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Painless Analytics. February 2008. Is my campaign successful?. Do users love it?. Maybe not?. Your guess is as good as any…. overwhelming flow of metrics. Confu sed? Disoriented? Drowning in numbers?. Introducing Campaign Monitor™ by Eyeblaster : Great marketing in real time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Painless Analytics February 2008Note: the date should be aligned manually to the right side of the presentation title

Is my campaign successful?

Do users love it?

Maybe not?

Your guess is as good as any

overwhelming flow of metrics

Confused? Disoriented? Drowning in numbers? Introducing Campaign Monitor by Eyeblaster:

Great marketing in real time

Real-time campaign data

Quality rather than quantity

Quick & easy problem detection

Quick & easy problem detection

Time-saver overview at a glanceLast slide we need catharsisThank you!


Plug-in for Excel Accountability with Eyeblaster Analytics

ReachImpactRelevancyAccountability Campaign MonitorEyeblaster Analytics Online reporting tool for predefined reports Post-campaign reporting Maximum Insights to maximize performance and effectively reach campaign goals

Eyeblaster Analytics Plug-in for Microsoft ExcelCustomized reports in an Excel pivot tableMaximize use of full range of data collected during the campaign

NEW IN BETA RELEASE - Campaign Monitor Real-time data for overall monitoring of all campaigns Campaign Setup, Delivery, Performance and ROI views Quick and easy problem detection

Campaign Monitor Overview An innovative solution enabling great marketing in real timeFocus on QUALITY of data, not quantity Makes you smartView all campaigns at a glanceTimesaverHands-onDetect problems quickly and easilyProactive & PreventativeGain control with real-time dataChallenge: Abundance of data has us drowning in numbers Campaign MonitorFeatures and BenefitsCampaign SetupGet the whole picture, in real-timeMakes the process clean and simple What is the status approved, pending?Has the Eyeblaster IO been signed?Has the flight started running?

learning about things preemptively, changing how I manage campaigns. Im becoming more involved with how my campaigns are performing without running reports.

Mike Weil -Interactive Media Assistant Gary Group Interactive, US

Quote #1

Campaign DeliveryMeet planned campaign budgetMonitor under- and over-delivery ratesAchieve optimum results

easy to use, almost makes looking up data fun

Ben Abt - Media Planner Liquid Advertising, USQuote #2

Campaign PerformanceEnsure performance meets expectations Monitor served impressions, total clicks, CTR, interaction rateAnalyze behavior throughout campaign in real-timeOptimize on-the-fly

Eyeblasters Campaign Monitor is a strong showing of forward thinking for tracking online campaigns and supplies us with a quick snapshot of concise data

Thomas McIlheran -Senior Media ManagerSicola Martin, USQuote #3

Campaign ROIOptimize ads to improve campaign ROIROI calculation dependent on media cost and revenue data entry in Eyeblaster ACMROI displayed in real-time

Its a really intuitive piece of software. I will encourage all planners and buyers to use it. It will stop them from asking us for campaign status reports all the time

David Moon - Head of TraffickingZed Media, UKQuote #4

SummaryFocus on quality, not quantity

Time-saver at a glance overview

Proactive - quick & easy problem detection

Hands-on - real-time campaign data

Campaign Monitor Adobe Site of the Day 10-16-2007The Adobe Site of the Day recognizes products based on their use of strong visual designs, superior functionality, and innovative use of Adobe products.

For me, its less about saving time and more about having more information at the ready

David Simutis - Digital Media + Marketing Director Gary Group Interactive, USQuote #5

Thank you!