Paperless, easily scalable and quick implementation Go Paperless Today, going paperless is a must! Paperless

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    Paperless, easily scalable and quick implementation

  • Why SnapAp?

    Here’s Why…

    Ian Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    When it came down to it, we were just putting money and time in the wrong places. Delayed and lost invoices, invoice defects, and delays in processing costs a company a lot more than what is ideal. SnapAP has allowed us to put our funds and energy towards productive processes and has made us way more profitable. Unnecessary expenses are down, and profits are up!

    Madison Corporate Controller

    #300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3 ph. (403) 279 1605 f. (403) 724 0091

    What we were doing before just seemed so inefficient. It felt like something was always wrong, we were always trying to fix errors, having to wait to invoice our customers because the supplier invoice was incorrect, keeping up with unpaid invoices, it was getting frustrating. The consequences were heavy, too. We were focusing too much on fixing defects, this decreased productivity, supplier relationships were suffering, we were wasting time and money. SnapAP has helped us to increase our efficiency and productivity by a mile! We’re now able focus on the big picture rather than having to deal with the details – SnapAP does that for us. Finally, we have smooth month end closings!

  • Sheila Accounts Payable Supervisor

    Teegan Accounts Payable Clerk

    Too often, I felt like I was way behind at work. I found myself spending more time dealing with Supplier inquiries and trying to resolve Invoice defects than I did on things that were more productive. The amount of Supplier inquiries was starting to stress me out and I felt like I was not working as efficiently as I had the potential to. Since we have started using the SnapAP software, things are going way more smoothly, I am able to keep up with my work, even get ahead. I deal with a fraction of Supplier inquiries and everything is a lot more organized.

    Andrew Chief Information Officer/IT Manager

    We found ourselves in a place where we were using outdated processes; we needed to take advantage of the technology available to us to make our Accounts Payable process more secure, organized, and efficient. In the end, this would also save time, money, and paper, and would help our company stay up to speed with a world that is quickly advancing, technologically. SnapAP has allowed us to focus on our jobs, while it handles and organizes Accounts Payable - something that we were spending way too much time on before.

    #300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3 ph. (403) 279 1605 f. (403) 724 0091

    I was feeling the pressure from both sides, the Accounting and Finance departments were questioning our level of productivity for the amount of money that was going into the department. On the other hand, I could feel the level of stress and displeasure in their job that employees in the AP department were experiencing. SnapAP really has turned everything around. I feel more energy in my department as people are getting things done, focusing on looking ahead rather than trying to catch up. The Accounting and Financing departments are pleased with the huge increase in our productivity. Everyone seems happy and I am way less stressed!

  • Go Paperless

    Today, going paperless is a must!

    Paperless AP solutions are about more than environmentalism

    SnapAP is a paperless Accounts Payable software that is secure, easy to use, and manages all your E-Invoicing needs, helping your company go paperless effortlessly. Simplicity in function allows you to manage your Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments electronically, curing the ‘addiction’ to paper that we suffer from but also creating a much more efficient Procure-to-Pay process. We want that beautiful simplicity, after all.

    Not only is this good news for your own company, suppliers also love SnapAP Accounts Payable software because they have access to all of their records online, 24/7. They no longer need to call your AP department to determine the status of any Invoice or Payment, or send paper Invoices through the mail. They also never have to send another statement, as everything is right there in SnapAP, visible to both you and your Suppliers!

    #300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3 ph. (403) 279 1605 f. (403) 724 0091

    Before going paperless with SnapAp

  • Going paperless means:

    • Happier Suppliers • Happier Employees • Better accuracy: avoid duplication and errors during processing • Easier locating of documents when needed • Secure data, ensuring legitimacy of the Supplier Invoice • Better tracking of processing and the approval cycle • Damage prevention • Reduced costs, eliminating postage, printer costs, paper, and ink • No more filing, paper cuts, filing cabinets, off-site storage, or piles of paper • Tracking and matching Invoices to their Purchase Order and Receipts

    Join the paperless revolution

    Electronic invoicing is more accepted with Suppliers these days, even expected, and E- Invoicing garners a faster response. Add electronic Purchase Orders and Payment solutions, and you remove the need for printing and filing hardcopies of any documents. Both of these steps cost your company time and money, to say nothing of thefrustration of chasing errors. AP automation is the solution.

    With the SnapAP paperless Account Payable system, your Purchase Orders are sent to your Suppliers electronically, and the Supplier’s Invoice is matched to the Purchase Order and receipt. That electronic Invoice or E-invoice is then paid through SnapAP’s built-in electronic payment solution – Cash manager, on time and for the correct amount. All the matching (linked) documentation of the process is linked electronically and with secure backup.

    Faster. Cleaner. Better. Simplicity never looked so good.

    #300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3 ph. (403) 279 1605 f. (403) 724 0091

    Accounts Payable is still a paper-heavy bus iness func t ion . For compan ies responding to Aberdeen’s latest AP survey, nearly 77% of all incoming invoices were still paper-based as of 2014. Paperless AP using SnapAP Accounts Payable software means cycle time reduction and scalable procure to pay solutions, with great potential for savings and growth on top of better ‘green’ practices.

    We know how important the ‘green’ part is. In 2012, paper and cardboard comprised more than a quarter of annual municipal waste at 27%. According to studies, an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Collectively, that equates to 4 million tons of paper used in one year in the US. So why not stop the cost and guilt of paper with SnapAP paperless AP software?

    After going paperless with SnapAp

  • Errors / Defect Elimination

    Errors are costly… reduce them by 90%

    Accounts Payable is a very repetitive task, made worse by slow systems, lost paper, mistakes, and data entry. SnapAP is an Accounts Payable solution, paperless and automated, that eliminates defects downstream. This means potential for growth frustrated without extra expenses, less money spent on corrections, and a much happier AP team.

    No more lost Invoices, mistakes, or delays in processing… SnapAP Accounts Payable software is much more accurate than old-fashioned paper documentation, supports better compliancy, and provides faster processing with electronic Purchase Order delivery, electronic Invoicing and electronic Payments. Accounts Payable staff can spend their time on productive processes and end the stress of chasing errors and lost documentation… this leads to increased productivity, improved moral, and puts the focus on looking ahead instead of always playing catch-up.

    #300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3 ph. (403) 279 1605 f. (403) 724 0091

    “How can I keep track of it all???”

  • Reduce errors with:

    • Up-front accurate Invoices • No lost paperwork • No damaged paperwork • No misfiled paperwork • No paper at all! • Linked documentation for the entire Procure-to-Pay process

    More secure

    For maximum security SnapAP is hosted by you, in your environment, on your servers, and managed by your team. Not only are errors reduced, data security is enhanced when you automate your Accounts Payable process with SnapAP.