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1. Near Field CommunicationBy-Maajid1 2. Introduction Basic Theory Prototype of Train Ticket Application ConclusionsContents2 3. Introduction [1] NFC is a wireless close-range communication technology which allows data transferbetween two gadgets. Mainly aimed for mobile and handheld devices. Extension of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID). In 2004, the NFC forum was formed to set standards for NFC.3 4. Features [1]For two devices to communicate using NFC, onedevice must have an NFC reader/writer and theother must have an NFC tagThe Tag is essentially an IntegratedCircuit containing data, connectedto an Antenna, that can read andwritten by the reader.It operates at the frequency of13.56 MHz.The rate of Data Transferis up to 424 Kbits/s.4 5. Usually a microcontroller-based(for example NFC enabledphones) with an integratedcircuits that is capable ofgenerating radio frequency at13.56 MHzNFC Reader [1]Encoders, decoders, antenna,comparators, and firmware aredesigned to transmit energy toa tag and read informationback from it.The reader continuouslyemits RF carrier signals, andkeeps observing thereceived RF signals for data5 6. NFC Tag [1][2] An RFID device incorporating a silicon memory chipconnecting to external antenna. Tag does not have its own power source (passive). The passive tag absorbs a small portion of the energyemitted by the reader (phone), and starts sendingmodulated information when sufficient energy isacquired.6 7. Modes of Operation [1] PASSIVE MODE A NFC-enabled mobile phone is paired with aRFID-tagged "smart poster" ACTIVE MODE A NFC-enabled mobile phone is paired with aRFID-tagged "smart poster"7 8. Prototypeof TrainTicketApplicationm-Commercee-TicketAndroidand NFC8 9. System Design and Overview[1] Application is implemented using cell phone with NFC- technologyplanted within. Two Application will be developed viz: TraiNFC : for travelers Trainductor : for Condecturefig: Use case diagram for train passenger9 10. User Analysis[1]TraiNFC Purchase ticket and Bookthe ticket for several daysahead Monitor purchased trainticket Select desired seat foreach passengerTrainductor Manage departure trainschedule Scan train ticketing Monitor Train ticketingarchive10 11. Interface Implementation TraiNFC Interface implementation would be done in Android 2.3.3Interface scheme of TraiNFC11 12. Trainductor Interface implementation would be done in Android 2.3.3Trainductor Interface Structure12 13. Result Analysis[1]The application made has work correctly due it itsfunctionality, attractive application, fast responded TraiNFCApplicationAnd users confession on the possibility of thisapplication to be one of method in ticket purchasing13 14. Conclusions Application created is a prototype which can be implemented in traincompany, and still has wide chance of development based on the needs. NFC technology can be used to simplify train ticket purchase processand electronic ticket distribution, especially cell phone electronic ticket. Average process time needed for each activity existed withinapplication, need less than 1 minute.14 15. 1. PROTOTYPE OF TRAIN TICKETING APPLICATION USING NEAR FIELDCOMMUNICATION (NFC) TECHNOLOGY ON ANDROID DEVICE.By, Surya Michrandi Nasution, Emir Mauludi Husni, Aciek Ida Wuryandari.2. Near Field Communication : ECMA International StandardizingInformation and Communication Systems, Geneva.3. Wikipedia.orgReferences15 16. THANK YOU16