Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

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  1. 1. Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men Maybe the last time you were single, dating services were for losers who couldn't find a mate any other way. That's no longer the case. The Internet has made the concept less taboo, a lot easier, and much more fun. According to Nielsen/Net Rankings and reported by , almost 17 percent of Internet personal site members were over the age of 55 in 2006-and they were looking for companionship, just like you are. Several are tailor-made for older singles. According to AboveAge30 Single Dating Center, 59 percent of users were in the 30 to 49 age group as of 2009. More than half the members of were over 50 in 2009. So spend some time on the Internet and see if any of these sites appeal to you. They might eliminate your first problem-where to find interesting single men in your age range. Thing is, most men should be ready to accept a high failure rate WRT approaching women, whether we're talking online or offline. After all, most bangably attractive women are going to get hit on by scores of men IRL, and perhaps even hundreds of men online, and they certainly can't date or sleep with all of them. My experience backs up what Vox said above. When my first marriage broke up, I briefly went on (I was a fairly early user). I got to see the whole spectrum of the SMV, very quickly. I was only on for 4 months while I worked on my game, as my real life dating quickly outpaced online in SMV points. Every one of the women I met through online were already in the defensive crouch, they said I was the highest SMV they'd met online. Which told me that I was not filtering enough, and needed to be more ruthless in screening. The salient point is coming up with some sort of measure of the SMV of the respondent and the initiator. I suspect that there are a whole lot of rotten fish in that barrel pulling down the average. An attractive guy with a good picture has a good chance of getting "a response". Likely several from overweight and overage women. I think that the online contact should not even qualify as an initial contact, since the chance of total failure is still pretty high when the two people eventually meet in person. On line is where a lot of desperate people go. They are desperate for a reason. The SMP has already rejected them and their goods. One was recently divorced, met many women and usually dated two different women a week, even if he was supposedly steady with one of them. He claims that he was having sex with most of them. He then took a contract job in Afghanistan and spent his mid tour break in Thailand paying for sex. Haven't heard from him lately, but I figure he is happy with his life wherever he is.