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Ms. Sudha is celebrating 13 years with Angie Lawrence Winwood · PDF file Ms. Sudha-December 30 Share Your Traditions With Us! Happy Birthday, December Babies! Curriculum Connection

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  • Ms. Sudha is celebrating 13 years with Winwood on December 1st. Please join us in

    congratulating her!

    South Riding 42851 Smallwood Terr

    South Riding, VA 20152 703-722-9180

    Angie Lawrence School Director

    M/F: 9:30—6:30 pm T/W/TH: 6:30—3:30 Nancy Pruckowski Assistant Director M/F: 6:30—3:30

    T/W/Th: 9:30—6:30

  • Theme: Season of Lights

    The possible investigations your child will experience this month:

     The Night Sky

     Winter Sports

     Hibernation Time

     Going to the Store

     Giving to Others

     Holiday Celebrations

     Synonyms

    Your child’s teacher will select the investigations based upon the children’s developmental needs and interests. See

    posted classroom lesson plans for specifics.


    Move both “X “hands from chest outward

    decorations Move “C” hands out and down, palms facing outward, to symbolize hanging decorations.

    Santa Claus Move claw-shaped hands down from chin as if tracing the shape of Santa’s beard

    coat With both hands, make fists with thumbs up. Move them down chest to outline the lapels of a coat

    We will also be introducing the signs for: blue, candle, coat, green, hat, music, red,

    shoes, snow, and stars.

    What kind of holiday traditions make up your family’s celebration? Do you make or bake some- thing special? Is there a unique craft or activity that makes your holiday distinctive? Would

    you please consider sharing this information with us? You may either volunteer to visit with your child’s classroom and share traditions with them there or simply pass on this information in writing to a

    manager so that they can share it with everyone. Thanks in advance!

    If your child is celebrating a birthday this month, we hope your plans include scheduling a Well Child exam for him/her.

    Sophia G. -December 15 Mason S. -December 15 Nathan W. -December 13 Shanaya S. -December 19 Tabitha S. -December 28

    STAFF BIRTHDAYS: Ms. Sudha-December 30

    Share Your Traditions With Us!

    Happy Birthday, December Babies!

    Curriculum Connection

  • Life Science: “Five Senses Mystery Bag” Using each sense individually to determine what something is

    Everything we know about the world comes to us through our senses. Our senses of hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell provide critical and essential information about our environment, such as poten- tial danger and the availability of food. Different regions of our brain work in tandem to process and create meaning from this flood of sensory data. This is how we understand what we hear, smell, see,

    taste and touch.

    visual optical auditory tactile textures

    Five senses investigations natural world

    Captains Sam and Sara are dangerous pirates on their way to Treasure Island. They are going to bury all their precious treasure of silver and gold. They must hurry so nobody sees them since they wouldn’t want anyone to steal their loot. But Captains Sam and Sara and their infamous raft aren’t going very fast. Sam blows hard

    on the sail to make the raft go faster. Sara says they will need to hurry if they are not to be seen

    Can you help Sam and Sara make their raft sail faster?

    Balance Buoyancy

    Pushes and Pulls Wind Energy

    Assembling components Evaluating

    Combining materials Properties of materials

    Area Float Force Load

    Stable Unstable

    Sink Sail

  • Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

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    10 11









    24 25





    Please let us know if your child will be in attendance the next two weeks

    Season of Lights

    Happy Hanukkah!

    First Day of Winter



    Happy Kwanzaa!

    Holiday Party Day!

    LCPS Closed

    Ms. Linda’s Music Every


    Ugly Holiday Sweater


    Winwood Closes

    at 3:00

    Winwood Closes

    at 3:00

    Fit Kids 10 a.m.

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

    Please note that Winwood will be closed on

    December 25th and January 1st!