My magazine front cover and film poster design

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  • 1. My magazine front cover andfilm poster design

2. Magazine front coverI used Photoshop to design my magazine front cover, firstly I imported the main image which is of the mainprotagonist and I cropped it to size on the background image 3. I then went on to add text on to my magazine front cover. This included the name of themagazine, which was in a bold and striking text and appeared at the top of my magazinefront cover, the name of my film, which also was in bold font and was centred across themain image, the heading and subheadings which appeared in font that was still able tostand out on the cover. Other texts included the date, and price of the magazine. I alsoadded images such as the barcode and an image that I designed beforehand on the left handside of the magazine cover. 4. The finished product 5. My film posterI began by importing my image onto my background on Photoshop, and then I cropped it to sizeand placed it on the left hand side of the magazine cover 6. I then went on to add text to my film poster, I used the tool bar to select the text tool, and I used the stylesselection box to select the style of font that I wanted to use in different parts of the cover. I added the name ofthe teaser trailer in bold font just below the centre f the cover, I added the names of the actors, a slogan whichgives the audience a hint of the story of the teaser trailer aswell as credits and the release date at the bottomof the cover. 7. The finished product