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Newgen Software Technologies Ltd is Market Leader in ECM & BPM. Among those only 5 companies in the world to feature in Gartner MQ for both BPM & ECM.

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Always one step ahead. That's where we keep our clients.You're next.

Achieve continuous business benefits by automating and streamlining processes, using document imaging and workflow-based BPM and ECM solutions.

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management


MISSIONEnable organizations to continually improve their business processes for achieving agility and cost effectiveness through innovative software products, solutions and services.

Newgen Software was incorporated in 1992 with headquarters in New Delhi. We are the market

leaders in Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

We have a global footprint with over 700 installations in over 30 countries. More than 100 of these

implementations are large, mission-critical solutions deployed at the world's leading Banks,

Financial Services organizations, Insurance companies and BPOs.

Newgen offers a comprehensive BPM and ECM suite of products, covering the entire spectrum of

workflow automation, document management, imaging, report archival and distribution.

Hire the expert.

We are an organization of over 1000 people. A core team of highly skilled professionals has

been with the company since its formative years. The team has to its credit many

achievements including development of innovative products, filing of technology patents,

deployment of large-scale and mission-critical solutions, domain expertise and a global

blue-chip customer base.

We author one success story after another for our clients.

We are an organization of over 1000 people. A core team of highly skilled profession

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Analysts applaud.

Our Recent Accolades

Newgen Software features in the Gartner report titled 'Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites, 2007'

'Market Leadership Award' for Document Management & Workflow Software & Services

Global leader in BPM and ECM solution

'Significant Player' in Banking DMS Report

“Newgen's ECM tools compare favorably against their bigger international competitors...OmniFlow is a 'true' BPM product"

Asia Top 200

Awarded 'Distinguished Product Company'


Organizations have choice of deploying our solution on operating systems like Windows, Linux, AIX

, databases like Oracle, SQL server, Post GRE as well as application servers like IBM, Oracle 10G,

BEA Weblogic to meet their standards

Our products’ architecture ensures high performance, reliability, robustness and scalability.

Core Products


(Extraction/Forms Processing Engine)


(Reports Management Engine)


(Output Management Engine)


(Enterprise Workflow & BPM Engine)


(Enterprise Document Management Engine)


(Production Scanning Engine)



(Image-based Check Clearing & Payment System)Compliance ManagerTM

(SOXA Compliance, Clause 49)

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Case Studies

A leading life insurance company in India uses Newgen products for high performance.

Newgen's solution helped a highly reputed life insurance company to improve productivity, increase

cost savings and reduce processing time. Turn Around Time (TAT) drastically reduced by

approximately 45%. In addition, new policies are issued in as less as 24 hours.

A global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) giant leverages Newgen products'

multi-platform & multi-lingual capabilities.

Newgen's BPM solution enabled a FMCG giant centralize and automate several processes.

The solution integrates with multiple existing ERP systems running on different platforms at

different locations and has multi-language implementation.

The solution helped the company achieve massive cost savings, improved vendor relationships,

with minimum change management and SOXA compliance.

A leading Financial Services company in India reaps benefits of Newgen products'

scalability, reliability and robustness.

A leading Financial Services company in India required to centralize operations, automate

processes, reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) and lower cost of operations. Newgen’s highly scalable

solution seamlessly integrated with various legacy applications, including the core system.

The solution has enabled the company, on an average, to open a new branch everyday, in addition to

multiple other benefits such as reduction in end-to-end loan processing time, reduced

big-ticket-size defaults, etc. The solution successfully supports a consistently expanding user base.

Meet enterprise needs.

SOLUTIONSSWe provide our clients the fastest implementation of Enterprise-Grade BPM & ECM solutions.

For us, all customers are unique and so are their needs. Which is why we believe in last-mile

integration. We provide an exact fit for businesses. We are among the fastest BPM & ECM

implementers, ensuring cost-effectiveness and quicker ROI for businesses on the move.

Our solution is an essential component of IT infrastructure of Global Fortune 500 companies and

leading BFSI-BPO companies, which:

• Enables centralization of processes

• Acts as a layer for orchestration of Web services

• Integrates legacy applications through automated, controlled and measured processes

• Enables Regulatory Compliance with regulations for Check Truncation

• Improves management control and monitoring for better decision making

• Aligns operations with business strategy

• Improves customer response time

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Banking & Finance



BPO & Shared Services

Govt. & Defense


Our businessfocus

Case Studies

A global banking behemoth automates its processes and centralizes operations.

A global leader in the banking space employed Newgen's workflow and imaging solution

for centralization and automation of their back-office processes at the bank's Shared Service

Center (SSC).

The Newgen solution has helped the bank in setting up leaner branches, faster and efficient process

implementation, reduced Turn Around Time (TAT), greater control, quicker decision making and

overall improved productivity.

A leading Telecom operator discovers benefits of report management solution,

including regulatory compliance.

A leading Telecom operator in India implemented Newgen's DMS and Report Management System

using which, customer information can be viewed online and customer query/request be quickly

processed. Integration with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enables customers to

obtain bills without any manual intervention. The solution also helps in improved auditing and

regulatory compliance.

Quicker ROI, Lower TCO.

BANKINGB GWith our domain expertise, we ensure our clients get more than they put in. Reap dividends.

Newgen enterprise solutions allow banks to build and sustain a competitive advantage by

automating their business processes, managing content, and simplifying critical and everyday

decision making.

Trade Finance

Investment Banking

Treasury/Cash Management


Corporate Banking

Payment & Clearing Systems

Compliance Management

Mortgage Banking

Retail Banking

"The BPM solution, OmniFlow Suite, from Newgen has enabled us to centralize a large

number of our processes, resulting in leaner and efficient branches. Branches have

been able to focus on sales while the processing activities are moved to centralized

back office in Mumbai. The Turn Around Time (TAT) has been significantly reduced,

leading to better customer experience.”

Deutsche Bank

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

"We are pleased with the software delivery of your Image based Check Clearing Solution.

We found the in-built BPM platform very useful to align our business processes. It will

give us the flexibility to amend our business processes and improve them further. The

implementation teams are doing a good job. We hope the good work continues."

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Core Focus Areas • End-to-end automation and centralization of various banking processes

• Image-enabling core banking and ERP systems and seamless integration with other

third-party applications such as Customer Service Systems, Billing Systems, etc.

• Report management for MIS reports and their distribution

• Output management solution for generation of account statements and consolidation etc.

• Centralized management of distributed enterprise output

• Payment and Clearing solutions, which are BPM-enabled for processing instruments such as

Checks, Interest Warrants, Dividend Warrants, Post Dated Checks and Onus Checks

Our Offerings IncludeAccount Opening & Account Servicing I Credit Card Issuance & Customer Servicing I Customer Query Resolution &

Channel Integration I Loan Origination System I Letter of Credit Processing & Bill Discounting I Remittance

Processing I Cash Management I Image-based Cheque Clearing System I Warrant Processing I Compliance

Records Management

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeHSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Mashreq Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, RAKBANK, Bank of Tanzania, Hua Nan Bank,

Standard Chartered Bank, First Gulf Bank, CitiBank, ABN AMRO Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, State Bank of India,

HDFC Bank, ING Vysya Bank, BNP Paribas, Karnataka Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank

We enable optimum usage of resources for our clients to enhance productivity. Streamline processes.

Wealth Management

Investment Banking

Real Estate Advisory

Asset Management


Portfolio Management

Merchant Banking

Infrastructure Leasing

Compliance Management

“One of the key factors that has accounted for Fullerton India's rapid growth and

ramping-up of operations is the excellent support provided by Newgen Software.

Their state-of-the-art workflow routing and imaging system, OmniFlow, has met our

dynamic requirements very well. We look forward to a continued long-term

association with Newgen."

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited


Newgen's comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for Financial Services companies enable them to effectively

execute their strategies, shorten time-to-market, provide customized product and service offerings, and

transform from reactive to proactive enterprises.

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

"We appreciate the Newgen team's willingness to crunch time lines to enable us to achieve

production deployment in quick time. The most remarkable thing about this project

however has been the relatively smooth UAT phase with minimal defects. I believe this

speaks volumes about the quality of the core product and the customization."


Core Focus Areas • Process Automation and centralization of operations for rapid rollout of branches, faster loan

processing, improved tracking of sales prospects, reduction in big-ticket defaults and uniform

user experience

• Document Management solutions for image-enabling, indexing, storing and archiving documents

• Regulatory Compliance solutions to ensure adherence to geography-specific regulatory norms

Our Offerings IncludeAccount Opening & Account Servicing I Loan Origination System I Loan Processing I Customer Query Resolution ILead Generation I Management & Tracking I Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeFullerton India Credit Company Limited (FICCL), UBS, CitiWealth, CitiFinancial and GE Money


INSURANCEINSURA CWe enable large-scale deployments for our clients to beat competition. Ensure leadership position.

Newgen helps Insurance companies around the world to manage growth and retain leadership

position by ensuring complete automation and seamless integration with various applications, close

monitoring and tracking of automated processes, and adherence to government and industry

regulatory norms such as HIPAA, SOX and Basel II.

"The Newgen BPM solution allows us to closely monitor time frames, while efficiently

handling burgeoning growth in number and complexity of customer requests. This has been

possible due to the system's close integration with all other insurance applications."

Max New York Life

Health Insurance Compliance Management

General Insurance(Property and casualty)Life Insurance and Annuity


Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

"We needed a customized solution in a short period of time; nimbleness was key to our

requirements. The Newgen team implemented the solution in a record time. The

documents are now scanned with lesser human intervention and fewer errors, and the

solution acts as the spine of all information that comes into the organization through

policy holders. With the Newgen solution, it now takes only about three days as compared

to an average of 15 days to process a new policy application or claim.”

Sahara Life Insurance

Core Focus Areas • End-to-end automation and centralization of various Insurance processes

• Image-enablement and integration with legacy core Insurance systems

• Output management system for policy generation and other correspondence

• Facilitating collaboration across geographies to accelerate process execution time, while ensuring

informed decision-making for processes such as Policy Issuance and Claims Management

• Integration across multiple channels to ensure quick product delivery and rapid rollout of new

financial products and services

• Compliance with geography-specific regulatory requirements

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeMax New York Life, Norwich Union, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Prudential, ICICI Lombard, Sahara Life

Insurance, Aviva Life Insurance, Ceylinco Life, LIC, Royal Sundaram Alliance General Insurance and

Life Insurance Corporation (Lanka) Ltd.

Our Offerings IncludeNew Policy Issuance I Policy Owner Service I Claims Management I Lead Management & Tracking

I Customer Query & Complaint Management

BBPPOO && SShhaarreed dWe enable business users to quickly model, customize and update enterprise processes.Control business processes.

“As a result of using the Newgen BPM platform over the last four years across multiple client

engagements, Wipro BPO is realizing significant benefits through improved process TATs,

enhanced employee productivity and better SLAs to service our customers. Our association

with Newgen has helped us realize our core value proposition of Standardization,

Simplification and Optimization to increase customer value.”

Wipro BPO

Newgen enables BPOs and SSCs to achieve Operational Excellence by enabling top-line growth,

while constantly driving down the costs and improving the quality of operations.

SLA Management

Banking Processes

Mortgage Processing

Insurance Processes


Manufacturing Processes

Compliance & Audit Management

Billing &Ticketing Operations

Credit Card Processing

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

“Newgen's BPM solution integrates seamlessly with our SAP application for Purchase

Order (PO) based Accounts Payable process. We have been able to bring real-time

visibility into our business operations through the robust and scalable solution, which

allows us to efficiently process thousands of transactions per day.”

Ranbaxy SSC

Core Focus Areas • End-to-end automation & centralization of processes and real-time visibility & adherence to

regulatory compliance for the processes, even when they span multiple geographies

• Rapid process deployment and rollout, with a framework providing enough flexibility to quickly

accommodate process changes without sacrificing service levels

• Abstract processes from services and technology layers to enable enterprises to focus purely on

changes to business processes without worrying about their effects on lower levels of implementation

• Help realign, consolidate and streamline processes for Captive BPOs/SSCs

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeIBM Daksh, Dow Jones, WNS Global Services, UBS, Equinox, Patni BPO, Wipro BPO, EXL Services, iGate, Nipuna,

Wividus, Unilever Indigo, Ranbaxy SSC, Phillips SSC, CoreBPO, Core3 Inc., iEnergizer and Techspan SSC

Our Offerings IncludeLoans and Claims Processing I Transaction Processing I Billing and Ticketing Operations I Accounts Payable &

Accounts Receivable I Mortgage Loan Processing I Revenue Accounting I Travel and Expense Processing I Credit Card

Processing I Customer Query Resolution


We go across

We believe nothing should come in theway of good governance. Not even red tape.

GOVERNMENTNewgen has successfully deployed Business Processes and Document Management solutions for

Public Sector Units, Central/State Governments, Legal Departments/Judiciary, Police, Educational

Institutions, Utilities, Company Registrars, Election Commissions, Administrative Reforms

Departments, Finance/Audit Departments, Central Banks, Transportation, International Organizations

and ICT at the Village Level.

"A committee comprising of representatives from our IT, Materials Management, Finance and

Marketing Departments evaluated several vendor offerings and chose Newgen…with over

two hundred users currently using the system, it has transformed the way documents were

managed at GSFC."

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeSEC Phillippines, Office of Ombudsman & Bureau of Customs Philippines, Board of Investment

Thailand, Ministry of Water & Electricity Saudi Arabia, Royal Court Bahrain, Indira Gandhi Center for

Atomic Research (IGCAR), GSFC Gujarat, Estate office Chandigarh, Indian Navy, Indian Army,

Department of Personnel Grievances (India) , Comptroller & Auditor General of India, and WHO


We keep support structures streamlined forsmooth manufacturing operations. Think forward.

MANUFACTURINGNewgen's BPM suite of products enables organizations to increase returns on existing investments

in IT. Our solutions cater to a range of business processes in Product Engineering, Accounting and

day-to-day process automation for the organization. Newgen has successfully deployed Business

Processes and Document Management solutions for industry segments like Automotive

Engineering, FMCG, Pharma, Chemicals, Plastics, Project Management Organizations, Cement &

Steel and Food & Beverages.

"We are successfully using OmniDocs from Newgen for managing our Document

Workflow. It has enabled us to channel documents through predefined routes, instant

document access to authorized persons, ease in maintaining document versions, besides

other benefits. We are delighted and completely satisfied with Newgen's solution."

Group Sense Ltd., Hong Kong

Our Prestigious Customers IncludePraxair, GSL Hong Kong, Sony India, Johnson & Johnson, Honda Motors & Scooters India, Thai

Steel Cable, Dell, Glaxo Smithkline, Asian Paints and Electrolux.


We've helped Telecom majors take the call towards higher productivity. Are you listening?

TELECOMNewgen impacts more than 100 million telecom customers with its powerful Web-based Content

Management, Business Process Management, Bill Management and Output Management solutions.

Telecom service providers gain new agility in responding to changes in telecommunication practices

to increase returns on existing investments in IT and enhance customer service.

Newgen has successfully automated processes like Customer Acquisition, Fulfillment (Order

Management & Provisioning), Operation Support Systems (OSS), Channel Appointment,

Consolidated Electronic Bill Presentment, Distribution and Printing, etc.

"Newgen has proved to be a revenue saver. It has also consistently delivered huge ROI by

drastically reducing scanning, uploading and maintaining cost involved in acquiring and

retaining customer information."

Reliance Infocomm.

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Our Prestigious Customers IncludeReliance Infocomm ,Hutch India & Thailand, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, ETISALAT UAE

and CELTEL Congo.

Case StudiesA Government Agency in Philippines Ensures Speedy Justice for its Citizens Using

Newgen Solution.

The government agency was inundated by the rising volume of documents related to

cases/complaints filed by general public. Newgen BPM solution was used to automate the Case

Management System. The solution enabled the government agency to expedite the redressal of

public grievances, deliver speedy justice, monitor employees’ performance and cut down on its

document management and maintenance costs.

A Leading Paint Manufacturing Company in Asia Witnesses Improved Productivity and

Better Information Integrity.

The company was overwhelmed with a large number of paper-based manuals used at its various

plant locations and departments. With Newgen solution in place, manuals are hosted at a central

server, which provides rights-based and password-protected access to manuals. Changes/updations

to manuals are well synchronized and immediately propagated to everyone. Using the solution,

other information flows like Customer Complaint Handling and Vendor Approvals have also been


A Premier Telecom Operator Discovers Benefits of Report Management Solution,

including Regulatory Compliance.

The Indian Telecom operator, amidst the booming Telecom market, was struggling to effectively

manage forms, bills and reports. It implemented Newgen’s DMS and Reports Management System,

which helped streamline the entire process. Using the solution, the customer information can be

quickly fetched and viewed online, and customer query/request instantly processed. The solution

also resulted in reduced costs, resource optimization, improved auditing and better regulatory


Our prestigious clients across verticals Kenya Airways, Kuoni Travels, V.Ships, Indian Oil Corporation ,Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Limited ,Eastern Naval Command , HQ - Integrated Defence Staff (IDS), Air Force Officers Personnel

- HQ Air Force and Thai Army, Thailand


Offshore Product DevelopmentWe work with clients to deliver high-quality products while maximizing ROI, minimizing time-to-

market and making schedules predictable at manageable risks. In addition, we offer the assurance

of mature Software Engineering processes. Our processes comply with CMM Level 4 and ISO

27001 standards and incorporate our experience and best practices evolved over the last 15 years,

while working with some of the most demanding global corporations.

Newgen Software excels in providing end-to-end outsourcing services for development of enterprise

and packaged software products. We have been developing products for Fortune 500 corporations

in USA and Japan. In short, we have been pioneers in offshore product services development.

Core Focus Areas• Offshore Development Center

• Joint Product Development

• Team Augmentation

Our offshore product development expertise ensures global corporations operate at their optimum with minimum costs. Cover your risks.

Offshore Product Developmmennnntttt

Solutions For Business Process & Content Management

Offshore Product Development (OPD) for:• MFP Manufacturers

• Independent Software Vendors

• Others

Building World Class Products Features include:

• Hardware & Platform Independence

• Multi-Platform & Multi-Technology Support

• Support for Internationalization

• Robustness & Scalability

• Interoperability

• Maintainability



Risk Management





Aligned Team




Our OPD Focus Complements Our Delivery Strengths

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