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<ul><li><p>Facts About Modern Photography. Learn More Here.Keith S. Black</p><p></p><p>Once the birth of the camera arrived and the popularity of photography exploded, the only thing that could follow was mass production of cameras as well as the wide distribution of pictures. As a result of photography, it has changed history, art, memories and the in which we view the world.</p><p>This also affected well known public figures and this caused their privacy to vanish. They were constantly being photographed. Having a photograph with clear evidence that a certain event has taken place would cause things to go unchallenged. </p><p>The Art form-It was not accepted in the early years. The art form was criticized and challenged by many of those that opposed it being considered an art form. Photography was considered a hobby or craft and was looked at as an insult when one considered it an art. </p><p>Photography is finally accepted-Once art schools and galleries as well as museums finally started to come around and embrace it as an art, the impact grew wildly and the end result is what we have today in the world of photography. </p><p>During the mid 1960's photography was accepted as a visual art and photographers started creating mediums of interest that were different from the more traditional norms that were first used within the art form.</p><p>Photography has been combined with other forms of expression such as multi-media and other forms of imaging. </p><p>Practical Photography-Photography has been used for many practical situations. Photography is often time used in medicine, real estate development, military planning as well as business and media.</p><p>One area that has benefited from photography the most is science. If you think in terms of aerial maps, meteorology and geology, you'll notice they all use photography to advance the research and fact finding process.</p><p>Digital Photography-With the invention of digital photography and the use of software, images can be changed and appear </p></li><li><p>to be more or less than what they are. </p><p>As a result of digital photography being created, this caused a change in the way in which many photography techniques are used.</p><p>Photography is more than 100 years old and this is one art form continues to innovate and create new and improved technology and methods. You'd think we were on the tail end of the art form but the art continues to grow and develop and it does not appear to being slowing down anytime soon. </p><p>If you'd like to keep up with the latest developments in photography, I'd suggest you subscribe to a few of the leading magazines as well as follow a few of the cutting edge blogs.</p><p></p></li></ul>


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