve many real-life situations


  • Lets Have a Great Year!