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Paleontologynew & forthcomIng tItles 2010-2011

I n d I a n a

U n I ve r s It y

P r e s s

Dinosaur Illustration by Robert F. Walters


CD-ROM Included

new PersPectives on Horned dinosaurs The Royal Tyrrell MuseumCeratopsian SymposiumEditEd by MichaEl J. Ryan, bREnda J. chinnERy-allgEiER, and david a. EbERth from Archaeoceratops to Zuniiceratops, from alaska to mexico, and from sediments to functional morphology, this book covers much of present-day research on ceratopsians. these horned dinosaurs are rendered as living, behaving, and evolving organisms throughout the 36 chapters of this book. I encourage everyone interested in how a myriad of incredible fossils can inform about life of the past to read it.david weishampel , co-editor of The Dinosauria and co-author of Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History

Life of the Past 2010 656 pp., 310 b&w illus. newPec cloth 978-0-253-35358-0 $110.00 $77.00

Biology of tHe sauroPod dinosaurs Understanding the Life of GiantsEditEd by nicolE KlEin, KRistian REMEs, caRolE t. gEE, and P. MaRtin sandER Provide[s] much new information on the biology of sauropod dinosaurs; information extrapolated from studies of extant animals and from unique, new methodologies for examining fossil material.virginia tidwell, denver museum of nature and science

Life of the Past 2010 432 pp., 35 color illus., 148 b&w illus. BIoasc cloth 978-0-253-35508-9 $59.95 $41.97


urumaco and venezuelan Paleontology The Fossil Record ofthe Northern NeotropicsEditEd by MaRcElo R. snchEzvillagRa, oRangEl a. aguilERa, and alfREdo a. caRlini this critical summary reviews the recent paleobotanical and vertebrate fossil record of venezuela, providing an understanding of Pleistocene climatic change and biogeography for the last few thousand years, and integrating new information with summaries of spanish language works on venezuelan geology and paleontology. Life of the Past 2010 304 pp., 8 color illus., 61 b&w illus. UrUvec cloth 978-0-253-35476-1 $49.95 $34.97

Plants in mesozoic time Morphological Innovations, Phylogeny,EcosystemsEditEd by caRolE t. gEE from the worlds experts on mesozoic plant life, this book covers special aspects of particular plant groupsranging from horsetails to ginkgophytesand relates them to key innovations in structure, phylogenetic relationships, mesozoic vegetation, or to animals such as dinosaurs. Life of the Past 2010 424 pp., 16 color illus., 84 b&w illus. Plamec cloth 978-0-253-35456-3 $89.95 $62.97



dinosaurs of eastern iBeriaEditEd by ngEl galobaRt, MaitE suER, and bEgoa Poza tRanslatEd by albERt PRiEto MaRquEz written for the general reader, this book is both a colorful introduction to the history and study of dinosaurs and an eye-opening survey of dinosaur discoveries in spain. at the time of the dinosaurs, Iberia was in the process of becoming a peninsula of continental europe and looked very different than it does today. now an area only slightly larger than vermont and new hampshire, eastern Iberia contains one of the richest fossil records of mesozoic vertebrates in europe. this record spans an 80-million-year period that includes key moments in earths history, such as the extinction events at the Jurassic-cretaceous and the cretaceous-tertiary boundaries. Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia tells the story of Iberias tumultuous geological history and presents a detailed synthesis of the regions dinosaur discoveries, with fact sheets and reconstructions of each species found there. this volume also describes the flora and fauna that made up the ancient ecosystems and explores the paleobiogeography of this dynamic locale. Life of the Past 2011 336 pp., 292 color illus., 5 maps dIneac cloth 978-0-253-35622-2 $45.00 $31.50

islands in tHe cosmos The Evolution of Life on LanddalE a. RussEll foREwoRd by siMon conway MoRRis dale russell is one of the great creative thinkers of all time in paleontology. this bookclearly the product of a full life considering these questionsdoes not disappoint.david e. fastovsky, author of Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Life of the Past 2009 480 pp., 39 color photos, 2 color illus., 13 b&w illus., 4 graphs Islcoc cloth 978-0-253-35273-6 $34.95 $24.47



tHe age of dinosaurs in soutH americafERnando E. novas a generously illustrated comprehensive overview of the recently discovered dinosaur fossils of south america, this first of its kind reports on these unique and wonderfully diverse dinosaur faunas. Life of the Past 2009 480 pp., 211 b&w photos, 20 color photos agedIc cloth 978-0-253-35289-7 $49.95 $34.97

a in the Ordovician Sea of the Cincinnati Region sea witHout fisH Lifedavid l. MEyER & RichaRd aRnold davis with a chaPtER by stEvEn M. holland a thorough introduction to the abundant and beautiful rocks, fossils, and ancient seadwelling animals of the cincinnati, ohio region found in limestones and shales deposited on the sea floor about 450 million years ago. Life of the Past 2009 368 pp., 102 b&w photos, 14 color photos seawIc cloth 978-0-253-35198-2 $44.95 $31.47

oceans the Western Interior Sea of Kansas A Natural History ofMichaEl J. EvERhaRt

A main selection of the Discovery Channel Book Club 2006 Kansas Notable Book Lista journey to a time when sea monsters roamed an ocean in the middle of america. everhart tells the fascinating story of the discovery of fossil remains in this area in the mid-19th century, re-creates the animals and the world in which they lived, and presents the fruits of the latest research into the natural history of americas ancient inland sea. Life of the Past 2005 344 pp., 82 b&w photos, 12 color photos oceKac cloth 978-0-253-34547-9 $39.95 $27.97



Patagonian mesozoic rePtilesEditEd by zulMa gasPaRini, lEonaRdo salgado, & Rodolfo a. coRia field work in the past two decades has made Patagonia one of the worlds hotspots for dinosaurian diversity. no one, not even von huene, could have dreamed of the kinds of things that would be found down thereand by all indications, will continue to be found.Kevin Padian, University of california, Berkeley

distant and exotic, Patagonia has been one of the most attractive places for explorers and paleontologists. the amazing diversity of its fauna and flora, the richness of its fossil record, and the variety of its paleoenvironments, all contribute to making Patagonia the focal point for the study of the history of life on earth. Life of the Past 2007 392 pp., 98 b&w photos, 14 color photos Patmec cloth 978-0-253-34857-9 $49.95 $34.97

ecHinoderm PaleoBiologyEditEd by williaM i. ausich & gaRy d. wEbstER highlighting the modern study of fossil echinoderms, this volume may hold answers to key questions about global environmental and biodiversity change. Life of the Past 2008 472 pp., 129 b&w photos echPac cloth 978-0-253-35128-9 $59.95 $41.97



Jurassic west The Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formationand Their WorldJohn fostER Jurassic West tells the story of the life of the ancient world that is now the famous bone beds of the morrison formation as scientists have so far been able to reconstruct it. Life of the Past 2007 416 pp., 167 b&w photos, 15 color photos JUrwec cloth 978-0-253-34870-8 $49.95 $34.97

dawn of tHe dinosaurs Life in the Triassicnicholas fRasER illustRatEd by douglas hEndERson

2007 University Press Books selected for public and secondary school libraries.nicholas fraser and douglas henderson have created a book in which the riches of Triassic life are presented with clarity, scientific accuracy, and imaginative recreation. every lover of the life of the past will treasure Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Life of the Past 2006 328 pp., 52 b&w photos, 139 color photos dawdIc cloth 978-0-253-34652-0 $49.95 $34.97

after tHe dinosaurs The Age of Mammalsdonald R. PRothERo After the Dinosaurs takes a look at the evolution of thousands of species of mammals brought forth during the cenozoic eragigantic hornless rhinos, sabertooth cats, mastodonts and mammoths, as well as our own ancestors. this is a book for everyone who has an abiding fascination with the remarkable life of the past. Life of the Past 2006 384 pp., 248 b&w photos, 10 plates aftdIc cloth 978-0-253-34733-6 $39.95 $27.97



maJor transitions in verteBrate evolutionEditEd by Jason s. andERson & hans-diEtER suEs a new approach to the study of major transitions between vertebrate groups, including the recognition of new transitional tissue types and fossils that are intermediate in structure between major groups, and new methods for integrating fossil analysis with developmental studies and for incorporating developmental data into phylogenetic analyses. Life of the Past 2007 432 pp., 76 b&w photos, 27 color photos maJtrc cloth 978-0-253-34926-2 $49.95 $34.97

a History of Paleontology illustrationJanE P. davidson writing from the perspective of an art historian, Jane P. davidson traces the history of paleontology illustration from the 15th century to the present. Both a history of science and a history of representation, this is a fascinating exploration of the interactions between art and science. Life of the Past 2008 240 pp., 89 b&w photos, 8 color photos hIsPac cloth 978-0-253-35175-3 $39.95 $27.97

CD-ROM Included

Tyrannosaurus rex, tHe tyrant KingEditEd by PEtER laRson and KEnnEth caRPEntER delves into the exciting world of dinosaur exploration focusing on the mysteries of the