Need to Succeed? Heres How! Right Now! Inspired by Dr. Seuss

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Text of Need to Succeed? Heres How! Right Now! Inspired by Dr. Seuss

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Need to Succeed? Heres How! Right Now! Inspired by Dr. Seuss Slide 2 A Prudent Student! Get to class early, And itll pay. Youll sit up front And be attentive each day. Set two alarms! Get some coffee, too! Do what it takes And youll make it through! Slide 3 Boats of Notes! Write them, Type them, Sing them, too! Find the method That works for you! Write them once, Or twice if youre daring And youll realize Just how well youre faring! Slide 4 Study Buddy! Sometimes it takes more than just one. Study with a buddy, And have lots of fun! In groups, Or just pairs, Whatever you do, Studying may be better, If you do it in twos. Slide 5 Seize Zs Sleep is your friend. Remember that And youll see a happy end! Movies are fun, Clubbing, too But youve got to do, whats best for you! Slide 6 Shy!? Why? Profs dont bite, I promise this much. So ask lots of questions, About tests and quizzes and such. The know so much, And they will help, So ask your profs, Just give a yelp! Slide 7 Hate to Wait Procrastinate? Never, you say! Seize that assignment And do it today. Movies and fun Though important, too Can wait its turn Homework is #1 for you! Slide 8 Clean Machine Bad thing, is mess, And so is the clutter, When things are messy, They put thoughts in a flutter! So keep your space, Nice and clean, Youll be surprised, For studying will be keen! Slide 9 Have Fun, Hon! Remember to take a study break! Studying is good, But a weary mind it can make! When energy falls, Take a break right away, Just get up and go! Go out and play. Slide 10 Good Luck! And now, my friend, You know all I can give, You will reach a happy end, If you live, live, live, live. Its all within reach, Dont ever doubt, Just heed what I teach, and success you will shout, Now, on to success! You know the way, You know how to do it, Go ahead, seize that A! Slide 11 This Dr. Seuss-Inspired Compilation of Study Skills Tips was written by Shawna Strickland, Resident Assistant in Edwards Hall at Colorado State University. Thanks for using my board! If you wouldnt mind, I would love hearing from those who put it up. Best of luck in your studies and RA duties! Shawna Click here for an exampleClick here for an example of how Resident Assistant Rebecca Wiedmer used this information to create her board