OASIS Development Update General Information Session October 13, 2011 1.

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OASIS Development Update General Information Session October 13, 2011 1 Slide 2 Agenda Introduction Steve OASIS Development ProgressMaria Royalty Reporting & Calculation PhaseTracy Next StepsMaria Closing RemarksSteve 2 Slide 3 OASIS Development Progress 3 Slide 4 Development Overview Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System New information system to manage the departments oil sands business Replaces current information system OSCAR Some changed processes for Oil Sands Operators 2010 Released Phase 1 - Project Application & Related Infrastructure Implemented web interface for Operators to create and submit OSR Project Applications to DOE electronically Provided infrastructure (well, scheme, application and project information) to facilitate the project application review and approval process Automated some internal operational processes 4 Slide 5 Currently in progress 2011-2012 Royalty Reporting and Calculation Phase Development work relating to Operators includes: Standardization of Royalty Templates Full electronic handling and processing, eliminating current manual entry into system New Form Submission Process System validation of reported information Royalty and Related Charge Calculations System verification of reported calculations Financial Transactions Processing Charge transactions and payments Royalty Reports from OASIS for Operators to Manage Records Submission Confirmation Report Submission Turnaround Report Monthly Project Payout Balance Report for pre payout projects Statement of Account 5 Slide 6 Tentative Implementation Timeline Calendar February 2012 (partial automation) Use new royalty templates starting Jan 2012 Report Month Form submission via new ETS Interface form validation continue manual review process royalty calculation process continue in OSCAR Calendar September 2012 (full automation) Form validation and royalty calculation in OASIS Supporting details from OASIS provided back to operators 6 Slide 7 2013 Delivery CARE and Operators Forecast Reporting Development work relating to Operators includes: CARE and Operators Forecast Form Submission Process Reports from OASIS for Operators to manage records Tentative implementation March 2013 Until then, submission process continues in ETS Correspondence 7 Slide 8 Questions 8 Slide 9 Royalty Reporting and Calculation Development Phase 9 Slide 10 New Royalty Templates Standardized royalty templates to enable full electronic handling and processing Released to Industry in March 2011 for trial use and feedback Industry has not identified any specific issues with the templates Internal business review highlighted a few instances where business practice and regulations were not fully aligned Led to some revisions in the royalty templates No retroactive filing amendments are required Templates will be re-released on DOE oil sands website in Nov 2011 DOE will provide a review session on the changes to the royalty templates (Nov 2011 upcoming IB will address) 10 Slide 11 Royalty Form Submission Oil Sands royalty forms will be submitted through a new interface on the departments Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Calendar Feb 2012. Submissions through ETS will include: Royalty forms Statement of Approval Audit Opinions (where required) Other supporting documents Submissions will be received daily processing frequency will be nightly. ETS will validate form submitter. OASIS will perform the validation on the content of the royalty submissions - Calendar Sept 2012. Operators will receive a submission confirmation notification that the submission has been sent to OASIS for validation/calculation Calendar Sept 2012. 11 Slide 12 Validating Royalty Forms OASIS will validate information within each royalty submission and a submission turnaround document will be sent back through ETS identifying any errors and/or rejections. Defined business rules for each royalty submission type. The form validation rules will be communicated to Industry. Must use OASIS compliant templates (with no modifications) otherwise form will be rejected. A rejected submission, that is not resubmitted before the filing deadline, will be deemed to be not filed or missing. Penalties are automatically generated for missing submissions. 12 Slide 13 Royalty Calculation Royalty will be calculated using inputs from the Operators submissions and the royalty components on department records (e.g., royalty rate, BVM, LTBR). Prior period amendments will trigger an automatic recalculation of carry forward balances, etc. A Submission Turnaround Document identifying the departments royalty calculation will be provided. A Payout Balance Report will be issued once a month to identify the cumulative costs and cumulative revenues to help manage project payout balances. A monthly Statement of Account summarizing charges and payments will be generated around the 5 th business day of the month. All OASIS generated reports will be provided to Operators through ETS in pdf format. Key reports will also be available in xml format. 13 Slide 14 Submission Confirmation Report (For illustration only - final version may vary) 14 Slide 15 Submission Turnaround Document (For illustration only final version may vary) Note: Only partial report content is shown 15 Slide 16 Payout Balance Report (For illustration only final version may vary) 16 Slide 17 Statement of Account Summary (For illustration only final version may vary ) 17 Slide 18 Statement of Account Details (For illustration only final version may vary) 18 Slide 19 Statement of Account Details (For illustration only final version may vary) 19 Slide 20 Questions 20 Slide 21 To Facilitate Transition Communicate information on development updates, changed processes and related implementation readiness activities to Operators Release royalty templates early (Nov) Provide royalty template review session (Nov) Establish OASIS meetings on regular basis (starting Nov) Frequency based on need Set agendas Provide clarifications on system processes (phase 1 or 2) Get feedback on system enhancement opportunities Have some Operators provide files for testing to work through and resolve issues prior to implementation 21 Slide 22 To Facilitate Transition Upcoming IB will address registration for: Royalty Template Review (Nov) OASIS Meetings (starting Nov) Session details will be provided via email to attendees Sessions at DOE office in AMEC 22 Slide 23 OASIS Phase 2 Business Development Team NameWorking TitleEmailPhone Number Maria Lee Business Manager, Lead Maria.Lee@gov.ab.ca780-415-2081 Tracy Wadson Business Manager Tracy.Wadson@gov.ab.ca780-427-9266 Sharon Tarnawsky Business Manager Sharon.Tarnawsky@gov.ab.ca780-644-5137 Tashfin Haque Business Manager Tashfin.Haque@gov.ab.ca780-422-1334 Tammy Thomas Business Analyst Support Tammy.Thomas@gov.ab.ca780-415-1727 23 Slide 24 OASIS Phase 1 Business Maintenance Team NameWorking Title EmailPhone Number Maria Lee Business Manager, Lead Maria.Lee@gov.ab.ca780-415-2081 Diane Duchesneau Business Analyst Diane.Duchesneau@gov.ab.ca780-644-2620 Rajeev Bastiampillai Business Analyst Support Rajeev.Bastiampillai@gov.ab.ca780-644-1030 Ana Linares Business Analyst Support Ana.Linares@gov.ab.ca780-427-5291 24 Slide 25 Questions? 25


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