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Trailer analysis of 'Paranormal Activity 4'

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  • 1. ACTIVITY 4Trailer analysis

2. PLOTParanormal activity 4 follows the same layout and structure as all of the previous paranormal Activitys. This is a homevideo that focuses on the families everyday life. At the start of the trailer we see the daughter and her boyfriend together in thehouse, the mum and the little boy Hunter this gives us familiarity with the characters. We later see a chandelier fall from thewall and then a cut to hunter, this gives us the impression that he will be responsible for bad things later to come. We see thathunters mum is going to be looking after their neighbours son Robbie while his mum and dad are away. We then seeHunters name written on the wall and we start to wonder if he is linked in with the actions that are happening around thehouse. We see a little boy go into his sisters room and just stare at her. And then him standing in complete darkness withsmall lights everywhere and then a blur go past him. We start to question if it is hunter or Robbie that is responsible for theseactions. We then start to wonder if the blur was a spirit and if so, why was it near hunter. They later find a symbol that hasbeen written in the sand which hunter has done and they decide to research it to see what it means. Then later on the cover istaken away from the girl in the bed and she starts to float in mid air and hunter is in the background. We then can confirmour first idea that hunter is causing these occurrences to happen as he is always around when they happen. The camera thenstarts to become kinetic and a boy is dragged under the water when hes in the bath. We get to see the girl running and beingdragged as she tries to run away, we can now tell that she is the main victim. 3. WHAT I ANALY SED Throughout watching Paranormal activity 4 trailer, me and mygroup were able to determine there were about 65 edits in total. There was 1 environment featured in the whole trailer There were 14 close ups used There was a quick pace of editing towards the end Character types include (Girl) who was the victim, helper that wasthe boyfriend and the possessed spirit/boy. 4. OTHER FEATURES The title is shown at end of trailer for suspense and for recognition of the film Paramount logo at end of trailer in last frame Release date at end of trailer Reverse scream, dark atmosphere, we recognise horror genre from previous sequels, unstable cameramovements There is no mention of who is starring in it as there is no one famous in it as it is a home documentary Also this may be because there have been previous films and this sequel includes some of the same charactersKatie and hunters whereabouts remained unknown, until now this shows us that actions happened that wewerent supposed to know about. This October this is written to let the audience know when this film is coming outIts closer than you think this is a statement trying to terrify the audience. It has all lead to this This is the final sentence in the trail and it concludes all of the things that have beenhappening. 5. OTHER FEATURES There is no voice over in paranormal activity 4, I think this is because all we need to know isexpressed through the characters featuring in the trailer. Also because this is a homedocumentary, the trailer is meant to come across as if it has been taking straight of a camera withnothing added in. At the end of the paranormal activity 4 trailer it says see it everywhere, October 19th so weget the title and when it is released in cinemas. The unique selling point in paranormal activity is that it is a home documentary, this make itdifferent from other trailers that are purposely filmed. It also makes us more scared because weare able to relate to it as it is filmed in someones house and based on a true story. This film was made by Paramount pictures 6. WHAT WE SEE/EXPECT Paranormal Activity 4 is an American supernatural horror film. Inhorror films we expect to see a possession of some kind, paranormal anda night time atmosphere when disturbances occur. Suspense, supernatural events from the film, characters Contrast between calm and dangerous action Disorientated scenes Follows narrative structure Quick pace of editing when action takes place 7. HORROR CONVENTIONS Darkness Evil spirit Bangs Destruction of objects People being hurt Child Concerned parents Creak of doors 8. HOW IT FITS THE GENRE Paranormal activity fits the supernatural genre very well. This filmhas a vulnerable boy in it who is about 6 years old. He is the maintarget and this meets our expectations as we expect to see a youngchild become the victim as they are more vulnerable. Also most ofthe spiritual activity occurs at night time. 9. MIS-EN-SCENE When hunters standing at the top of the stairs when the chandelierfalls, he has a black jacket on, black signifies evil and this is what gives isthe impression evil things are going to happen because of him. WhenHunter is in the darkness in the lounge you see him in white, this isportraying how young and innocent he is. This contrasts with out initialthoughts of him. Then towards the end when you see all the quick cuts towhats been happening, you see hunter always in black or grey. Black andgrey signify, death and danger, these are what we the associate with him. 10. SOUND Immediately we can tell that this trailer is a horror trailer because at the start of the trailer we see ablack blur on the camera which could represent the paranormal. Shortly after this we hear a baby cry, wecould then start to develop a link that these too will be connected in some way. We then hear policesirens which represent that something has happened, this leaves us thinking what. We later see thechandelier in the lounge swinging and we hear the beads on it rattling and then we hear a crash from theone in the hall that has just fallen. This leads us to question whether this was an accident or donepurposely. When it is late at night and the little boy is in the lounge, we hear him whispering back to hissisters questions. The fact that he is whispering helps set the time of day and the atmosphere he is in. Wethen see something go past him and this loud deep bang. When we see the girl in the bed we hear lowmuffled whispers. Quick cuts are then shown of the events that are happening in their lives along withscreams and bangs representing these. The trailer then ends with the girl breathing heavily and sayingomg then she screams as she is dragged away, this lets us know that something negative has happened.