Natural Ways To Keep Your Skin Clear

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  • 1. Natural Ways To Keep Your Skin ClearAcne can be a source of frustration and irritation for many people. If you are someone who has acne,you already know how terrible it can make you feel. You may also have experience with variouscreams and ointments that didnt work. If you want to give your skin a break and you want your acnegone, there are many natural remedies available. Here are some chemical-free, safe techniques youcan try in order to save your skin.1. Apply tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It is a powerful agent forpeople with acne. It can be a little strong and irritating on skin, so mix a few drops of tea tree oil withyour facial cleanser or water. Then wash your face as usual. You will feel that your skin immediatelyfeels fresh and clean. It will look a little better too.2. To minimize the appearance of acne and to close pores, apply a honey mask. Honey is a naturalanti-bacterial agent as well, but it is very soothing to the skin and can be applied directly to the skin.Every week, try using a honey mask: mix honey and a little bit of cinnamon or honey, and apply it toyour face. When your face starts to feel tight, rinse it off. You will find that your skin feels softer andlooks more clear after just a few uses.3. Use witch hazel for cleaning your pores. Witch hazel is a natural exfoliant and toner, so it can beused to clear your skin. Take a cotton swab and soak it with witch hazel. Then run it over your skin.You should see results after a few uses, and this ingredient can be used with other remedies as well.4. If you dont use apple cider vinegar, start now. Apple cider vinegar is helpful for acne for a numberof different reasons. It can detoxify your skin, it can restore the proper pH, and it too acts like anatural toner. Dont be put off by the scent; after you apply it and it dries, the scent goes away. Justput some on your face after you have cleaned it, and rinse your skin after a few minutes of it being onyour skin.5. Repair your face with aloe vera. Aloe vera can be extremely soothing for acne and can bring downthe inflammation associated with bad cases. It feels fresh and cool, and you can almost feel it workingright away. You can buy it in a gel form at your local drugstore, or you can buy a little aloe vera plant,cut off the edges, and squeeze a little aloe out for use. Both ways work well.

2. Remember that natural treatments usually cost less than other remedies, and can be used with yourmedications because they are safe and non-toxic to your skin. Try the tips laid out here, and soonacne will be a thing of the past.For more help click here