P060 Adjustments OSPS Year-end Mini Conference

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P060 Adjustments OSPS Year-end Mini Conference. Use P060 to Adjust:. Taxes (Agency Requests; OSPS Enters) Adjustments due to November or December double-calc in two tax years Outstanding balances under $10 Hours worked outside of Oregon PERS (Agency Enters) Retirement Program Changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • P060 AdjustmentsOSPS Year-end Mini Conference

  • Use P060 to Adjust:Taxes (Agency Requests; OSPS Enters)Adjustments due to November or December double-calc in two tax yearsOutstanding balances under $10Hours worked outside of Oregon

    PERS (Agency Enters)Retirement Program ChangesSubject WageEmployee ContributionEmployer Contribution

  • TaxesAdjustments for Double-CalcsUse P050 and P070 to reverse double-calcCheck P370. If the WBF, FIT, or SIT taxes dont match the original double-calc youre reversing, youll need a P060 adjustment.Send detail to Kathyron ParsonsDo the mathRequest adjustmentTell her which pay period to useBriefly summarize why you need an adjustment

  • TaxesBalances Under $10OSPS can adjust FIT or SIT for employees with an outstanding balance (positive OR negative) that is under $10Check P090 FIT or SIT must have something there in order to adjustReports:Net Pay Negative ReportSeparated Employees with Net Pay Positive AdjDatamart Query: OSPS_DED tablePull: Employee Num, Ee Dedn AmtFilter by: Pay Period End, Nmbr Iss (=> 02), Dedn Type (9999), Ee Dedn Amt (-10,10), Dedn Desc (NET PAY ADJ)* Does not catch employees with only one set, but catches majority of incidences

    NOTE: Novembers check threshold is one dollar

  • TaxesHours Worked Outside of Oregon

  • PERSCan only correct current tax year through OSPAEntry Guide: PERS, Wage and Contribution AdjustmentsWork with PERS Centralized Service Team representativePossible changes include:Retirement Program (F, G, P, S, T)Subject Wage (RSE)Employee Contribution (RSP)Employer Contribution (RSM)NOTE: Agency enters PERS adjustments on P060

  • What Questions do You Have?When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Query for non-separated employees


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