North Carolina A&T State University Vivian Barnette, Ph.D., HSP-P Director, Counseling Services North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

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  • History of OfficesStudent Disability Services and Counseling Services are Divisions within Student Affairs

    Supportive of the universitys mission

    Considered critical units within Student Affairs

    Demand of increase services

    Programs & services dedicated to academic success beyond the classroom

  • Importance of OfficesMust be committed to establishing and maintaining a welcoming and accepting unit that is confidential

    Must make services available to all eligible students

    The University of Chicagos Disability office was established in 2006 as a full-time office. In the last two years theres been a 40% increase in the number of students registered with the office

    Due to students entering school with increased psychological concerns, A&T had to double staff in 2009

  • A Snapshot of U.S. College StudentsIn 2009 there just under 20 million college student in the U.S.15.0 million college students were white2.8 million were black/African American (roughly 14%)2.4 million were Hispanic1.2 million were Asian

  • A&T: Students ServedFemalesAnxiety, Identity, Relationship, Sexual Assault, Adjustment, Peer Issues, Grief, Depression, Anger, Substance Abuse

    MalesAdjustment, Grief, Depression, Anger, Substance Abuse

  • Commonly Used AssessmentsClinical IntakeCounseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS)Beck Inventories (Anxiety, Depression, and Hopelessness)Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-II (MMPI-II)Wechsler Adult Intelligent Scale (WAIS-IV) Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA: ADHD)Barkley ADHD Self- & Other Report FormWoodcock Johnson III (WJ-III Achievement)Career Appraisals: (SDS, MBTI, 16 PF, COPS, Life History Survey, KTS)Marital Satisfaction Inventory-Revised (MSI-R)Life Values InventorySubstance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-3 (SASSI-3)

  • Critical UnitsCritical units in the Division of Student Affairs, Campus & Student Life total more than 20 departmentsStudent Health / Union / Recreation / Multicultural CenterInternational Study Abroad Programs / Trio ProgramsStudent Development / New Student Orientation / Greek LifeHousing and Residence Life / Dean of StudentsUniversity Police Department / Career ServicesVeterans and Disabilities Support Services

    Collaborations within the division, other student support services as well as Academic Affairs are essential

  • Recruitment:The University of Chicago Student Disability Services works with the Admissions Office by providing printed information for applicants in regards to the process for requesting accommodations.

    NC A&T State University

    Open Forums for New Students Q&As with Parents Display of Services

  • Services and Consultations

    Only admitted or currently enrolled degree seeking students are eligible to receive services

    Counseling Services and Disability Support Services provide training and outreach to assist faculty and staff with understanding and accommodating students with psychological, cognitive, or medical disabilities

  • Exposure:The University of ChicagoDean of Students in graduate and professional programs act as liaisons between Student Disability Services, faculty and the student

    Deans coordinate and implement most accommodations

    University-wide Committee on Assistive Technologies work to assure accessibility in conjunction with other departments

  • Exposure: NC A&T State UniversityOpen House Opportunities to meet staffExplore facilitiesInteract with other studentsInvitations extended to university and community partners

    Freshmen Week Table and booth displaysCoordinating programs with student organizationsInformational table tentsPromotional itemsPSA / Other forms of media and social networking

  • QuestionWhy do underrepresented students under-utilize services from these critical units whose main purpose is to help them be successful and graduate in a timely fashion?

  • Possible BarriersCultural and InstitutionalDenial of disability or psychological disorderLack of Services in their high schoolsLack of awareness and expectation of assistanceCompetition at elite institutions

    Cultural BackgroundSpiritualityDistrust Imposter Syndrome

    Unwilling to Access Services

  • Ways to helpIntentional efforts

    Address the stigmasutilizing other university offices, as well as alumni

    Peer to Peer informational sessions

    Real talk with parents

  • RetentionAcademic Advisors Referrals

    Classroom PresentationsPsychological DifficultiesADHDLearning DifficultiesCareer InterestVeteran SupportPhysical Disabilities Accommodations

  • SuccessStudent OrganizationsOffice of Greek LifeCouncil of PresidentsActive MindsVeteran Support GroupsNon-traditional / Transfer student groupsCreate student advisory board

    Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, & etc.)

    Student Newspaper / Broadband TV / Radio

    Word of Mouth: Exceptional Customer Services

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    NC A&T State University&The University of Chicago

  • Sources Center for Education Statistics