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    November 11, 2011 Texas Premier Outdoor Newspaper Volume 8, Issue 6

    Mutant HogHunter takes pig with no ears.

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    Weather blamed, praised in fall speck shing.

    Page 8

    Coastal trout FISHING

    TPWD wants more research before issuing deer management permits for muleys.

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    Mule deer dilemma

    Anglers nd success as water tempera-tures cool.

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    Crappie biting now

    Texan startled as South Dakota pheasant nails windshield.

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    Alabama Rig gainingattention in Texas

    Prospects good for December


    The Callahan County buck earned the nickname Big 8

    for his tall tines, but he also had a roman nose and thick body mass a very mature deer.

    Jimmy Pitstick, of

    Arlington, saw him on trail camera images and caught glimpses of him during bow

    Quality deer downed in gun opener

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    Even before the Alabama Rig found its way to Texas following Paul Elias win last month in an FLW Tour tourna-ment on Guntersville

    Lake, the homemade versions already were being cut, molded, bent, connected and tried out.

    The rig is neither new nor exclusive to Alabama. Its a variation of an umbrella rig used by striped bass and saltwater shermen.

    But the name was coined by the com-

    See RIG, Page 18


    Aransas Bay guide Capt. Bob Red Van thinks a state record ounder will be caught during the second split of oun-der gigging season that begins Dec. 1.

    We are seeing some really big sh out there, Van said. I think youll see a record, if not this year, then de nitely next year.

    Van is con dent because of the big ounder he has seen throughout the month of October.

    Its been phenomenal, Van said. Ive limited out on 80 percent of my trips 22 this month. The average size is larger (than last year), but there are just so many sh.

    A 6-pounder is my biggest.Van called the shery very healthy

    where he gigs in Aransas and Mesquite bays.The limit for ounder during the gig-

    ging season is ve sh per gigger, down from 10 since September 2009. No gig-ging is allowed in November, when the daily bag limit drops to two sh per angler, and the ounder must be caught on rod and reel.

    Capt. Mark Talasek said the ounder have rebounded from years past and have been running since the rst cold snap in early October.

    I went out the other night and it took 15 minutes to get a 10- sh limit, Talasek said. Ive been out eight or 10 times in October and Ive focused on the diversion

    INSIDE Popping corks with hooks: Page 8

    Flounder gigging phenomenal

    See FLOUNDER, Page 18

    CRAZY RIG: Professional angler Paul Elias demonstrates the Ala-bama Rig, similar to an umbrella rig used in saltwater shing. The rig is gaining popularity in Texas and other states. Photo by FLW Outdoors.

    New greens blunt some

    feeder action See GUN, Page 15

    NEW DAY, NEW SEASON: The sun rose on a new general deer season Nov. 5 across Texas, but the opening weekend harvest was down from previous years, according to some hunters and wild game processors. A lot of healthy deer were spotted, but big mature bucks in some areas seemed to be delaying their debuts for the main rut. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON.

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    More research required before mule deer program permits issued

    Youth hunt successful in more ways than one


    Law partners Joe Byrne and Chuck Aris were planning to take their sons to property south of Breckenridge for the youth hunting weekend Oct. 29-30.

    A friend and former

    partner, Jon Randall, of Grapevine, usually hunted at a different lease with his son, Jake.

    But Randall became ill and died in February, leaving Jake without his favorite hunting buddy.

    Byrne, of Dallas, gave the eulogy at Randalls funeral and stayed in touch with

    Jake. Byrne and Jake were Facebook friends, and Jakes post a few weeks ago took Byrne aback.

    I would sure like to go deer hunting, the post read.

    Aris, of Waxahachie, a colonel in the National

    Invite to lost friends son a like

    FATHER AND SON: Joe Byrne, right, looks over the eld where his 15-year-old son, Nick, shot a doe during the youth-only deer season. Photo by Chuck Aris.


    Trapping wild mule deer and mating them with prime breeder stock was approved this year by the Texas Legislature, but some landowners are frus-trated they cant do that sooner than they had hoped.

    Senate Bill 460, signed into law last summer, extends the successful deer management permit program for white-tailed deer to mule deer.

    But landowners have learned that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wont issue any permits until research has been completed on issues related to mule deer in captivity.

    Some landowners surprised, frustrated

    See MULE DEER, Page 30A LONGER WAIT: State wildlife of cials have called for more research before issuing deer management permits for mule deer. They also hope private citizens will fund the studies. Photo by Texas Mule Deer Breeders.


    Last season, Scott Keith, owner of Quack Shack duck calls in Dallas, had 300 acres of ooded timber on his hunting property near Combine.

    This year, he has only about 80 acres of ooded timber.

    That, however, didnt stop Keith and his group from taking easy limits during the opening weekend of duck season, Nov. 5-6.

    Opening weekend, we probably saw as many ducks as we did all of last year, Keith said. We mainly shot gadwalls, but there were some wood ducks and a few green-heads, which I think were local ducks.

    We didnt see any wigeon, which is unusual. But the gadwalls were thick.

    Keith said the hunting party saw more big ocks of ducks (20-30 birds) this year.

    Last year they were coming in twos and threes, he said. This year we had some nice ocks. Only about a third of the ducks we called came in and landed. We had a lot of lookers, but most of them circled a few times.

    We shot a lot on the rst low pass by the decoys.

    Keith said he and friends have scouted many of the bigger lakes in North Texas up to the Oklahoma border, and they found large ocks congregating on the bigger water bodies.

    Those lakes are holding literally thou-sands of mallards, pintails, teal and gadwalls, he said. The snow that they got in Kansas this past week really pushed a lot of birds down.

    Its going to get better as the season goes on.Houston hunter Matthew Friedrichs said

    his group had good shoots opening week-end, with pintails dominating the bag on the Northern Katy prairie south of Hockley.

    There were good numbers of birds, he said. Lots of high birds. Along with the pintails, we shot some wood ducks, shovelers and wigeons. The rst bird of the season was a banded pintail drake. It was a good start.

    Friedrichs said the group was split into ve blinds, and he could see birds working spreads.

    A lot of the birds wouldnt fully com-mit, he said. We would watch the ducks go from one spread to the other, circle a few times and then head back up toward the clouds heading south.

    Friedrichs said a friend was hunting on

    Lots of birds forthe opener in areas

    with water

    FLYING HIGH: Good shoots were reported across much of Texas for the opening weekend of waterfowl season. Hunters who had good water reported lots of ducks. Public land hunters on WMAs had a harder time. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON.

    See DUCKS, Page 16

    Time for


    See YOUTH HUNT, Page 29

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    Jacob Thoele enjoys hunting hogs at night with his girlfriends brother on a large ranch near Wills Point in Van Zandt County.

    But he and his friend got a huge sur-

    prise in August when Thoele downed a boar with no ears or ear canals a true mutant.

    The rancher enlists us to hunt hogs and predators, Thoele said. We have a normal routine where we hunt between about 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., and we are always successful.

    On this evening, the 23-year-old from Tyler and his friend had searched most of the ranch and had come up empty-handed until they headed for the gate.

    As we were leaving, I looked to my right and saw a hog bobbling along in the pasture, he said. My buddy had

    a new .270 and I took a shot while the hog was running. I knocked him down, but he started to get back up and I shot him in the head.

    As the pair was gett