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Octopus Deploy Deployment and Configuration Management Solution

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Text of Octopus Deploy Deployment and Configuration Management Solution

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  • Octopus Deploy Deployment and Configuration Management Solution
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  • Introduction Automated Deployment for.NET Environment and Configuration Management Supports all environments from Development to Production Maintains history of all released packages Integrates into Developer Tools Self service capability allows teams to pick and choose when to deploy
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  • Some Features Secure deployment and configuration Configuration and script support Multiple deployment targets Lifecycle/stage gate support* Supports self service and automated deploys User accessible dashboard Fully integrates with VSO and Cloud services * In the latest release
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  • Key Benefits Consistency in environment management (reduced human interaction) Repeatable deployment processes Complete audit available Traceability back to requirements, test results Ensures the same suite of components are promoted between environments Reduces cost and effort for deployments
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  • Live Demo A live demonstration of the Octopus Deploy installation More information available at
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  • Future Plans 2.6 Lifecycles Run multiple steps in parallel 3.0 Remote delta compression Linux deployment (via SSH) support Offline deployments Deeper Windows Azure support Excel-based reporting Better TFS guidance 3.1 Better branching support PowerShell Desired State Configuration support Multi-tenancy application deployment Future Monitoring and operations

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