My Christmas day. X-mas cooking My mum: „Anita come here!“ Anita: „Yes, Can I help you with Christmas Cookies?“ My mum: „Yes.“ And we cook together. I.

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My Christmas day Slide 2 X-mas cooking My mum: Anita come here! Anita: Yes, Can I help you with Christmas Cookies? My mum: Yes. And we cook together. I like it, because I love cooking and I like a dough, because it is a sweet. Slide 3 23.12-We go to grandparens We visit our grandparents.we welcome to my grandparents. And our cousins come and we have dinner-carp. The atmosphere is relaxed. We have dinner and we talk.Its a beatiful time. Slide 4 24.12.- X-mas morning The day beginsMy family and our friends start to christmas-trip. We go to wood and we put a oatmeal, carrots, apples to animals, and we hang it on a small tree. Then we go home Slide 5 24.12.-evening My mother prepares a Christmas mood.., my brother, my father and Me decorate a Christmas tree. Slide 6 24.12.- before X-mas dinner My mum cooks a carp, potato salad and potato for me, because I dont like potato salad. My dad has a rest. we(my brother and me) watch tv, because there are a Christmas fairy tales. Slide 7 The end I love X-mas because it is a beautiful time Merry Christmas!!!!!