NSF A3+ Foil Press - Therm-O-Type mable foil draw, dual foil break/out-of-foil sensors and dual foil

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Text of NSF A3+ Foil Press - Therm-O-Type mable foil draw, dual foil break/out-of-foil sensors and dual foil

  • NSF A3+ high speed, sheet fed press capabilities include hot foil stamping, blind and foil embossing, die cutting, “kiss” cutting, perforating, scoring, imprinting, and numbering at speeds up to 5,500 iph. Using the HSFF™ (High Speed Foil Fusing™) process, foil can be fused to toner image areas at speeds up to 4,500 iph. The HSFF™ process does NOT require metal dies. The NSF A3+ has been designed to fill the needs of greeting card, business card, stationery, invitation and an- nouncement manufacturers and commercial letterpress shops. The NSF A3+ is controlled by a Windows based computer with a full color display and touch screen interface. Ma- chine timing functions are controlled through a single encoder that supplies precise position and timing information to the computer. Paper registration and foil draw length, counter functions, jam detect/interrupt, double feed detect/interrupt, speed and impression pressure functions are controlled and/or displayed through the computer/touch screen. Three sensors monitor paper movement through the NSF A3+. Additional sensors monitor the lubrication system, air pressure and detect out-of-foil or foil break conditions. If an error condition occurs, the machine will automatically drop off impression and stop. Error condition information will then appear on the control display. One feature that has proven popular with operators is the new “TDC” and “BDC” (top dead center and bottom dead center) touch screen controls. “TDC” represents the maximum closed position of the imprint mechanism. “BDC” represents the maximum open position of the imprint mechanism. Using the “TDC”/ “BDC” controls, operators can quickly and accurately set the initial impression pressure at the start of each job. This helps to eliminate the potential for smashing dies due to improper impression adjustment. This control is also useful when pouring a counter as the exact position of the die to the counter foundation can be duplicated as many times are required during the preparation and counter cast procedure. In addition to controlling and adjusting the operation of the NSF A3+, the full color display is also used to access embedded operational, troubleshooting and maintenance information. Embedded information is displayed in easy to understand combinations of text, graphics and/or photographs.

    High Speed Foil Fusing™ Process


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    NSF A3+ Foil Press

    HSFF™ (Patent Pending)No Dies Required!

  • NSF A3+ Standard Features Include: • Windows based core/touch screen control • 12 1/4" by 19" maximum sheets size • 9 1/8" by 11 3/8" max. imprint area • Electronic paper registration (inches or metric) • Double sheet detect/interlock • Paper jam detect/interlock • Skip sheet impression throw-off • Up to 5,500 impressions per hour • Programmable foil draw (max. 2) (inches or metric) • Foil tension controls (2 standard) • Foil acceleration control • 6" diameter foil roll capacity • Foil break/out-of-foil detect/interlock (2 standard) • Computer controlled lubrication • 32" feeder pile capacity • “Quick lock” die chase • Registration table with side jogger and adjustable head stops • Micro side-to-side registration adjustment • Micro up and down registration adjustment

    The standard NSF A3+ foil system includes dual foil support shafts, dual foil tension controls, a single program- mable foil draw, dual foil break/out-of-foil sensors and dual foil rewind shafts. Multiple foil draw lengths can be programmed to minimize foil waste. Up to 6" diameter foil rolls can be used and foil draw length and tension can be adjusted while the machine is running. A second programmable foil draw can be added as an option if required. The NSF A3+ features mechanical and electrical safety enhancements. A dedicated 24-volt safety circuit with dual emergency stops switches, “fail-to-safe” relay and reset button are interfaced to the computer control. All controls and switches mounted to the control panel operate at 24-volts or less. The NSF A3+ feeder can hold a 32" high pile of stock. This feeder can be pre-loaded while the press is running to minimized down time. The combination of high capacity feeder and pre-loading significantly increases pro- ductivity, while reducing operator workload. When running envelopes or other products that do not stack well in a conventional pile feeder, the NSF A3+ can be operated with either the Astro or Kirk-Rudy top-load/bottom-feed feeders. Top-load/bottom-feeding capabili- ties allow non-stop productivity when running envelopes and other difficult to handle products. Exceptional high productivity, accuracy, and high quality output, at an affordable price, make the NSF A3+ one of the most profitable machine purchases you can make for your business.

    • Paper skew adjustment • Digital heat control • Counter with interrupt • Air blast foil separation • DC speed control • "Sleep" mode • Adjustable impression pressure • Impression pressure display • Impressions per hour display • 24 volt safety circuit • Dual emergency stop switches Windows Control Features Include: • Embedded: operator training maintenance instructions troubleshooting information Optional Features Available: • Slow delivery conveyor • Batch count function • Holographic foil registration system (max. 2) • Double impression per sheet

    NSF A3+ specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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