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Narrative and Genre

Narrative and genre

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Page 1: Narrative and genre

Narrative and Genre

Page 2: Narrative and genre

Narrative Events• Audiences expect to see specific plot situations in a

particular genre

• Audiences become familiar with the structure of the plot and anticipate events and situations that will occur in the overall narrative

Page 3: Narrative and genre

Think of some examples?

Not only fictional events

Location report in a news broadcast

Action replay in a football match

Page 4: Narrative and genre

In fictional texts specific genres have their own predictable narrative events

Police drama - confrontation with criminal

Soap opera - family argument

Can you think of other examples?

Page 5: Narrative and genre

Audiences have a sense of satisfaction when these events occur, as they confirm its understanding of the genre and expectations what will happen

Page 6: Narrative and genre

Newspaper and Magazines have a narrative formula

Broadsheet newspaper– Domestic events– World events– Editorials– Business and finance– Sport at the back including the back page

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This genre convention is related to objects costumes and props associated with particular genres and to raise audience expectations

Page 8: Narrative and genre


We understand the function and purpose

Page 9: Narrative and genre

Iconography and period

Iconography can establish realism of another time. Cars, clothing etc

Heartbeat Ashes to AshesCSI

Page 10: Narrative and genre


Clothing has a significant function

White coat with Stethoscope ?

Beer stained scruffy jacket ?

Page 11: Narrative and genre


A further generic convention closely related to narrative events and can be genre and text specific. Think of the opening of CSI Miami. The Everglades is a feature of the opening credits.This prepares the audience for the following programme.

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Technical Codes

How a text is filmed/edited and constructed, whether it be moving image or print communicates information to audiences regarding the genre.– Layout– Design

– Editing

Page 16: Narrative and genre

Camera ShotsTense thrillerclose up shot to emphasize tension

POV shots

encourage user to play as themselves

Page 17: Narrative and genre

Audio Codes

Sound effects

• Action films - explosions

• Hospital drama - heart monitors

Page 18: Narrative and genre

Audio Codes


• Documentary - voice over

• Situation comedy - canned laughter

• Romantic film - mood music

Page 19: Narrative and genre

Audio Codes

Diegetic sound

Dialogue in movies gives us an indication to the genre.

In hospital drama the use of technical language become familiar.

Page 20: Narrative and genre

Audio Codes


Through repetition music can be an indicator of genre. Think



‘Match of the day’