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Notes from the field. Experience Migrating to 0ffice 365. Platinum Sponsors. Gold Sponsors. Who am I?. Dean Gross-MCITP, SharePoint Cardinal Solutions SharePoint and O365 Consultant 20+ years industry experience; 10+ SharePoint My blog: Twitter: @Dean144. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta Speaker Deck

Notes from the fieldExperience Migrating to 0ffice 365

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte

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# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteDean Gross-MCITP, SharePointCardinal SolutionsSharePoint and O365 Consultant 20+ years industry experience; 10+ SharePointMy blog: @Dean144

Who am I?# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteCarolinas Healthcare System journey to SharePoint Online, so far:What you wont know until you dig in and implement itCompany and System OverviewUnexpected behaviors and recommendationsUndocumented limits

Agenda# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteUpgraded from WSS 3.0 to SP2010 in 2012

Office 365Carolinas HealthCare System500

site collections7000

sub sites600


annual growth38K

E3 users70

SP Online sites# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteUpdates at the speed of the internet taking advantage of new functionality at a quicker pace.What business is CHS in? Data centers or patient care?Which is the better value add from the SharePoint team?A) Keeping a set of servers patched and runningB) Solving business problems and increasing efficienciesWhy is CHS migrating?# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte6Microsofts goal is to update Office 365 constantly, at the speed of the internetYour organization will need to move at this same speed.They arent kidding.Updates at the Speed of the Internet# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte7Office 365 Admin CenterDashboard View Details and historyService health (1) RSS feed availablePlanned maintenance (2) no RSS feedSix day notice given for a planned multi-hour outageMessage center (3) no RSS feedNew roadmap now available Thin on details and few if any dates publishedIncomplete

Update notifications

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte8Problems and ChallengesUnexpected behaviors and recommendations# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteSingle Sign OnIE security zones configured via AD Group PolicyADFS set up to allow CHS accounts to loginMust enter email address on the realm discovery pageLogging In

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteWhat if you want to log in as another account?RecommendationWith IE In Private Browsing or another browser (Chrome, etc.)Logging In (cont.)

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte

Logging In (Contd)# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteUsers that dont have a license in your tenantLicensingMicrosoft defines who can and cannot be covered by external licenseOn site contractors require full licenseOff site contractors can use external license

OptionsDisableEnable authenticated external usersEnable anonymous guest linksOptions can be setEach site collectionAll OneDrive sites

External sharing# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteProcessSite owner sends an invitation to access a document to an email address ( Doe receives the email and clicks the linkExternal sharing Authenticated

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteProcess..John Doe creates a new Microsoft account ( now has access to a document that the site owner intended for RecommendationTraining and governance practices currently the only optionAsk partners to use business email accountsSite owner should review accounts info for discrepanciesTenant Admin Should Review External Sharing info 50 user limit bug, Fixed by End of September 2014External sharing Authenticated cont.

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteAccount from Another tenantHelpful ?

People Picker- External UserRecommendationDont use accounts from Test/Trial Tenant# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteWho should I Pick?Customized View with Account Field Added

People Picker -User with 2 AD AccountsRecommendationFilter accounts to limit users with multiple AD accounts to one UPN# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteAllows users to synch files to a local deviceProminently advertised above every librarySecurity concerns files can be synchronized to devices not managed by ITFiles remain on the device after the users account is disabledNo technical way to require files are only synchronized to an encrypted locationMicrosoft is increasing OneDrive storage to 1TB per userFile synchronization

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteHow to disable file synch?No option in Office 365 Admin center.Option per site/sub site, from MSDN:Option per libraryEnabled by default on every list and libraryNO API AVAILABLE (PowerShell, CSOM, REST)Users with full control permission can re-enable CHS solutionCHS developing console app to loop through and disableApp mimics web browser/user to click the buttonFile synchronization (cont.)Setting this property to true does not disable synchronization. Instead, it represents a recommendation to the client not to attempt synchronization.# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteBroken for CHSWhen created, the domain is one of our sub domainsEmail doesnt route to itIf you have multiple domains with O365, you cannot select which domain is used for site mailbox addressesYou cannot disable the site mailbox appRecommendationEducate Site OwnersUpdate each mailbox via PowerShell, after its created by usersSite Mailboxes

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte20SharePoint Administrators must be Global AdminsExchange Administrators must be Global Admins

RecommendationAdministrative Policies/ProceduresWait for workload specific roles

Global Administrators

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte21Microsoft does not offer test tenants with subscriptionLimited testing can occur using test site collectionsPossible solution, trial tenants?Limited to 30 days, can ask for extensionMay not be the same build number as your production tenantTied to an individual, not to an organizationRecommendationUse dedicated site collections in existing tenantTest Environments# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte22Adding an app to the app catalog makes it available to be added to all site collectionsAdding an app from the app store made it available to all site collectionsHow to test apps before deploying?Will these apps become the new Fab40?RecommendationsIn SP admin center, set App Purchases setting to NoUse a dedicated Site Collection for testing, invite requestor to help testProvide a list of external apps to support personnel

App Governance

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte23New feature

Custom Themes

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteNo Administrative ControlsUsers can change their own themMenu can be different depending where you are in the suite. Here are in the orderthe Outlook WA version,the calendar version,the People version,the OneDrive version,the site (and My Site) version andthe Delve versionthe Power BI version (from another tenant)

Custom Themes (Contd)

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte3 examplesMenu differsOutlook WACalendarPeopleOneDriveSite (and My Site) andDelvePower BI

Custom Theme (Contd)

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteSP Team SiteOutlook Web App

Custom Theme (Contd)

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteIssuesMultiple Standards Outlook/Calendar/People/Tasks pages have a different theme than OneDrive/Sites/Delve/Power Bi (and SharePoint sites have also their own theme, and Yammer as well ! ). So we have in fact four themesOne for Outlook/calendar/people/ Tasks/ PowerBI/ DelveOne for OneDrive/Sites page/ Admin pages / My siteOne for YammerOne (or several depending on themes) for SharePoint Online site

Custom Theme (Contd)

# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteAdvice you wont heed either# SharePoint Saturday CharlotteMicrosoft supports IE current version, minus 1Firefox current version, minus 1Chrome current versionIE 8 support ended in AprilIE8 didnt break, immediatelyMS announced IE8 will only be able to use lite version of Outlook Web Access by end of JuneDeath by a thousand paper cuts IE8 will break piece by pieceOffice 2010 and 2013Client Software Updates# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte30Plan to update your client computersPlan to keep them up to dateThis includes browser and OfficeOffice is patched monthly, try to keep upRecommendations# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte31Microsoft will notify customers about upcoming disruptive changesMicrosoft defines whether a change is disruptiveDisruptive Changes# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte32Suite bar update deployed without noticeSuite bar stopped rendering for certain browsersText color changed which broke one Out themeCould have broken our branding, if we have chosen that color for the background

RecommendationLearn about MS styling techniquesKeep branding to an absolute minimumDisruptive change?

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte33Microsoft rolled out UI enhancements to OneDrive and SPOStarting in April, our users started seeing this above document libraries:This update was rolled out per user We confirmed this via a Microsoft support ticket, when noticed a different experience than what they saw on others screens.

RecommendationEducate Support PersonnelUpdates applied to users not tenant

# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte34To render in the browser file must be 25MB or smallerThis is not documented we confirmed via support ticket.RecommendationUse new file format, which results in smaller files.Visio Web drawing limits# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte35Documented limit:2GB max size document libraryUndocumented limit:250MB limit on file attachments27 minute time limitThis took two months to confirm via a support ticket.RecommendationAvoid attachments especially Large filesUse High Speed connection when uploading very large filesFile upload limits# SharePoint Saturday Charlotte36Uploading 127MB file failed until updatedOneDrive site provisioning failedWorkflow errorsRecommendat