Name the Superheroes…. Super Hero Databases Lesson 1

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Name the Superheroes

Super Hero DatabasesLesson 1

Lesson 1 AimsTo know what a database is.To understand why databases are used.To be able to identify different types of databases.To be able to use keywords and terminology correctly.Activity 1 - DatabasesUsing the What is a database presentation on the P:/ driveAnswer the questions on the worksheet.

Located at P:/ICT/Year7/ Databases/Super HerosActivity 2 Creating Super HeroesUsing the website :Create 10 different SuperherosMale and FemaleDifferent appearancesHair, clothes, eyes, skin colour, accessories etc

Activity 2 Creating a Super HeroUse to create your 1st Super Hero

Use the menu to select different items to make your Super Hero UNIQUE

Activity 2 Creating a Super HeroSelect suitable items:PlaceHatHairEyesSkinStuff (accessories)ShirtHandsLegsMouth

Activity 3 Saving a Super HeroUse the Print Screen button on your keyboard to copy your 1st Super Hero.

Paste the Super Hero into Adobe Fireworks CS4.

Next to F12 Button

Activity 3 Saving a Super HeroUse the crop tool to select your Super Hero.

Press the enter button to create selection

Activity 3 Saving a Super HeroClick on Modify canvas image size.

Untick the Constrain proportions box and change the sizes of the image to:4cm wide6cm tall

Activity 3 Saving a Super HeroClick Save As and save into your Year 7 folder with a suitable name e.g. Frozen Man.

REMEMBER to save as a BMP image.

Activity 4 Making More HerosRepeat the same process to create more Super Heros:Level 1-3 = 6+ HerosLevel 34 = 8+ HerosLevel 5+ = 10+ Heros